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Проклятие горы СалакThe Victory day this year was marred by the message: during a demonstration flight in Indonesia lost the "Sukhoi Superjet 100". Onboard there were 45 people. The next morning it became clear that the plane crashed, there were no survivors. There are several versions of the causes of the crash: pilot error, technical malfunction, and... the curse of Salak mountain.

Shattered hope

The pride of the Russian aviation industry performed a demonstration flight in the framework of the tour in six Asian countries. Before this, the Russians managed to conquer the sky Myanmar, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. After Indonesia liner was planning to show in Laos and Vietnam. Fatal flight in Jakarta was the second - previous demonstration session was a great success. But this time, something on Board went wrong. Contact with the plane was broke in the mount Salak. The next day the wreckage of "Dry" found on steep mountain slopes.

Why not worked security? Because the ship is the most equipped in the world from the point of view of control of actions of the pilots. "Dry" not just well behaved in extreme situations and never gave serious technical failures. In may last year in Armenia in the engine hit a bird, but liner successfully villages. Subsequent testing showed: even if the extraneous elements in turbine machine uneasy. What happened to the plane in Indonesia?
Heaven or hell

Immediately after the collapse of the Indonesian newspaper the Jakarta Post wrote: mount Salak, which crashed Sukhoi Superjet 100, which has long been in ill fame. Once an active volcano, this mountain is located a few kilometres from the town of Bogor, which is near the capital of Indonesia. In this town burnt by the heat of the inhabitants of the metropolis leave for the weekend: mountain slopes are covered by dense rainforests, which is much easier than in the capital, transfer exhausting heat and stuffiness. Here is the famous Safari Park, villas of the wealthy, hotels for every taste and wallet, discos, bars, restaurants. In General, a heavenly place.

But it is because of this Paradise on earth and entrenched eerie name -- cemetery aircraft. Over the mountain often gathering fog is a real salvation for the resident tropical city and... disaster for aviators. Aviaexport from Jakarta Jerry Segatman admits: flying on the island of Java can change a lot in one day. Morning is often a serene and clear, to dinner begin to gather clouds, and in the afternoon the clouds can tighten the sky. To avoid trouble, be very careful to choose the route and flight level. Local pilots know about it. But even they make mistakes. What does that say about the pilots, for which the flights in this region in the beginning?! Another aggravating factor is the air corridor R206 actually passes over the top of the mountain. Whose "light" head smart enough to find a route in such an unsafe place, unknown. But the fact is with a mountain of bad jokes, small miscalculation pilot during climb or reduction and disaster is inevitable. Something similar probably happened, and our pilots. However, this is not the first accident of these places. In the area of Bogor accidents with casualties happen with frightening regularity. More often then fall small private planes or paragliders tourists here fans of air sports. Disasters occur and bigger. But Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100" has become the biggest victim of Salak mountain.
Bloody harvest

Only over the past ten years in the area surrounding mountains have found the death of seven aircraft.

10 October 2002 ultralight Amateur plane crashed in the area of Bogor. Man, pilotasowe him, died.

on October 29, 2003 old helicopter Indonesian air force Sikorsky S-58T crashed there. Onboard there were 7 people, no one survived.

15 April 2004 glider flew straight into the waterfall. Two aboard people were killed.

20 June 2004 Amateur Cessna 185 crashed into a mountain. Killed all who were on the plane, and that five people.

30 June 2008 military transport Casa 212 overflew the territory, testing new equipment for aerial photography and hit the mountainside. The disaster claimed the lives of all eighteen aboard (including three foreigners).

30 April 2009 in the mountains near Bogor crashed training aircraft. Three people were killed.

Finally, may 9, 2012 its terrible sacrifice brought mount Salak our vessel.
Smart in the mountain will not go

According to local shamans, increased accident rate is explained by the fact that the volcano Salak live... beings from the other world. We, the Europeans, this explanation may seem strange, but for any Indonesian it sounds more than convincing.

Indonesians worship two main deities -- the world tree and the global mountain. Residents of the island nation believe: the main world tree Narusaku crowns the top of the majestic mountains in the Western part of the island Serum, at the source of three rivers. In the tree, find shelter souls of ancestors and mythical serpent Nita Cereal. These entities from the other world demand offerings in the form of new souls. Indonesians try to bypass sinister mountain, but no no, yeah caught in a trap. For some time treacherous mountain "calm down", and then looking for a new victim.

Seems like world mountain, some time now behaves and Salak. Local witch doctors are sure: the spirits that live on the sleeping volcano, terribly unhappy that people have disturbed their peace. So they are taking revenge for mere mortals...

Vladimir STROGOV

Mountain Bo-Cause - hill in the Russian far East, on the slope of which in 1995 the plane crashed Tu-154. While searching for the crash site in the vicinity Bo-Cause were found old pieces about ten aircrafts. Some researchers suggested that this area is a powerful geophysical anomaly, which when activated "knocks" flying close to the aircraft. Official recognition of this version does not have.


Most crashes are happening in the world at the airport of the Congo. Sorcerers say this is because it is built on the site of an ancient cemetery, spirits which are very unhappy with this circumstance.


The black sea is another godforsaken place, over which often falling aircraft. One of the most horrible disasters occurred in October 2001, when the Ukrainian military shot down by a rocket plane flying from tel Aviv to Novosibirsk.
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