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В ближайшие 7 лет нас ждет 8 апокалипсисовThe end of the world according to the Mayan calendar on December 21, never happened. But in the Network walks schedule Apocalypses for each year up to 2020.

The end of the world since the beginning of this century has become a popular trend. In 2012 had the most long-awaited end of the world. The time of the fifth Sun as the Solar system will become some sideways to the galactic axis, will be violated all the cosmic cycles, changes pole, was also expected for the parade of the planets and the end of the world according to the Mayan prophecy. But cataclysm occurred. Did not happen parade of planets, no shifting of the poles of the Earth, neither heavy duty flares on the Sun, neither of collision with Nibiru, nor eruption supervolcanoes. However, the Network is walking schedule the following parts of the world until 2020.

His newspaper cites the Opinion:

2013 - 2013 issledovatelyami Amateur planned Ragnarok (judgement day) - in Norse mythology - the last battle between gods and monsters, during which perish existing world. According to the prophecy, the day Ragnarok monstrous wolf Fenrir would swallow the sun and plunge the world into darkness. Then banks will be released sea, and from its depths will emerge world serpent J?rmungandr. Along with that joined them, fire giant Surt, the mistress of the dead, Kingdom of Hel and insidious God Locke these characters will fight with the Supreme God Odin. And during the battle of Surt completely burn the present world.

2014 - to the Solar system will get a cloud of cosmic dust, which will sweep away everything in its path.

2015 - end 9576-year cycle, which leads to the destruction of civilization. This theory about 20 years ago voiced Ukrainian historian Nikolai Chmykhov. In his opinion, natural and social upheavals on the Earth are caused by cosmic phenomena, in particular crises, due to the special relative positions of the planets of the Solar system in certain periods of time. Such situations occur every 1596 years is the basic cycle. And six cycles are just 9576 years, which will expire in 2015)

2016 - James Hansen, a climate researcher of the state of the Earth and the head Gadarcha space research Institute, believes that if not to take control of greenhouse gas emissions, the process of complete destruction of the Greenland glacier will be irreversible and already in the 16th year, most of the land will be flooded.

2017 - the end of the world according to the hierarchical theory of catastrophes. If briefly, then each new hierarchical disaster occurs faster than the previous one, in proportion time 3 to 1. The first hierarchical catastrophe of the author connected with the epoch of Peter I, which came through seven hundred years after the baptism of Russia. The next stage of degradation" - from the era of Peter before the revolution and the civil war lasted about 230 years. The Soviet stage - 75 years. And finally, the fourth stage, the final story of Russian society, with duration of 25 years is completed by 2017. The end of Russia - is the end of the world.

2018 - nuclear war from Nostradamus.

2019 - collision with an asteroid 2002 NT7. Although scientists argue that a close encounter with him later, in 2029, and then in 2036-m, when the asteroid will fly by 10 times closer to the Earth than it is on our Moon.

2020 - Isaac Newton, based on the predictions of St. John the theologian, has calculated that the end of the world will be in this year. But specifically about 2020 are not yet known.
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