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Ученые обнаружили "живого ископаемого" китаOn one of the shores of New Zealand was discovered dwarf whale, which scientists believe extinct many years ago.

This finding is extremely important event in the world of science, because it will allow more detail to explore animal scientists know very little. In particular, it is now clear why these marine residents different from other marine mammals.

Scientists suggest that emitted kit - this is the last representative of this kind. Pygmy whales relatively small: their length is only 6.5 meters. They live in the oceans of the southern hemisphere. However, in the sea, they met only a few times, so the researchers did not have enough information about them.

DNA analysis has already confirmed that this was separated from the species of baleen whale, blue for example that existed in between 17 and 25 million years ago. However, the form of the muzzle shows that it is closely linked with the family. The closest it to the family Cetotheriidae, the representatives of which disappeared about two million years ago.

Due to the current discovery specialists will be able to figure out how developed pygmy whales and what way of life they had.
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