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Republican Committee on protection of cultural heritage has initiated assignment of the status of the Crimean reserve Atlantis - the ancient city of Acre, which finds under thickness of sea water. According to the press service of the Ministry reported.

Currently in the city of Acre, which stood for at least two millennia, the second time under the supervision of a researcher Victor Mahanaeva there is an underwater archeological expedition. In search of new discoveries and sensations are Ukrainian and Russian divers - archaeologists. The researchers note that the walls and buildings of the antique town are in excellent condition.

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The Chairman of the Republican Committee Larisa opanasyuk said that the AKP - its preservation is a unique monument and, of course, there are great prospects in the tourist aspect in the development of underwater tourism in particular. According to her, the settlement just need a reserve status. "At the end of the expedition, I think, will be ready relevant documents and Rascality send them to the Ministry of culture of Ukraine for the settlement had already been included in the state register. You need to raise the question of the establishment of the reserve, or here on this site, or that it is more appropriate to include the object in the composition of the Kerch historical and cultural reserve",- said Larisa opanasyuk.

The Republican Committee also clarified that the AKP is not the only city in the Crimea under water. Significant territories of Chersonese and Greco-Scythian settlement of Belyaus near Donuzlav also hidden in the depths of the sea. In addition, between the black sea and Evpatoria at a depth of 14 meters hiding cave city, the origin of which scientists still argue, because even if to it and had a hand man, the traces of his activity long ago washed away by water.
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