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Шаманские пророчества XXI векаSeers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their divination was a cause for deep reflection about life, for others they were only able to satisfy their curiosity, well, while others didn't want to hear or were too sceptical. But whatever the criticism did not undergo prophecy, the fact remains the fact - many of them already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world changes, the greater their number will materialize in the near future...

There are a number of global predictions indicating catastrophic future changes.

All the famous Michel Nostradamus in his "Centuries" was predicted by the uncertainty of the historical process of development since 2001, and Jose Arguelles researcher of pre-Columbian civilizations of America is calculated on the basis of ancient Indian calendar the offensive end of the galactic waves in 2011, which is life-giving, spiritual substance, coming to Earth from space. Although in contrast to the horror and can be put harmony and love of the coming of the age of Aquarius, which began on classic Western astrology in 2002, but something is not very noticeable this understanding and peace between people.

At the moment there are many seers, but I want to hear the voice of the other prophets, little-known, but which are worthy of a great trust. This specific category is shamanic prophets (shaman - people engaged in spiritual practices and being a mediator between the world of spirits and the world's people). What they portend, we learn next, and while rabbanim pumped atmosphere of a small story about pretty funny Messianic doctrine, which spread in the early 40-ies of XX century.

In human history there were always a lot of charlatans and Amateurs in any sphere of activity. And mentoring on the way to the divine no exception. Original Messiah John Frum, the preacher of new life on the island Tana, predicted the coming cataclysm, if white people don't leave ancestral indigenous lands. To achieve the care of strangers, he called to get rid of money and, when the last white would get away, because they have no one will buy, then restored ancient customs, and people will acquire all of the conceivable benefits inherent in, oddly enough, the European civilization. And, probably, for it is without a doubt cause the fun in a civilized man, the prophecy States that these benefits will be flown in from America. By the way, waiting for the plane and gave this movement called "Cargo Cult".

Well, on the one hand, and really funny, and on the other, sadly. In the hope for a bright future people easily succumbed to the temptations of the simplicity of its achievements. Material values acquired for them the utmost importance, and the culture, traditions and understanding receded into the background, giving way to the ridiculous faith in the divine plane.

Many centuries ago, with the majority of mankind occurred, very similar to what happened. People, willing wealth of this world and the Kingdom over it, forgot about the nature of God by choosing the path of technological development. Extensive knowledge of the subtle planes of existence demanded constant contact with the spirit (to maintain and expand the creative possibilities of the person), but it did not give quick fruits and results. Gradually the knowledge about the true nature of things were lost, and then it was forgotten.

This situation still persists - human needs are growing, therefore, have increasingly subverted, inventing "a better life" and draining power of Mother Earth. But is it possible to take her life and thrive yourself? Of course not. We are inextricably linked and mutually influence each other. It is not known what will happen to humanity if it does not change their attitude to Nature, to DUHOVNOMU the BEGINNING.

But why not known? For example, shaman Cree Agnes Fast Elk in his address to the people says, "what the dreams of the great Mother Earth, when slowly turns in sleep? It seems there is no end to this dark night. But one morning she wakes up, straighten shoulders, will be surprised and will get angry, because the bones of her body pilfered cell after cell. Dark night inside each of us, the night that we cannot know, is broken like an arrow, if we don't Wake up with her. What he wants from us its great earthly body? When she bleeds, cleaning yourself, remember whether she who we are?"

Give you goose bumps and hair stand on end from such. But isn't this happens now? Isn't reported by the media about the flood, about the revival of volcanoes, droughts and other natural disasters? By the way, very interesting prophecy about this was made by the shaman Elvileg, the author of nine books on shamanism and the spiritual understanding of the surrounding world, to publish their works under the pseudonym Olard Dixon. This shaman, plus, is the leader of the movement of the Raven clan, whose teachings spread from Chukotka to the Kola Peninsula and whose adherents constitute about a thousand people.

July 7, 2002 Elvila come a vision: I saw a giant, looking North. One leg of his standing in Europe and another in Asia. And I understood that I have this giant. The sky opened, and the hand held out to me wooden bowl filled to the brim with water. I took the Cup, and the water ran out in two streams. One stream connected with the rivers of Europe and the other with rivers of Asia. The water in the river became more and more. Here is the river overflowed the banks, and the flood came. People fled in panic from the impending water, but many of them drowned. Then there came a voice from heaven: "Warning happened!" But people were so busy saving his property that no one had heard these words".

Next, you can skim the chronicle of events, mentioned in the media, and took place in the second half of 2002: July 7 - floods from overflowing of rivers Kuban; 8 July - the tsunami in Japan; August 7 - tornadoes, heavy rains and floods in the North Caucasus (Krasnodar region); August 12 - heavy rains, hail, snow and global flooding in the UK, Austria, Germany and other European countries. The list goes on, but is it worth it?

Let's take a quick look at the forecast of events in the XXI century, recorded a shaman Elvileg, but without an exact date for when it will happen. The prophecy begins with a line: "the Creation of a Union of Slavic States and its disintegration". Followed by: the collapse of Russia with formation of a multitude of independent States in the far East and Siberia; the collapse of the Russian economy and the rise of the seceded States; the war between the separated States and so on

Olard ALWIL Dixon says about the imminent adoption of the law on voluntary leaving from a life. By the way, in the Northern peoples was the case until recently, and according to some information, is now. Old men, feeling the rise weakness, asked his relatives to suffocate them with the lasso, so that the souls would have enough strength to overcome obstacles on the path to the abode of the hereafter.

Shaman writes about the emergence of new, steady against influence of drugs viruses (as a result of mutations are known) and of the revolutionary discoveries in medicine and physics; and the creation of artificial person; and about detection on Earth there are other life forms; and about the collapse of the modern theories about the origin of man; and the increase in life expectancy, with a simultaneous decline in the birth rate... Correctness last point is confirmed by the words of another shaman - Koryak Cacapa Tientcheu, who said that the strength of a nation lies not in its multiplicity and health of each of its members.

About how Nature - Mother Earth will be responsible for the disrespectful attitude of the person to the world, says the prophet and seer of the Mountain Brotherhood Indian Robert Wolf Ghost: "In the beginning of XXI century, the world expect catastrophic changes. Because of the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth will Wake up at the same time dozens of volcanoes. Their ashes in a few months will close the Sun, and will begin the polar winter. The eruption of volcanoes in the Pacific ocean will cause rise of water to one hundred meters. The earth will be plunged into chaos, and it will happen very soon.

In the beginning will be three warnings. If the mankind will not change their mind and do not learn how to live and think in harmony with nature, most of it will die either in the fire or in water." And as though in confirmation of his words says Koryak shaman Cocap Tegenekli: "...will Remain only those who will be able to start all over again, who has the right to life and the continuation of its kind. Let's hope that they will not repeat mistakes and will honor the laws of the spirit, because they are all for the good".

Such displacement magnetic poles of the Earth are found in the prophecies of Olard of Elvis Dixon, and the so-called "Appeal of the International Brotherhood of Shaman Clans to the inhabitants of the Earth". Generally the shift of the poles as a fact has a scientific basis and is confirmed by many scientists around the world. Some of them fully share the opinion of the shaman of soothsayers and, based on their forecasts, give your explanation of impending danger.

For example, a Russian scientist A. N. Dmitriev, dealing with issues of global ecology, believes that the tragedy will be triggered by the industrial might of the US, which have completely forgotten about spirituality and thus alienated cosmic energy (the galactic wave Jose Arguelles. In the USA, most likely, and will strike first, and therefore the most powerful blow natural disasters. Another way would be the case in Siberia and the far East. This region absorbs the energy of Space and therefore is a favorable place for all forms of life. Maybe this is connected with the future prosperity of Asia as the centre of culture, a sentiment many prophets, not only shamans.

Many are afraid of shamans and do not trust them. This is because the majority does not know that the philosophy of these mystics is an effective teaching about the forces of Nature, based on knowledge of the most profound aspects. "Judge by the actions and language," tacocat wise. How can a man with "the devil by faith", as some people think, to absorb the grief of the other and to "burn through" its in your heart, easing the suffering of the offended, expecting nothing in this case instead. This is the essence of the whole directions of shamanism.

The power of shamans always reflected in an incredible stories. They say that a long time ago, they could even fly through the air. The shamans themselves, have reported that this is not idle fiction is just that in the past people lived with the Spirit, and not by machines. Archaeological excavations and anthropological studies have shown that ancient, who did not know the wheel and iron, nevertheless perform the most complicated operations on the brain and possessed the knowledge not available to modern scientists - KNOWLEDGE is with every century all paid and removed from descendants.

Today shaman world is waiting for the secondary return to Earth for the First Heaven Shaman. According son Nenets shaman Vasily Batagai: "We expect a small child with a white eye. Somewhere he must be born soon." Goes, give the upper force people to mend, a time to send the new educator of humanity and as specifies shaman ALWIL, he should come from Russia. In the same prophecy says about his martyrdom. A similar prophecy proceeds from the shaman Apache John Running, only it appears even more gloomy light: "Before the end of the world will be a powerful earthquake, which will kill hundreds of thousands of people. Then war breaks out, and the moon will turn red and fade away from the sky. There will come a prophet, and will preach the new doctrine. For some it will be the Messiah, and the others will call him Antichrist." Well, similar has already happened more than once. Bright example - Jesus, crucified with the sign "the king of the Jews" under shouts and blasphemy of the crowd.

Here it is appropriate to revisit the prophecies of the shaman of Elvis, which predicts a shift of focus towards Asia, the global reduction of the role of the Orthodox Church, its modification and internal schism.

So, following the shamanic revelations, we came to the edge of the Gulf of blackness which look at us with the eyes of predators our actions and thoughts. They inevitably come to us to stand in all its terrifying greatness. That can withstand these monsters, if not the FIRE of HEAVEN and EARTH WATER, ready to incinerate and to absorb our deeds?

That's what we predict the shamans, clairvoyants: "On the earth in the Northern Atlantic, " said the shaman John Running, will fall comet. Will begin unprecedented storms, and a giant wave crashing down upon all coastal areas, leading to the death of many millions of people, the Earth will descend from orbit and plunged into the ice, all life will perish."

On the possibility of space invasion specifies the famous writer Vladimir Khristoforov, which is the last guardian ice sarcophagi - tombs of shamans on the Peninsula of Chukotka: "1 February 2019 to the Earth close asteroid, which may bias the magnetic poles and the flood, even if it will pass". Humanity, according to Shamanov, we need a shake-up that the world was renewed.

Tuvan shaman society CBT Jar" ("Nine Heavens") Albina Tava-Samba says: "the Main defect of people is unawareness of their actions. They need to stop at least for a moment and think about what they are doing, remember their roots and return to nature".

Maybe it's worth listening to what whispers to us Space in the mouth of those prophets and working together to try to avert the danger, hanging over the planet, who gave us shelter in this great vast ocean by the name of the universe?
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