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21 декабря 2012-го: как мир встречает "конец света" Events associated with waiting for the end of the world and the follies of the day of judgment - a review of LigaBusinessInform. Scheduled for December 21, 2012 end of the world, apparently, is cancelled. The French, Mexican, Turks and people of Guatemala count the proceeds from the reception of tourists, believed the theory about the message of the Maya and occupied the area of mount Bugarash, Sirince village, and other legendary places, covered with ancient legends.

We present a selection of the most interesting events connected with waiting for the end of the world and the madness of the last hours 21.12.2012. It will be updated throughout the day, as the receipt of news from different corners of the planet.

In the Philippines, there appeared a man who calls himself Christ

A 75-year-old Filipino healer Lauro Gonzalez considers itself the Savior Jesus Christ. December 21, 2012, he came to the Church in Manila, saying that it would hold a ritual. The man claims that the world would end, but not on December 21, 2012.

In the Netherlands has its Noi

The Dutchman Pieter van der World have built a lifeboat for the meeting of the Apocalypse on December 21. The man believes that the ship is designed for 35 people, and shall save his family during the global water disaster.

Pilgrims from the occupied Serbian mountain Rtanj. The price of housing rose to 500 Euro

People who want to escape from the end of the world, people don't just come home Maya (Mexico), but also to the mountain Rtanj in Serbia. According to the ancient local legend, there was once a castle powerful wizard, who was buried under the earth together with the owner. It is considered that the mountain has magical powers. Owners of hotels nearby say that all the rooms were booked, therefore prices for accommodation in private homes jumped to 500 euros per night.

One of the popular meeting places for December 21, 2012 - the underground town of Coober Pedy, situated on the ridge Stewart in South Australia. Once settled there miners who came to get opal, due to severe weather conditions in the desert. Now there is a underground infrastructure: houses, hotels, museums, shops, galleries and even Church. That is what attracts people who believe in the coming of the Apocalypse.

The French have blocked the access to the mountain Byugarash

At the peak of the mountain Byugarash in the South of France, as well as in its surroundings, superstitious tourists hoped to meet aliens, who now had to catch them on saving space ship. There is a legend that the peak of the mountain is upside-down and breed on the surface of a more ancient than at the base. According to rumors, the ship is hidden inside a mountain. The unprecedented agiotage around Byugarash 21 December at his feet is more journalists than local residents. The pilgrims were unlucky - the French government decided to ban tourists access to the peak and all underground spaces from 18 to 23 December.

Maya met a new era

The descendants of the legendary tribe, calendar, which gave rise to rumors about the end of the world, marked the beginning of a new era. According to TSN, they stated that the calendar simply misrepresented, and its end is not the end of the world.

The theory of the day of judgment 21 December 2012, according to Ukrainian scientists, born of jokes American researchers. According to the historian Vadim Rubel, about what 21.12.2012 the world will end, was reported in 1990-ies - jokes after one American mayanist about this. The idea was picked up and turned in a business project.

Americans cut phones NASA

Specialists of aerospace agencies are doing their best to reassure Americans that are waiting for the Apocalypse December 21, 2012.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, the representative of the Agency Dwayne brown explained that in normal times the experts will receive weekly about 90 calls or letters from citizens wishing to ask a question about space. But lately comes from 200 to 300 hits per week, and in most cases they ask about the end of the world. Many people are interested not so much the fact of the Apocalypse, but what how it will happen - the experts got a question that will explode if the Sun, there could be a collision of our planet to another planet, etc.

On a special website NASA has placed the film to prove that until the end of the world not necessary to be afraid. The website publishes opinions of famous scientists, explaining that mankind December 21, not threatened. Already fixed 4.6 million visits to the site.

In Michigan has closed down dozens of schools

In the American state of Michigan for over 30 schools sent the disciples at Christmas two days earlier because of rumors of violence and the end of the world. The holidays were supposed to start on December 24, classes were cancelled on December 21.

According to the Washington Post, classes are cancelled some schools in Oklahoma. Before them there were several false reports that in the school came armed people.

Mexico quietly meets "end of the world"

According to the live broadcast from Webcams in the cities of Mexico as at 4 in the morning, life goes on. No signs of the coming Apocalypse is not observed.

"End of the world" delayed until Sunday

Explanation of the fact that December 21, 2012, the world did not end, was found. Scientists of the national Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico that are engaged in the study of Mayan culture, assume that the change of cycles of the Mayan calendar can be expected until Sunday because of inaccurate synchronization with the Western calendar.
Meanwhile, as said on Friday the world news agencies, in the South-Eastern States of Mexico, where are the largest Mayan archeological sites, held celebrations to mark the start of a new era.

A real tourist fever swept Latin America. Celebrate "Apocalypse" in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Peru. It is expected that the number of tourists who will visit Mexico and participate in activities related to the Maya, will make more than 50 million Guatemalan authorities today are waiting for 200 thousand tourists at various ceremonies.

The end of the world at 13:12 for Kiev has not come

In the oldest in Europe temples of the Sun - British Stonehenge - followers of the ancient pagan religion of the druids made in Friday meeting of the winter solstice.

It happened at 11:12 GMT (13:12 in Kyiv). It was at this time sunbeam had to pass between the two stone pillars situated on Salisbury plain Stonehenge. Depending on which is the power of the light and its distribution, druids will make a prediction, what will the world be in 2013)

Activists Religion of the New time previously announced the end of the world, which can occur at the moment when (13:12 in Kyiv) sunbeam will be held between the stones of Stonehenge. The conclusion made by them on the grounds that December 21, concludes the ancient Mayan calendar.
British scientists, as most of the population of the Kingdom of not watching for the coming of the end of the world today. In their opinion, the Apocalypse will occur in 5 billion years, when the Sun will exhaust all their energy and will go out, informs television and radio broadcasting Corporation BBC.
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