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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Биоразнообразие на островах действительно выше, чем на материкеEnvironmentalists compared biodiversity on the mainland and on the Islands with frogs and lizards.
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Изменение климата как убийца цивилизацийBy the beginning of XI century BC brilliant Mycenaean civilization ceased to exist. The city was destroyed. Survivors returned to the simple life in the countryside. Trade has stalled. The writing was forgotten.
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Намеренный запрет на экологически чистые технологииSurprisingly, of all developed and tested over the last 18 years (since 1993) dispersant permitted for application was corexit. Despite the high toxicity and cost, and also low efficiency. Emission friendly and technologically more advanced ways of liquidation of oil pollution was rejected by the Department of environmental protection (EPA) with such persistence that easily guessed "order" major oil companies and those who stand behind them. This is confirmed by the facts, and insiders who worked in the EPA.
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Паучихи совсем не мужеубийцы!About spiders there are a lot of myths and legends. The most common of them tells that if all the spiders kill their "husbands" immediately after mating, and then eat. However, this is nothing more than a fallacy. Species whose females do so ugly, among spiders are very few. In most cases, the holder remains alive and well.
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Video from 2010, but for some reason I have never encountered before. Fishermen off the coast of Padang, Indonesia caught strange octopus head looks like a human.
In discussions in many forums assume that it is either mutation or unknown species. What became caught octopus unknown.

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"Ветреность" сохраняет богомолам жизньSome of us like to arrange a rendezvous with the sun, and some fine drizzling rain seems more romantic. But males Chinese Bogomolov for "amorous Affairs" prefer extremely windy weather. It was then that they have much more likely to remain alive and healthy after mating with aggressive and murderous females.
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Древесная змея ползает по воздухуBrown boiga overcomes air gaps in length to one and a half meters across and over two meters vertically.
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Идентифицирован крошечный и на редкость красивый птерозаврFor ten years, scientists have ignored the instance of the young flying reptiles that lived in the late Jurassic period and had only 14 cm in length (the skull - 2 cm wingspan of 30 cm). It seemed that it was just one of about 120 samples kind Rhamphorhynchus, found in the famous field Solnhofen (Germany).
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In the Tokyo zoo event occurred, which all Japan waited for 24 years. The pair of giant pandas Shin-Shin and Lee-Lee was born calf. Parents belong to China, and his Japanese Panda in Tokyo decided to call Seine-Saint or Kaku-Kaku. And it offended in China. Both the name is derived from the name of the disputed Islands of Senkaku archipelago. But while the politicians argue, the ordinary Japanese people are happy Panda.

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Жить стало веселее: обнаружены 79 новых видов акулThrough genetic testing thousands of sharks and rays (close relatives sharks), the scientists were surprised to find a significant number of new species. The results of the research have generated among biologists heated debate about the pedigree of this family. The data also suggest that some species are under greater threat than it seemed before.
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В Украине живет 65-летний крокодил: он отзывается на свое имя и ищет любовьAlligator Bob set a record and won deportiu beef. VA-record. The length of the birthday boy of about four meters
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Кровожадные растенияBotany, unlike many other field of science, many feel quiet, peaceful and safe: gather the people are beautiful flowers and harmless plants, and then study them in a tranquil office environment. And here and there! It turns out that biologists have their nightmares. And one of them - blood-thirsty plants-killer...
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Дельфины - как люди. И им нужна своя конституцияDolphins, whales and Beluga whales are so smart that they need to adopt the bill of rights. This will refer to them as "non-human race personalities". Such an unusual resolution was passed by the participants of the Vancouver conference, conducted by the American Association for the advancement of science. The document was signed by tens of zoologists and biologists, philosophers and defenders of animal rights. The bill of rights of animals have undertaken to draw up the scholars in Helsinki group, a human rights organization. It includes members of the British society for the protection of whales and dolphins.
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Опасности мирового океана"Annaanicole from the depths. Rising above the water tentacles of a giant squid firmly grabbed one of the sailors clinging for a chip. And in the eyes of his comrades, helplessly watching this spectacle, creature dragged into the abyss shouting terrible scream of a man..." described by witnesses the time of his death in the Atlantic English-scooterstore Britannia, March 25, 1941.
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Общаться с «людьми-растениями» можно и нужноA couple of years ago neuroscientist Adrian Owen, then worked at the University of Cambridge (UK), and his colleagues at the University of Liege (Belgium) for the first time in history were able to communicate with a person residing in a vegetative state.
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