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В 2013 году ученые предсказывают Солнечный АрмагеддонElectric networks and systems-GPS on Earth, as the observations of researchers who become from year to year more sensitive and vulnerable to solar activity.

Scientists link this activity to the Sun with the eleven-year cycle. So, the next peak in solar activity will occur in 2013. Solar storms are accompanied by outbreaks with a sharp bursts of electromagnetic radiation, which, having reached the layers of the Earth's atmosphere, it ionizes. Charged particles after about ten or twenty minutes after the initial outbreak explode. As particles reach geostationary orbit, they attack too sensitive electronics, which is stuffed with all modern orbiting communication satellites.

This influence on the satellites of navigation and other orbital system, as scientists say, can test and each person, which is not far from technical progress.

Thomas Bogdan, Director of the Center for space weather forecasting in the state of Colorado (USA), stressed the need for services that require continuous operation of satellite communication.

In the period of ten to thirty hours after the start of the solar activity "coronal mass ejection" gradually approaching to the magnetosphere. This causes the electrical currents flowing along the high-voltage transmission lines, and pipelines. Any changes in space weather can cause power outages. In addition, above the earth surface, in the sky, people will be able to see some "light show", which will remind the Northern lights.

First the strongest magnetic storm was marked by scientists back in 1859. At that time, the infrastructure in the world was small, therefore, to assess fully the impact of solar activity on the economy of mankind simply do not have the opportunity. But even then, it was impossible not to notice the action of electric current, past suddenly walked along the Telegraph lines. "Electric waves were so strong that employees Telegraph messages could be transmitted, even with off batteries," said Thomas Bogdan.
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