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Новый вид хищных динозавров окрестили Оком СауронаNamed after the demonic Eye of Sauron from the film trilogy "the Lord of the Rings" (alas, about the book we are not talking) a new species of predatory dinosaurs of the terror of North Africa is about 95 million years ago.
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Саблезубый тигр питался доисторическими лошадьмиSaber-toothed tigers ate prehistoric horses, scientists believe. The diet of ancient predators, which occupied the top place in the food chain, it is always difficult to determine.
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Об этих огромных птицах рассказывают легенды...About these huge birds tell legends, it would seem that this is a purely mythical creatures, do not have any connection with reality, however, a number of facts proves just the opposite - thunder-birds is not fiction, they actually sometimes appear in the sky and sometimes they present to the people the real danger.
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Океанологи обнаружили редчайшего лопатозубого кита у Новой ЗеландииNew Zealand and the U.S. oceanographers have discovered off the coast of New Zealand two rare apatitovyh whales, the existence of which scientists knew only by the bones thrown on the shore of the southern Islands in the Pacific ocean, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology.
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40 китов выбросились на берега Индийских островов. Причина их смерти не установленаIndian officials confirmed that on the West coast of the Bay of Bengal, North Andaman Islands, was found about 40 dead whales, the cause of death are unknown.
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Сказки о русском медведеSurprisingly, often life commonplace in some areas of the animals is very mythologized. With these myths are not any foreigners, and are local residents. If to speak about Russia, such myths surround the bear beast, without which it is difficult to imagine a native forests.
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Динозавры развернули крылья намного раньшеDinosaurs among us. We call them birds. At least thinks most paleontologists. But where did the wings?
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Грибок поможет пчёлам бороться с клещамиVarroa mites are one of the most dangerous enemies of bees. They are parasites on the pupal and adult insects and during the winter can destroy almost the whole beehive.
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Подкормка планктона у канадских берегов вызвала фурорLast week thanks to the British Guardian newspaper, the world has learned that in July at coast of Western Canada in the ocean was poured over 100 tons of sulphate of iron to feed plankton, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, and increase the number of salmon.
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Задние крылья помогали микрораптору управлять полётомWhy dinosaurs well developed feathers on all four limbs? This question arose before the scientists in 2003, with the discovery in the North-East of China remains species Microraptor gui, who lived approximately 130 million years ago. On the first reconstruction of this dinosaur was a picture floating in the air with outstretched limbs. Further feathers hind limbs "cleaned up", and microraptor was to remind biplane Wright brothers. But this variant has been heavily criticized.
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When the diver went down under the water, Belukha "ask" him to climb back to the surface. American scientists found the whale, is able to mimic human speech and make sounds for a few octaves below its range. Unusual Beluga whales inhabit the coastal waters of California, BBC reports. Scientists note that cetaceans long been taught to imitate the voice of man, but it is the first case when a mammal shows the ability to mimicry on their own.

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Шерсть слона не греет, а охлаждаетIt turns out that the coat covering mammals, can not only warm, but cool. However, it should be very rare. Scientists have found that it is for this elephants need their bristles, the density of the hairs which per square centimeter of skin is very low. These hairs are as devices for effective heat dissipation.
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Планктон накормили в обход международных мораториевAs some said, to the largest geoengineering experiment ever dared not the state, not the University, and the American businessman.
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Личность «Хищника X» установленаPaleontologists love superlatives, otherwise the audience will not entice. From here, "the biggest", "the oldest", "the strongest and the most strange fossils.
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Динозавры притворялись дикобразамиBrowsing the richest collection of Harvard University, American paleontologists have discovered the remains of an interesting dinosaur from South Africa, which ran on our planet 200 million years ago. This creature (it was somewhat larger cat) had a thin and stiff feathers, which could toporets and give reptiles similarity with a hedgehog.
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