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Клонирование человека может начаться в течение 50 летParents, for example, who lost children in a tragic accident, will be able to clone them after about 50 years, says Nobel laureate, sir John Gourdon, a British scientist whose work involve the cloning of frogs in the 1950's and 60's, which then led to the creation of Dolly the sheep scientists in Edinburgh in 1996.

He said that human cloning may occur within the next half century. Biologist who has received this year's Nobel peace prize believes that any attempt to clone humans always gives rise to complex ethical questions, but people will soon overcome their problems, if this technology can prove incredibly useful.

He explained that IVF is treated with great suspicion, when it was first developed, but it has become widely accepted after the birth of Louise brown, the first child of "tubes" in 1978.

However, the vast majority of cloned embryos of animals still have physical disabilities, suggesting the need for significant improvements in the methods of cloning.
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