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Разум-2012, человеческий нечеловеческийThe outgoing year was marked by a number of significant discoveries in the field, which can be called an investigation. This term can hardly claim to be scientific. However, intuitively, that it is about thinking, mathematical abilities, emotions, self-awareness, and chimpanzees, parrots, crows, dolphins, and so on, and so on - in short, all cases where the nervous system is showing a remarkable ability to meet the challenges of the outside world. To make it easier to remember than in this sense was glorious 2012, need for, say, the spiritual side of the mind is to separate from its material side. Under the spiritual refers to a variety of psychology and zoopsychology, the phenomena of behavior of man and animals with no particular attachment to the neural circuits. Under the material essence of the mind, of course, mean the brain: it is obvious that the phenomena of conduct originate from it, although it is still not clear exactly how.
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Ученые отыскали пауков, способных создавать себе марионетокSpiders create stuffed and directing them, pulling their strings as the puppeteers. Hanging lures on the web is not uncommon for spiders of the genus Cyclosa from the family of Orb-web spiders (Araneidae). Some of the species create "sculptural portraits" of the same color and size, as they are. Besides, "stuffed" reflect the light in the same way as the body of spiders.
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Люминисцентные акулы - возможно ли это?For anybody not a secret, that the inhabitants of open water is quite difficult to hide due to the nature of their environment. But some species have adapted to the peculiarities of their place of residence, as they were able to use optical illusions for a particular purpose. Such conclusions were made by a group of scientists who experimentally investigated the activity of fluorescent shark.
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Ученые обнаружили "живого ископаемого" китаOn one of the shores of New Zealand was discovered dwarf whale, which scientists believe extinct many years ago.
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Жизнь на суше, или О тенденции окаменелостей всё время удивлятьWhen on land, there came life? The answer to this question is one of the fundamental science) depends primarily on the meaning of "life" and "land".
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Генетики вырастили рыбе ноги вместо плавниковScientists continue to play the Creator. In pursuit of creative achievements of evolution, genetics, it seems, was able to reproduce the first step, which made vertebrates from the sea on dry land.
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Чем дольше растёшь, тем дольше живёшьResearchers from the University of Glasgow (UK) managed to extend the life of koluskap, slightly slowing their growth at an early age. Moreover, the increase of life has been quite substantial - up to 30%.
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Косатки имитируют вокальные «диалекты» друг другаBy studying the habits of killer whales Orcinus orca, Austrian and canadian biologists found that the animals belonging to the same group, you can repeat the sounds typical for the other.
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Астероид (если это был он) убил не только динозавровIt is believed that the Cretaceous-tertiary extinction that occurred approximately 65 million years ago, has destroyed the dinosaurs, but largely spared other reptiles. There it was. Nicolas Longrich of Yale University (USA) and his colleagues came to the conclusion that disappeared about 83% of lizards and snakes.
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Дедушка динозавров был родом с югаRecently a group of American palaeontologists have discovered the most ancient dinosaur in the world, which is jokingly called "the grandfather of all dinosaur". This reptile lived on the territory of modern Tanzania 245-242 million years ago. In the end, all age groups "lengthenedy 10 million years, and it became clear that the dinosaurs originated in Africa.
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День, когда фотосинтез изменил мирBillions of years ago a little blue-green algae has split the water molecule and released poison, the result of which became death and destruction on a massive scale. Talking about photosynthesis, oxygen and death anaerobic inhabitants of the Earth.
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Выявлен, возможно, самый ранний динозаврGroup of paleontologists believed that she was able to identify the age of the famous dinosaur - a creature no bigger than a Labrador Retriever that lived about 243 million years ago. It is at least 10 million years older than the oldest known dinosaurs.
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Грозная птица-топор была вегетарианкойAmerican paleontologists, having studied the footprints of a huge bird diatribe that lived in North America over 40 million years ago, came to the conclusion that it was not a bloodthirsty predator, how it is described in textbooks today paleontology. Claws on its feet this giant were short, dull and fragile - such impossible to keep production at eating.
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The largest animal in the world nimbly as a ballerina when it is hungry. Video cameras and motion sensors, mounted on 22 blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus), showed that they sometimes go on underwater pirouettes, that is turned by 360 to pounce on krill from the bottom.

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Животные уже растворяются в кислоте Южного океанаIn a small area of the southern ocean dissolve the shells of marine snails. This is the first evidence that the underwater inhabitants already suffer from man-caused acidification of the seas.
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