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Десять главных прогнозов журнала «Футурист» на 2013 год и далееDuring these years "look into the future" managed to predict events such as the advent of the Internet, virtual reality, the financial crisis of 2008 and the end of the Cold war. However, these forecasts were rather General nature, which allowed to use them except as a seed for a chat. We hope that this report on developments in the field of business and Economics, demography, energy, environment, health and medicine, resources, society and its values, and technologies that will inspire you to own research and will allow you to ride the new opportunities of the coming decades.

And now without further ADO let's move directly to the forecasts.

1. Neuroscientists will soon be able to predict your actions you better.

The intention to do something, for example - to take the Cup from the table, causes blood flow to particular areas of the brain, thus, examining the blood flow in the brain through imaging, scientists can better understand what is on the minds of the test. In the opinion of researchers from the University of Western Ontario, one of the possible applications of this development is the creation of a prosthesis that can respond to signals from the brain.

2. Future cars will become not only to consume but also to produce energy.

The scheme offered by Delft University of Technology, involves the use of fuel tanks parked electric vehicles for biogas or hydrogen in additional electricity. As the vehicle owner will receive a reward according to the amount of produced energy.

3. Akvaponika reprocessing system in every kitchen?

Future "farm" probably will consist of landlord, their processing food waste in their own aquarium. Akvaponika system developed by engineers-ecologists SUNY, implies the use of the rests of food, as feed for tilapia or other fish living in the tank, followed by vegetable garden fertilizer products of fish life activity. The idea is to reduce the amount of food waste and reduce the cost of fish farming.

4. The number of jobs may decrease, but unemployment will not be

It is possible that swaglikebieber jobs will not appear again. However, instead of worrying about unemployment, workers of the future will focus on the development of many skills that will provide them with decent work at any time. The main thing will be to identify the demand of work and its implementation, that is the opinion of financial Advisor - James Lee

5. After 2020 will come the new space age, which will be marked by competition among daring capitalists.

While the government program of the U.S. launch of the space Shuttle placed on the back burner, such businessmen as Paul Allen, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos plans low-orbit commercial flights for the carriage of passengers anywhere in the world within a few hours. The difficulties lie in the improvement of existing technologies, the development of international activities, the creation of new infrastructure and overcoming legal obstacles.

6. The "cloud" will he learn and will no longer be just the place to store data.

"Cloud-based" intelligence will develop and will have a strong place in our everyday life, situational providing informational support. Virtual assistant could, for example, to compile a weekly menu for each family member in accordance with the health status and needs of the organism and taste preferences, consider consultants-futurists - Chris carbon and Christine Knowth.

7. Maintaining the reputation will be of paramount importance for all firms, through transparency, which brings augmented reality.

When "Atsisakyti", as suggested management consultant Robert Moran, the reputation of each organization will be measured and placed in the information system of geo-referenced. We will be able to prefer one restaurant to another, if the application on the mobile phone connected to the augmented reality system, alert us to criticism from health services or negative customer feedback.

8. In the next ten years, robots will learn to be gentle nurses.

Robots easier to cope with the handling weak patients than usual baby sitting, but their strong limbs usually do not have enough sensitivity. Japanese developers are improving the RIBA II (robot for interactive help the body), supplying sensors his chest and arms, so that he could tender to lift patients.

9. Noise and other environmental polluting energy will be used to power electric devices.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology master methods of transformation of energy around us microwaves into electricity to power small devices, like wireless sensors. And physicist - Surajit sen from the University at Buffalo is examining ways of getting energy from the vibrations of road surfaces and runways.

10. Portable respiratory tube" can provide early detection of pathogens and even chemical attacks.

Common Respiratory Tube for the Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases, developed in stony Bruskom University, will be equipped with touch chips covered with nanoprodukty to identify chemical compounds, evidence of the disease or the presence of infection. In the future, portable device that can detect many threats from lung cancer before infection with anthrax.
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