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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Кому глобальное потепление на пользуSomeone global warming frustrating, and some, on the contrary, he was very glad. Scientists from the UK found that the once rare in the Islands brown Golubenko could be a butterfly only due to higher summer temperatures. She literally has broadened their horizons is mastered new territory, tried a new "kitchen".
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Мамонты исчезли не в мгновение окаWhy mammoths? Last isolated island populations of these huge beasts disappeared about 4 thousand years ago, when the Pleistocene extinction, which destroyed the major part of the world megafauna, was long gone. So why?
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Кораллы совершенно не выносят мусораAustralian biologists finally found the cause of mass mortality events. It turned out that their kills sea water pollution with organic substances, including anthropogenic origin. Especially dangerous is the situation with the reefs located near the resorts, as holidaymakers, as it is known, do not care much about the cleanness of the environment.
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Животные и растения ведут территориальные войныWhat is happening in the world and politics is no different from what happens in the wild. We quite wrongly consider ourselves the crown of creation - that is my deep belief. The universe is arranged so that all processes in geograficzny, i.e. are played in the same form in different masshtabom more we believe in self-exclusiveness and in the infinite depth of his spiritual processes, the farther we are from the genuine views of the natural and universal laws. It is very difficult to humble their pride and admit that we all their civilization and complaints, just a normal layer of the infinite universe of the pie. And our failure to understand and acknowledge his other layers, only a consequence of democast and voobrazila.
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В Днепре появились субтропические рыбы и медузыIn the Dnieper river wound up subtropical fish: from 56 native species that live in the main river of Ukraine, 18 - "parapluie”, and among the newcomers is the utter exotics - piranhas, jellyfish, snakeheads, wrote in Saturday "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.
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Слизкие обитатели океанаAbout 700 million years ago, at the end of the Proterozoic, in the ocean, the first primitive invertebrate organisms: worms and jellyfish. Ever since jellyfish - the most common predators in our land.
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Гонки вооружения в глубинах океановIn one of the articles described dive James Cameron at the bottom of the Mariana trench. And somebody down there before him?
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Ископаемое существоUnknown to science sea monster found in the US. While researchers can't even determine was whether the body fanciful forms and the impressive size of the animal or plant.
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Человек или природа - кто умнее?"I feel like a child, who, playing on the seashore, having fun, having found a stone popage, or sink colorful than the other, while the great ocean of truth spread out before me unexplored," wrote Isaac Newton.
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Пчела — единственное насекомое, у которого есть мозгVersions of what mankind will perish, put forward a lot. The greenhouse effect, a collision with space object, changing currents of the Gulf stream and the Mayan calendar... recently added one: humanity will perish because of the disappearance of the honeybees. No one will hold pollination of crops, and in the world will come a famine. About this supposedly had warned of albert Einstein. And we went to visit a beekeeper in the third generation Andrey SHEPETKOVO, apiary which is in horticulture "Sayan dawns".
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Ученые назвали причины массового мора дельфинов в КрымуThis year oceanographers fix abnormal Mor dolphins in the Crimea and Odessa region. In Feodosiya and the seaside for a few days on the beach by the waves makes the dead dolphins. According to local residents, on the day they are up to ten corpses accidents mammals. Eyewitnesses claim that all animals are approximately equal wounds on their bodies in the form of deep cuts, writes "Today".
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Динозавры оказались стройнее, чем мы думалиОгромные динозавры были не такими уж огромными: по новым расчётам, одни из самых крупных вымерших рептилий зауроподы брахиозавры весили примерно на треть меньше, чем было принято считать до сих пор.
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Царство гигантских насекомых закончилось с появлением птицОколо 300 млн лет назад над болотами, из которых мы сегодня добываем уголь, проносились стрекозы с размахом крыльев что твой ястреб.
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Почему киты такие большиеЖивотные, обитающие в толще воды, способны приобрести бóльшие размеры, чем наземные или донные собратья, поскольку могут искать пищу в трёх измерениях, тогда как другие виды вынуждены охотиться только на поверхности земли.
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Затерянный мир Европы, или Сколько новых видов скрывает Старый СветСтараниями зоологов-любителей за последние полвека на территории Европы было открыто несколько сотен новых видов животных, и их число продолжает расти.
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