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До Марса дотронулась рука с ЗемлиCuriosity Rover began a study found on the red planet unusual stone in the shape of a pyramid. The unit, which was managed by NASA employees, managed using a robotic arm to touch the object, whose value is approximately equal to a football ball. This contact was the first of its kind in history. Moreover, the three-manipulator Curiosity in contact captured the rock samples for analysis, writes the TPM. Show videoanimal events here.

A stone in the shape of a pyramid was found Curiosity on its half way from the place of landing to the next checkpoint. Scientists hope that now, after studying the chemical composition of obtained breed by using available at the apparatus of the spectrometer, they can better understand the structure of the red planet.

In addition, scientists have been able to check the operation of the device, which is able to irradiate alpha particles and compare the spectra of x-rays to determine the elemental composition of the rocks, cameras and other equipment. Also there were obtained the first images of a pyramid, is made. I must say that the current study of the Martian object was the first time that Curiosity had used the whole Arsenal of existing equipment.

Next, the Rover will travel to a place called Glenelg, which is only 200 meters. There's Curiosity by drilling will produce samples of rocks and conduct their analysis. The Rover, which cost NASA $2.5 billion, successfully arrived at the Red planet on August 6, 2012. The goal of the Rover, representing an Autonomous chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet and the study of its geological history. In particular, whether it was ever habitable.
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