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Марсоход Curiosity готовится проникнуть в недра МарсаCuriosity Rover, which is located in the place called Yellowknife Bay, is searching rocky deposits, suitable for conducting first drilling operations, during which will be carried out the first analysis of what is under the surface of the red Planet.

Yellowknife Bay (Yellowknife Bay) is deepening, a kind of small swimming pool, located just 400 metres from the landing of the Rover Curiosity, called Bradbury Landing. In this place there is a new Rover landscape, with whom he hasn't faced during his short trip to Mars, and studies are being conducted now with the camera Mast Camera (Mastcam) and chemical laser analyzer Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam).

At the present time the Rover Curiosity held on the surface of Mars distance 677 meters, and taking into account the time that he spent on Mars. But, until that moment when the Rover in the beginning of the year, will drill, he will have to make another move, approaching selected for drilling object.

Currently, the Rover has two intended in the Gulf of Yellowknife, the rock, called “Costello” and “Flaherty”. The researchers intend in the near future to use the spectrometer, Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) and camera on Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), in order to conduct a preliminary analysis of these purposes and to determine the final choice.

Recall once again that the Rover Curiosity has been researching the field of Mars known as the Gale crater, crater, named after the Australian astronomer, watching Mars in the late nineteenth century. And after checking the last device, its drilling rig, the Rover will go to its main purpose, mountain sharp, the heap of boulders dwell almost 5 kilometers, standing amid Gale crater.
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