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Гигантский "пылесос" мезозойских морейPaleontologists from the UK found out what life led the kings of the early Cretaceous seas marine crocodiles from the family Metriorhynchidae. It turns out that they hunted like modern killer whales: threw the victim and tore it. However, some of them didn original - sucking prey in its mouth, like a huge vacuum cleaner.
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Даже в старости косатки продолжают заботиться о взрослых сыновьях Male killer whales real "Mama's sons", which, even as adults, they can not live without parent care. Therefore, orcas, ceased reproductive age, continue for a long time to take care of their tender sons.
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Глобальное потепление зальёт тропикиThunderstorm complexes, fraught with monsoon floods and large-scale cyclones... they Say all these varieties of bad weather in the tropics will be more frequent as global warming. How?
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Как морские львы перехитрили кессонную болезньTo avoid dissolution of nitrogen in the blood, sea lions when immersed driven supply air from the alveoli into the trachea, where gas exchange with the blood impossible. When it comes time to emerge, animals persecute the air back from the box into the alveoli, and thereby provide themselves with oxygen during ascent.
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Вороны не глупее АристотеляBiologists from New Zealand have once again surprised their abilities new Caledonian crows. These birds are, it appears, are able to link in your mind visible for them the action with its hidden source. In other words, for them is not difficult to detect a causal link between the two events. As such, even not all mammals can.
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Кораллы: Мексиканский залив выздоровел!Recent studies of American oceanographers have shown that the Gulf of Mexico, apparently fully recovered from the effects of the unfortunate accident that happened two years ago. And this they told local coral polyps. Their spawning hosted this year's absolutely normal - if contaminated, this would be simply impossible.
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Амазонские леса сами вызывают дождьWhat are the living beings can cause rain when they need it? It turns out that such power over the weather have on plants and fungi from the rain forests of the Amazon. Scientists have found that they can release into the air of aerosols, which contain crystals of salts and organic molecules. And those are just the centers of condensation of rain drops.
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Scientists are seriously puzzled unusual off the coast of North America: in the cold waters of Canada, local divers discovered tropical fish-of trigger fish. Zoologists do not know whether this is due to global climate change or they got there by accident.

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Черви-убийцы поделились ядом, уделав ДарвинаAmerican biologists have unlocked one of the secrets of hearts killer with the help of which people struggle with agricultural pests. They understood how they activate their "biological weapons" lethal to insects, bacteria, living in their intestines. Now people will be able to use this weapon, not resorting to services of the worms themselves.
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Божьи коровки подслушивают муравьевAmerican scientists found that ladybugs can "Snoop" chemical signals their enemies - ants. And they do this in order to be able to continue their family. The fact that these beetles lay their eggs around clusters of aphids or cognoscitivos, which protects vigilant ant guard, not allowing them outsiders.
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Лаванда — идеальная защита от инфекцийWhen we talk about the fact that antibiotic use is associated with various side effects and has led to the emergence of resistant microorganisms, involuntarily thought about an alternative. Indeed, what we can replace antibiotics? In fact, there are many herbal remedies, with pronounced antibacterial activity, like coconut oil, garlic or grapefruit seed. There is another effective remedy against infection is lavender.
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Летающие змеи обнаружены в джунглях Юго-Восточной АзииIn Southeast Asia have discovered a new species of snakes, who can fly. Unique 80-centimeter reptiles are able to fly from tree to tree, planning through the air. On earth they are returned by using the jump, which would have killed any other snake or lizard.
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Здоровье океана оценили на 60 баллов из стаHow well are the oceans? Better or worse? And how do we react? To answer these questions is not easy, because people value different things: some like sushi, others are concerned about the protection of the bluefin tuna. How to negotiate?
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Тело морского ежа - это один большой глазThe sea urchin don't have what might be called the eye. But he, like other echinoderms, responds to light. Scientists have found that almost all of the body of sea urchin is his light body.
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Исчезновение пчёл – уже не мифEven albert Einstein said that if disappear bees disappear and human civilization. The disappearance of the bees regarded by many as another sign of the end of the world. In recent years, scientists have sounded the alarm - bees actually began to disappear.
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