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onua.org » 2012 » The end of the world is transferred on 23 December
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Конец света переносится на 23 декабря"Armageddon December 21" invented by journalists, experts say. To "end of the world" still have time, the End of one cycle of the Mayan calendar, which was seen by many with the end of the world, should take place on December 23.

This was reported by Director of training and research Mesoamerican center. Knorozov Galina Ershova. She noted that the Maya were not talking about the end of the world: "they had a calendar account, it was built on the principle of multiplying the cycles of 13, that is 13 days, 13 weeks 13 months and 13 years. And now the next cycle ends - 13 times over 400 years". The existing texts the Mayan no end in sight do not speak, she said.

There is mention of an astronomer who calculated the 1000 years ago, that on this date will start retrograde motion of Mars. But in fact, it happens every two years. "For correct calculation of the calendar we are talking about December 23, not 21)

This date was invented in the last couple of years, apparently, journalists have to fully shop," said Yershov.
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