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ЗАКАТ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВАThe essence of the growth of primitiveness is that the spiritual life of society in General and of the individual in a particular year is simplified and coarsed. The process takes pathological character, spiritual life of society and individuals is reduced to a primitive animal displays. By all means, blurring the differences between Nations, gender, religion, humanity is trying to turn into a faceless gray mass. All truly great individual is destroyed, mocked, rejected. In idols society impose mediocre, and often mediocre actors, writers, singers, fashion designers, most of which are perverts.

In April 2006, Germany opened exhibition "Garbage people" - thousands of sculptures made from waste: cans, bottles, newspaper clippings and other stuff. All the material from which made "works of art", was assembled on the streets of major cities. Sculpture managed to visit many world capitals, including Moscow. Garbage people - a sign of our age, the age of mass culture.

Russia, Moscow, 2007. The Museum of modern art. Several floors. On the last floor have multiple monitors, which play scenes of violence: for example, a naked man in a cage in an iron collar on the chain runs on all fours, is thrown on the wall of the cell, growls, throw food, poke sticks. A normal man look disgusting, even ashamed. In the middle of the hall on the table is a paper box, on top of it directed the projector, so if you look inside the box, you'll see a documentary like home video. At the bottom of the box, as if in a room in the corners lying on the backs of three women, rather, they are equilateral triangle. Bare. Legs bent at the knees and placed. Naked guy runs inside them triangle, puts billiard balls and starts Kiem score balls them...they holler, apparently they are hurt, but I like it. The walls are paintings of naked men, women, all in blood. Such is the present, that's art. Children at the entrance to the Museum offer discounts.

All the products of modern spiritual creativity (books, paintings, music, movies) are created in such a primitive level, that any middle-income people are able to play it.

The principle on which the last was nominated composers, artists, sculptors? The principle was the same and very simple - they could in the context of spiritual creativity to do what could not rest; and they drew and wrote, composed music as couldn most. That is why they were called the great, that is why they were great. Here it is appropriate to remember that the word "art" has another meaning - it is a high level of skills in any sphere of human activity, which is supremely true of the real creation.

Not so today, anyone can sing like singing popular singers. In the Western show business there are fees: XX million worth a spin soloist, so much - the whole group. Almost nothing depends on the artist, and everything from the size of the investment. Value is only my appearance, such as the amount of the bust, and to open his mouth to the phonogram can any. Now it is much more important than the music itself, acquire arrangement, special effects, advertising show, scandal, scandal. Every self-respecting artist spends huge money on advertising, articles made to order critics, pseudohandle, carries with him dozens of tons of details. All this has a very distant relation to the music. If modern singer wash, shave, comb, to dress in normal clothes, to exclude from his performances explosions of fireworks in the background, half-naked girls for the dancer and so on, to give him a musical instrument, such as a guitar, and ask to sing without a phonogram, the result will be so poor that it is unlikely to take the initiative.


Writer replaces PIP (personalized publishing project). While the acclaimed author of bestseller says in another talk show, what he eats for Breakfast, how he loves his dog, about the creative techniques and their childhood, a dozen authors write separate chapters of the new bestseller. Then it all connects, polished, published and spins. Time is money: we cannot wait until the writer's visit inspiration.

What's different about the writer from Pipa? Writer composes literature, sometimes very talented, sometimes secondary, sometimes mediocre. PIP manufactures commercial book product (CCP), good or bad. But even the most unsuccessful literature differs from the most successful of the PAC as the most stupid person differs from the smartest monkeys. In the heart of artistic creativity, even wretched, is the desire to understand life, to know the depicted reality, to find an adequate form to convey this knowledge to the readers. In the basis of what are busy Pipa, only the desire to manufacture goods that will buy it.

But here the important thing is motivation literary work. It ultimately determines the attitude of the writer with the public. Writer connects with readers a kind of ideological and moral Covenant: I'm serious, grown-up, to understand life, but you will treat my books and words not as literature and as the social-moral prophecy. Doing this Covenant, the writer often in conflict with their time, power. But to his opinion, assessments and forecasts of the company listens to the gullible trembling, not forgiving with guile, and flattery in front of the powerful. The Pipa there is no Covenant, in addition to the cherished desire to sell more copies, and the fee was as high as possible.

Inspiration was put on the conveyor, which works faster, because time is money. on April 23, 2003, in honor of world book day, four German writers put an unusual record. They created a scene, wrote and published a book in 12 hours.

Autofile - severe mental illness born in the United States and spread throughout the world, the essence of which lies in the pathological love of my car. Car from the vehicle turns into a totem, the object of adoration and worship. Often buying an expensive car turning into the main goal of human existence. Man denies everything, only to buy luxury cars. This functionality means of transport departs on the second, third... the tenth plan. The main thing - the prestige, price. People buy cars, not because those functional, and not only because that is convenient, but because the same cars - the people of their circle of communication.


Americans criticized around the world for the emptiness of their inner world, but every detail try to repeat their life style in clothes, in the consumption structure. Watching movies, listening to their music, suffer the same mental disorders. What then rests, for example, Russian patriotism? On that too lazy to learn English? That are not allowed to live in the USA? At the elementary envy?

Today is the era of the triumph of mediocrity. Society does not need neither genius nor heroes, he needs professional bankers. Of course, public opinion welcomed the appearance of the characters and geniuses, but invests in these words have a different meaning. In everyday life appeared expression "genius cheat", "brilliant maniac." Today on the stage - new "heroes": in one of the European theatre was a success with the premiere of the ballet about the "brilliant" criminals of the twentieth century. Many critics claim that the genius is always a little crazy or what all great art representatives were homosexuals. In public opinion gradually shifted to the idea that from the great people only misfortunes. Even one of the most zealous defenders of the consumer society, classic liberalism L. Mises recognizes:


"The so-called upper light in the U.S. is almost exclusively of the wealthiest families. ...Most in this "society” is not interested in neither books, nor ideas. Meeting, if they don't play the cards, you gossip or talk more about sports than on cultural issues. But even those who are no strangers books, consider writers, scientists and artists of the people, which is not interesting to communicate with. Almost insurmountable gap between the upper light and intellectuals.

There is no accident that the power today is mediocrity. Of course, this is not anything good, but the dramatic situation is different: the power pyramid is now generally closed to the prominent people once and for all. They do not need the current society, they hinder him.

The true genius has not disappeared. Perhaps they are born even more than before. Few of them have access to the cultural field, with the expectation that they could not shake the power of feebleness, or simply abnormal. A great man today may seek only to ensure that, using all his talent, to break into the ranks of mediocrities. In his time outstanding people surrounded the universal admiration, people wanted to become great, whereas today dominates the spirit of worship mediocrity and the bourgeoisie. Real estate, car and entertainment - this is the ideal of the modern society. Once male volunteers went to war today, they are afraid to go into the army.


Courage, integrity, patriotism, friendship, honesty, faith in the ideals, love, interest in public Affairs is gradually giving way to drab, gray all over. The ideal of "Generalesta consumption" - a full calm life. Today's era can be described as the era of the triumph of nobodies.


In early 2007, Iran seizes in its territorial waters intelligence boat with British sailors and elite infantry. It's clear that all of them would be released soon, Iran is not in a state of war with great Britain, and unnecessary complications. Of course, it is understood by the military. But every one in front of TV cameras recognize that they are spies, asking for forgiveness from the Iranian people and personally the President of Iran, write home penitential letter, praising Iran, condemning the policy of the UK. 13 days of their projected release.

Arriving home, they waive all their previous statements. Especially touching looks explanation of the reasons Iranian statements of one of the soldiers 26-year-old faye Terni: "at first refused, but then he remembered that her daughter may 8, birthday, on which it promised to be present, break down and executed required"059 . Well, a promise is a promise, an officer's honor after all.

If everything is to be called by their names, the British sailors were traitors, even elite. But betrayal now in fashion. At home they immediately surrounded not universal contempt and universal reverence, they are called heroes. Such heroism has quite a price, and the soldiers begin Boyko to trade their interview. The weekly Observer reports that the sailors and Marines will receive a total of almost 500 thousand dollars. I believe that the biggest contract - at the same Terni, which sold the rights to his story broadcaster ITV and one of the British Newspapers, over 150 thousand pounds.

And only the former high-ranking employee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain Craig Merey said: "the fact that you, once captured, can earn money equal to the salary for several years, instead of not being captured and do its works as it should, is rather strange incentives".

The Sunday Times said that some of the released military personnel will receive more money than is provided for wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. In particular, standard fare for the loss of a hand - 57 500 pounds, i.e., the person who lost the hand, receives three times less than the Thorns, only one contract. And yet surely there will be books, movies...

Betrayal is always very generously paid. The difference today is that betrayal is erected in a rank of heroism. This society does not even understand it or understand what is even worse.
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