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Роскосмос начал финансирование «Экзомарса»Roskosmos signed with the Institute of space research RAS (IKI ran) agreement on the scientific instruments on the project "Eczemas". This was reported by the news Agency RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

Only with IKI was concluded three contracts, which are effective for 2013 and part of 2014. Their total sum amounts to 306 million roubles. To Finance the project, according to the Agency, send funds received by Roscosmos as insurance compensation for lost "Phobos-soil".

At the same time, the source of "Interfax" in the space industry said that to speak about the possibility of financing the project until early: "the Ministry of Finance has requested from Roscosmos hard time schedule of project costs, the final list of the necessary work, but because the Agency had not yet agreed with ESA, of course, it may not be present in the Ministry of Finance of the necessary financial documentation, and accordingly, to get funding". As the approximate time of signing the contract, the interlocutor calls April 2013. Previously the signing of the contract with ESA was scheduled for November 2012.

The project "Eczemas" is divided into two stages. At the first stage the 2016 at the red planet is planned to send the Orbiter for the study of gases (Mars Trace Gas Mission, "TGM"). In 2018 the satellite should complement the Rover "Eczemas". Contracts with IKI involve the creation of instruments for both missions.

Initially "Eczemas" was initiated by the European space Agency, subsequently to the Europeans joined the Americans. However, in February 2012 NASA unexpectedly released from Accomarca" because of problems with financing, resulting Europeans turned for help to the Russian space Agency. Russia has offered not only to provide the carrier rocket "proton", but also participate in the scientific part of the mission.
Russia will increase oil exports to Belarus

In the first quarter of 2013, Russia will supply to Belarus about five million tons of oil instead of the previously planned 4.6 million. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the press-Secretary of "Transneft" Igor Demin. He noted that the decision on the volume of deliveries for the entire year yet, but negotiations are continuing.

Talks on oil deliveries Russia and Belarus are already several months. Moscow insists that the export volume in 2013 should amount to 18.5 million tons (4.6 million in the quarter). Minsk declares that needs to 23 million tons of oil.

Belarus receives Russian oil duty-free. A significant part of the got raw material Belarus processes at its refineries and oil products it sells to Europe. In this case, the Minsk pays the RF customs duties for exported products.

Now Russia does not want to negotiate an increase of supply, since Moscow is planning to receive a part of oil products from oil refineries. Gasoline required Moscow to overcome a possible shortage of fuel on the domestic market, associated with the transition to the standard "Euro-3". Moscow insists that about two million tons of oil products should be returned after processing in Russia. Minsk does not agree with the terms, as it believes the European market is a priority and is ready to supply to Russia only 700 thousand tons of oil products.

In addition, Russia accuses Belarus in the export of fuel as solvents. According to media sources, Moscow demands from Minsk additional 1.5 billion dollars. In Minsk denied this information. From August 2012 export of solvents from Belarus-Smoking.
on December 21, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the sides have reached an agreement, but the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation denied this information.
Deputy Russian Finance Minister resigned

Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Savatyugin has submitted to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his resignation. Scanned handwritten statement published in the official Twitter.

Savatugin asks to release him from his post on January 9, 2013. The reasons of resignation are not specified. A copy of the application is accompanied by tweet: "last year I somehow got many (and friends, and journalists) were asked about it. Well the answer". Marking, that the application is received by the office of the government, other state body or by Medvedev, document no.

Alexei Savatyugin, was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of Finance on 13 January 2010. Prior to that, he spent six years as head of the financial policy Department of the Ministry. Savatugin was a former Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Kudrin, and retained the post after his resignation.

Resignation Savatyugin from the post of Deputy Minister of Finance of December 27, have informed "Interfax". According to Agency sources, the official had to resign from 1 January. About the new place of work Savatyugin nothing was reported.

According to sources portal finparty will carry the title, the Deputy Minister of Finance of the many proposals and he has not yet decided on future place of work. The sides of the portal said that the Savatyugin was a man Kudrin and could not work well together with the new Minister Anton Siluanov. The second possible reason for the resignation they consider differences official with insurance companies. In particular, the Finance Ministry is opposed FFMS plans and insurers to create a guarantee Fund, similar to the Agency of Deposit insurance for banks.

The successor Savatyugin media called the Director of the financial policy Department of the Ministry of Finance Sergey Barsukov. Currently, in addition to Savatyugin, Anton Siluanov there are eight deputies.
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