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Земле угрожает новая опасность из космосаThe Observatory NASA discovered the object that is moving towards the Earth. Acid cloud, which was discovered by astronomers, is the result of the activities of the black holes, which are known to absorb all the light and space objects: asteroids, comets, and planets.

The object appeared at the distance of 28 000 light years from our planet, (light year is equal to 9 460 730 472 580 800 meters - approx. as amended), which, according to scientists, somewhere in the middle of our galaxy.

Space objects of this type are already known to science, and were previously classified as "acid mists".

It is expected that if an object will change its direction, its elements reach the Earth's orbit in July 2014.

Scientists say that human civilization is unable to stop this space object. And the destruction of our solar system is inevitable. The good news is that, thanks to a more detailed study of this object will be possible to confirm or refute a large number expressed earlier theory in physics of cosmic phone

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking last year was forced to revise his theory of black holes. Previously it was thought that no object can not leave the gravitational field of black holes. However, later the scientist proved that information about these objects, caught in a hole in space, may be beamed back transformed.

This information, in turn, changes the essence of the object. This object transforms any information about the subject, which is found in his way.

Following this, it can be argued that if the cloud to reach the Earth, the effect of its influence will turn this planet into a complete mess.

To be saved humanity and any living organism will not work, and our galaxy be reduced to the initial condition of the formation of the universe.

So far the situation is not clear, do not panic. You should wait for the final results from the specialists of other countries.
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А каким чудом облако за два года пройдет 28 000 световых лет? у нее скорость в 14 000 раз превышает скорость света? Энштейн плачет ))


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