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Ученые собираются захватить астероид массой в 500 тоннBase on the moon became a reality. Specialists of the American space Agency NASA first time in the history of space research has developed a strategy of engagement and management of the asteroid.

Scientists are going to capture the asteroid weighing 500 tons and bring it into a circumlunar orbit. There are plans to build the station, where you can refuel space ships on the way to Mars.

The Department of science and technology policy the USA is going to consider this ambitious project. According to preliminary estimates, at the initial stage it will cost States $2.6 billion. Feasibility study of the project was prepared by the experts of NASA and the California Institute of technology.

It is already known that the special capsule to capture the asteroid will bring into space with a rocket Atlas-5. She will send the object in the space between the earth and the Moon. When the asteroid close to sufficient distance to the capsule, it will release a kind of bag greater than its diameter is 50 times. This network will literally to coil around the asteroid.

Taking body capsule, the device will launch a powerful engine and stop the asteroid, then moves it to the gravitational-neutral place. Next to plan for building the base.
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