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Человек сам отказался от третьего глаза. Ради снаAnd some animals kept this rudiment. The hatteria * - priceless boon for scientists, because it is one of the most ancient reptiles in the world: this kind of about 225 million years. Remained only on several Islands of New Zealand. It is a living fossil that look like a lizard, recalls the time when the four-legged turned into turtles, lizards, crocodiles, and dinosaurs. Since then it has not practically changed, and therefore gives an opportunity to judge how could look her contemporaries, writes science.compulenta.ru.

Samon remarkable - the animal is education at the top of the head, which looks like a third eye. He is eye - helps to look up and back.

Parietal same eyes never goes deep inside the skull, like a normal eye. Instead bulge formed, which developed two symmetrical areas of the brain. They acquire different functions: the left becomes the parietal eye and the right pineal bag. The reptiles parietal eye receives light, and the pineal bag secretes melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles.

In people instead of the pineal bag, located near the eye at the top of the head, there is the pineal gland, which remains near the bottom with the rest of the brain. It also produces melatonin and many other hormones, which are aimed at regulating the neurological processes (the most famous of them - serotonin). Working pineal gland makes people focused and happy, get up in the morning and sleep at night, and also to some extent prevents the nervous degeneration is inevitable with age. Apparently, this is the reason why our ancestors refused the third eye for a healthy sleep habits, happy and full of mentality.

By the WAY

Ancient philosophers are all believed in the third eye and thought it was the organ of communication with the higher powers. Were convinced that thanks to him, the elect have obtained the ability of clairvoyance, and many other people - fine intuition (see "KP" here).

Leonardo da Vinci, who was seriously engaged anatomy and analyzed a lot of corpses, saying in the person's head is connected with the eyes of special spherical zone. And one of them, Luggage common sense" - is the habitat of the soul, is responsible for communication with God.

In the East during sacred ceremonies between the eyebrows still draw eyes or a point. It simulates a window, through which includes the flow of cosmic energy.

Head of the Buddha statue is often decorated with precious stone in the area brow center. Third eye detected even the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

Extra hole in the skull is from our smaller brothers. For example, living in New Zealand tuatara lizard and managed to survive 200 million years, in a small socket under the transparent film is a real eye. The extinct reptiles additional eyes were located on the crown. The proof is preserved fossilized skull fossil animals.
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