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Cheetah runs faster than other animals sprinters for several reasons: first, he knows how to play on the ratio of the frequency and step length, and secondly, he knows how not to slide during a throw forward, third, trying to reduce the load on a limb while running.

Cheetahs well known for the speed, but how do they manage to beat the other animals sprinters, using the same Jogging technique? Why, for example, Cheetah runs twice as fast Borzoi, although both animals apply one style? Researchers from the University of London (UK) tried to figure it out experimentally by comparing the physical parameters of run of the Cheetah and hound dog. For this, they used the video camera, which allowed to make up to 1,000 frames per second, and special sensors that are placed in the ground along the route running animal. The study is published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Although the muscles of the Cheetah and the dog work the same and run animals one style, Cheetah can still be taken into account, as the ratio of the frequency of the step and the length of the jump. That is, at the same speed it rushes with less frequency step than hound. If it is necessary to press, the cat is able to increase the frequency of almost one and a half times. But the dog is always running around with the same frequency step.

The second feature, which Cheetah all ahead, is a way of distribution of weight while running. On the big speed of 70% of body weight Cheetah entrusted hind legs, while in dogs on the hindquarters is necessary about 62%. The stronger the transfer of body weight ago prevents possible slide at a throw forward.

Finally, a cat while running, each leg generally longer delayed on the ground, reducing the peak load on a limb, and this, in turn, affects the running speed. Zoologists notice that cheetahs in captivity, inferior in speed borzym, however, this can be explained by the fact that these animals are simply not motivated to accelerate to maximum speed: for several generations zoo existence, they get food without any cross-country efforts.

This is certainly not the Cheetah, but only Jaguar. But it hurts so sweet this is a newborn baby. Couldn't you give!

Based on the materials Phys.Org.
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