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Почему покорителям дальнего космоса грозит развитие слабоумия во время полетаUnprecedented progress of science and technology, especially in the field of electronics, which we are witnessing in the last 10-15 years, generates optimism about the conquest of other planets. But scientists report numerous threats to the health of astronauts.

Increasingly, in an interview with people associated with space flight and space exploration, sounds unconcealed optimism about the long-awaited release of mankind in the so-called deep space.

In the most daring forecasts even contains an indicative date of the start of the space expedition to Mars is supposedly can occur after 20 years.

However, space travellers for months during the flight may face a variety of hazards.

In conditions of weightlessness worsens the blood supply to the retina that can cause blindness during a long flight (space trip mission to Mars and back will take not less than 30 months).

Another source of danger can become earthly microbes that because of weightlessness will have the opportunity to enter the body of cosmonauts and astronauts through the respiratory tract is much easier than on Earth.

And researchers at the medical center at American University of Rochester (University of Rochester Medical Center) believe that the conquerors other planets could face rapid development of dementia by type, senile dementia.

In experiments with mice, scientists simulated the effects on the body of these mammals of the elementary particles having a large mass and charge - from the constant attacks of such particles of cosmic origin, albeit weakened skin of the spacecraft, to fully protect the astronauts still impossible.

A few weeks after the beginning of the experiment in mice, podvergalsya impact of such particles was observed a sharp deterioration in intellectual abilities during the execution of tasks of special tests (search of the way out of the maze, the development of conditioned reflexes and the like). Animals simply "Tupelo".

"In conditions of prolonged space flight we discovered a phenomenon may lead to the most tragic consequences for the whole crew," said the head of this research Professor Kerry O'Benin (Kerry O' Banion).
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