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«ЗОЛОТОЙ ГОРОД» ИНКОВ"Gold" - that's the magic word that they were attracted to itself the Spaniards across the Atlantic ocean...

On the question of Indian why white people are so fond of gold, the Spanish conquistadors Hernan Cortes could only answer that "they suffer particularly heart disease, cure that only the gold."

For Inca gold was only sacred metal of the Sun God.

When Francisco Pizarro, the other Spanish conquistadors, captured the leader of the Inca Atahualpa, he offered for his freedom as much gold that they can cover the floor in the room where they were setting. But, apparently, seeing mistrust in the eyes of the Spaniards, said that gold will be in this room for more growth. And Pizarro agreed.

Throughout the Inca Empire were sent messengers Atahualpa-spreader - a fringe of long cords tied in knots different forms: the Incas used nodular letter. Nationals leader gathered to buy gold ornaments and decoration of the palaces, temples and public buildings. In a few weeks room of about 70 m was filled with gold and silver, and Pizarro became the owner of the treasure, which did not have no other European monarch.
Golden garden around the Golden temple

In 1533, at the sunset of the Inca Empire, on the coast of South America landed not too many Spaniards. But, skillfully taking advantage of the internecine war between the heirs of the Great Inca, brothers Atahualpa and Huascar, they quickly became the real masters of the country.

Pizarro promised Atahualpa help in the fight against brother, lured to their camp and actually captured. Treacherous Spaniard did not let go of him and after he had filled the notorious room with gold. Pissarro understood that gold from the Indians have a lot...

Atahualpa, being in captivity, were able to achieve killing his opponent. Pizarro ordered the slaughter of Huascar, but immediately accused Atahualpa fratricide and condemned in Spanish law,

24 August 1533 Atahualpa was sentenced to death at the stake. Inka agreed to renounce the laws of the ancestors and to be baptized... And "the servant of God Francisco de Atahualpa", godson Pizarro, not burned, and... strangled iron collar - garraty.

Before the death of the Atahualpa was able to convey to faithful men his last farewell letter. That was in him is unknown, but the remaining gold Inca Empire disappeared without a trace...

After several months of Spaniards marched on the capital of the Empire - the Holy city of Cuzco. Drawn building Koricancha - temple of the Sun, surrounded by the eaves of pure gold, soldered to the stones. Of gold have been made and the statue of the Sun, and the statues of other gods, and famous big disk, embodying Incu. Was in the temple, and numerous gold musical instruments such as drums, decorated to the same precious stones.

When the temple was still Golden garden. One of his men describe it: "In the garden were planted most beautiful trees, the most wonderful flowers and fragrant herbs that only grew in the Kingdom. Many of them were made of gold and silver, and each plant is depicted not once, but from a small, barely a prominent above the earth escape to a Bush in his full growth and perfect maturity. There we saw a field with corn. The stems were of silver, and the ears of gold, and it was all depicted so truthfully that it was possible to see the leaves, grains, and even polosochki on them. In addition to these marvels in the garden Incas were all kinds of animals and beasts, made of gold and silver, such as rabbits, mice, snakes, lizards, butterflies, foxes and wild cats. We found there and birds, and they sat as if that's going to sing; other as if floating on colors and drank flower nectar. And were there the Golden deer and deer, pumas and jaguars - all animals in small and into adulthood. And each of them held a suitable place, as it was appropriate to his nature."

The city's main square was surrounded by a chain of gold length 350 steps (about 250 meters)that weighed several tons. During religious holidays the Incas were dancing, holding it in his hands, and, to do that required a power of 200 people.

But, having come in the Indian capital, white people have found that all of this unprecedented wealth, all this gold disappeared... was Not in town and Indians...

Francisco de Perez in his work "the Conquest of Peru and the province of Cuzco" wrote: "But when, after the conquest of the country Inca Manco II met with Spanish Ambassador, he poured him a Cup corn kernels. And picked up one of them and said, "that's all you could steal from our gold". And shown on the rest: "And it is left for us"".

Until now, historians argue where vanished wealth of the Inca Empire.

Many assume that their treasures Indians could hide in the Peruvian jungle, in the legendary city of Paititi, founded as a staging post between the capital and gold mines.

This city is considered only as a beautiful legend, while in the beginning of XX century there was not by chance two employees one of the Hacienda, who fled from the owner. Four days they pushed through impassable thickets, and on the fifth day was abandoned in the city, everything is destroyed buildings which were filled with many objects of gold.

Taking as much as they could carry, the fugitives managed to find a way to civilization. But, realizing that people are close, they began to divide the treasure, and in Cuzco returned only one of them Again... to find your way to the Golden city he could not private greed was punished by his...

In 1925 to search for an ancient city decided six members of the Catholic Order of Jesuits. Hiring dozens of porters and guides, they started off. But on the way they were attacked by Indians, and escape from the poisonous arrows managed only a conductor to Sanchez.

He only found the city, lined with gold statues. There Sanchez cut off the little finger of one of them to have evidence that he is not crazy. But his precious discovery, fearing the wrath of the Indian gods, all his life he was kept secret and was opened just before death scientist R. I. Ordonez. He implicitly believed dying and mounted an expedition. But despite lavishly subsidized search, the Golden city was never found. After several years of unsuccessful search many thought that Ordonez just making a name for themselves by buying a finger on any sale.

There is a new version on where are the treasures of the Incas. The views of white people appealed to the volcano El Sangay located on the crossroads of the Western and Eastern parts of the Cordillera. Sangay - sacred Fire-God of the ancient Incas, and the slopes of the volcano still serve the Indian tribe hivaro the burial place of the leaders and heroes. Dr. Kurt von Ritter from Quito, the Ecuadorian German origin, in the beginning of 1960-ies started to develop this version, and even lived for a while in a tribe of Indians of hivaro, which is known as the "bounty hunters". Asking Indians about the findings on the slopes of the mountain, he received in their hands a tiny carved figurine Incan goddess of Creation Ilya-Tick, cast in pure gold.

After the doctor showed the place of finding - high, more than 2000 m, breakage, turning into a gigantic gorge, Ritter started excavations. And very soon found a human skull, whose owner in life underwent a complex operation. It is known that the Incas were not only engaged in surgery, but also successfully carried out a craniotomy. Soon archaeologist discovered and scalpel - thin gold plate.

Returning to Quito, Ritter has published information on the findings, but warned that it is hardly possible to find a treasure without substantial investments: the volcano continues to work, and every year his ashes raises the level of soil on the Sangay at least a few inches.

Despite warnings of the scientist, in Ecuador began genuine gold rush. Was salecialis team of diggers, were hired specialists, looked investment... Another thing is that to find the necessary sum for the excavation nobody succeeded. But it doesn't stopped...

After a month at the foot of the Sangay arrived first expedition. They were two young American, Frank Rocco from Pennsylvania and Robert Coup from California. The official aim of the expedition was searching for "precious metals". The Americans were to go down in Quito for Christmas, but did not appear. In mid-January after them went United American-Ecuadorian rescue expedition.

Near the crater of the volcano was discovered last Parking. On snow were scattered things, and traces of Americans lost on the way to the valley of Celebrities. Descending into the valley, the expedition found collapsed on the floor in Indian hut dying from exhaustion Robert Kauppa. He told me that when they Frank Rocco almost climbed to the top of Sangay, I felt that I could not breathe because of the poisonous volcanic gas, and with them happened something incomprehensible. Americans had a pang of anger, consciousness them off, they no longer understand where they are and where they should go. Soon they somehow was on the East side of the volcano, although it was raised in the South, the one, where Ritter had found gold. Coup began to persuade Rocco return to the last camp, but he refused: "It is here, Kaupp. I feel like it here."

Coup threw insane friend, and he does not remember what was at the bottom. He was sent to a hospital in Riobamba. A few days after having left there, he completely disappeared. Tried to find him to read and understand, not seen whether the Americans something that could suggest the trail of gold. But unsuccessfully.

Soon one of the members of rescue expedition gave an interview to a local newspaper. He argued that the rescuers found two sets of footprints in sand, stretching on the Eastern slope, then flattened the snow the traces of fighting, and then there were only traces. Blood, it is true, as asserted by the rescuer, was not. Soon came another American expedition, sponsored relatives Rocco, but she could not find neither the Rocco, nor any traces of his stay in the mountains.

Several more expeditions, trying to find the gold, and returned with the Sangay with empty hands. Many said Dr. Ritter just tossed up on the mountain purchased on the occasion of the Indian rarities to create themselves a name in the scientific community. But clear evidence to support this version or disprove it, not until now.
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