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Вне нашей Галактики тоже есть микроквазарыA group of astronomers under the leadership of Matthew Middleton from Durham University have discovered in the Andromeda Nebula first microquasar located outside of our Galaxy. It is an interesting company - a black hole, about stellar mass, actively absorbing substance is steam room stars traded near in close orbit around it.

And with all this disgrace, of course, there ejection of relativistic jets of plasma. The discovery was made by combining efforts of the orbital x-ray Observatory XMM-Newton and Swift, and "a Very large telescope" ground-based facilities.

Microquasars are defined as binary star system in which there is a compact object, such as a neutron star or black hole. This is a remnant of the former first star, transformed into a dense celestial body that "parade commander" in relation to the second ordinary star, moving in close orbit around it. This usually happens in the gravitational related binary systems, where the first light was quickly collapsible into a black hole or a neutron star. Nearby star can be long-lived dwarf, from which the black hole by using the gravity stealing stuff. Part "kidnapped" matter finds himself in the ejection of a plasma jet blasted with subtitulos speed of a black hole.

Such objects are small in comparison with supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies, the weight of which is millions and billions of Solar masses! And microquasars have mass, divisible exceeding the weight of our star, simply put - in times. Previously thought to make such a discovery of available equipment is almost impossible.

However, in January 2012 orbital x-ray telescope XMM-Newton has revealed the flash x-ray range in the closest large galaxy - the Andromeda Nebula. Light from it is to us 2.5 million years. That's what the intergalactic distance! Eight weeks of observation unique object has allowed to make a statement about the opening of the microquasar.

The latest work was presented numerous group of singers-songwriters. They have all contributed to the coordinated research: put the radio and watched variations of x-ray radiation in a bright new source of x-rays, called XMMU J004243.6+412519.

X-rays came from a very small source, the size comparable to the distance from the Sun to Jupiter. Such a compact object can be either a black hole or neutron star. But his weight was too great for the last variant is more likely, there is a black hole, the standard gravitational collapse of a massive star.

Several well-known in our galaxy of ultraluminous x-ray sources (i.e. brightness in maximum not less than 1040 erg/s), believed to be initiated by gaseous accretion of matter onto black holes with masses ~5-20 Solar masses, it is possible by increasing the mass accretion disk of the black hole by the companion star in a close neighborhood with her.

Galactic sources of this type are still insufficiently investigated is rare and until a few objects. Radioemission intensively generated in relativistic jet powerful jet ejection from the depths of the black hole. The most energetic manifestation of emissions, as suggested by professionals can be observed when achieving the theoretical maximum speed of the accretion eruptions of matter onto the black hole, called Eddington limit (Eddington). Only four such extreme object known in the milky Way, and the absorption of soft x-rays in the interstellar environment prevents the determination of a causal link in the chain of events that leads to the eruption of a relativistic jet.

It is located in the nearby galaxy M 31, bearing the historic name of the Andromeda Nebula. Maximum radiomarket object was extremely high, up to 1039 erg/S. Observations revealed the variability of signals on a time scale of tens of minutes, this suggests that the source of generation of very compact and "powered" rash on the black hole, reinforced the parameters that are close to the Eddington limit for a black hole with a giant mass, and much more moderate, as stated previously, the stellar mass, not exceeding 20 solar masses.

"Everything indicates that we did not find microquasar. Such objects in our galaxy, hidden from us by dust clouds, making them study extremely difficult. And if you did not find microquasar beyond it, therefore, can be detected and other such objects. And they will help us to understand the physical processes govern their evolution" - sums Matthew Middleton in the article, which was published in the journal Nature.

Further, longer observation radio and x-ray sources such named microquasars should identify the causal connection between accretion, stream poured the substance in the black hole and the emergence of claiming their birth relativistic jet sources powerful radiation of these objects.
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