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Вера в НЛО приобретает черты настоящей религииThe splitting of atoms, the taming of the plasma, nuclear programs of individual member"rogue" permanently scared man. And as a result - didactic the myth of the existence of civilizations that "the game's up" with such indomitable forces and thirst for knowledge of the hidden mysteries of the universe has always been inherent to man. But if, for example, a hundred years ago creative search was the prerogative of the educated class, reading intelligentsia, in the XXI century can deal with any, we need only turn on the TV or go to the bookstore. But it is clear that the popularity of esotericism is caused not only by literacy of the population.

Moreover, the very esoteric under the influence of technocracy modern civilization now appears in a perfectly new light, and offers new sources of truth. In a new way interpreted the myth of Atlantis, search for extraterrestrials. Our eyes are born a new, modern myth. We just need to remember that all new is well forgotten old.

We are still at school used to the fact that the world learned with the help of science. Moreover, among the majority of scholars are of the opinion that with the development of science and religious beliefs must first recede into the background, and later disappearing. But it can also happen that discoveries in science generate a certain excitement in the community of seekers of spiritual truth. Paradoxically, the progress of science and technology and creates new forms of religiosity.

The farther into the depths of the pyramids are moving Egyptologists, the more there is of hypotheses about the nature of the pyramids. If, say, a hundred years ago the occult drew ideas in Egyptian religion - you may remember the "Book of Law" Aleister Crowley, "dictated" to him through his wife, servant of God Choir - then heads now circling the material civilization of the Nile. Some see the pyramids only religious buildings and tombs of the pharaohs, others insist that the biggest of them - the work of the hands not human. Proceeding from the sizes of structures and scale of the whole complex seekers hidden truth conclude that this place is nothing like "the spaceport for extraterrestrial flying vehicles". This idea nicely played in the film by Luc Besson "the Fifth element". Moreover, the Egyptian pyramids is not the only such spaceport on our planet. Nazca on the Nazca lines in Peru and teitihuac?n pyramids in Mexico, too, received the same function with the light hand of ufologists and all others who are looking for traces of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. These views led to a number of hypotheses about the origin of not only religion is supposedly ancient people took aliens for gods, but life on Earth.

Warm up interest to extraterrestrial civilizations and such "promoted" to the riddle of how the Bermuda triangle and "circles". Around these images departed certain aura of mystery. Academic science cannot answer these questions, and traditional religions is just not interested. The phenomenon of crop circles really very mysterious nature of these patterns is not yet clear. But not for all. Many see them as nothing, as encrypted messages of aliens. Interpret these messages differently, to list the essence of all possible "translation" just doesn't make sense, mention should only what often these interpretations are apocalyptic nature.

It is interesting that the very possibility of contact with alien civilizations created a cult around them. Best known for such a nature - reality. This community is created in 1973-1974, the French journalist Claude Vorilhon, later took the name Rael. 13 December 1973, he came into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations who identified himself as Elohim (in Hebrew means "God"). The revelation of Elohim was the fact that people in General, life on Earth is the product of their purposeful activities. All the prophets, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad were sent by them with the purpose to enlighten mankind. The last prophet Rael, and he proclaims the ultimate truth. In the near future reality expect their creators on Earth and are preparing for their visit.

Classic modern psychology Carl Gustav Jung in religious belief in UFOs and in everything connected with them, saw the result of the modern manifestation of the archetypes of the collective unconscious on the background of mass human neurosis. From his point of view, the present crisis humanity has generated peretolchina on new, man-made, twist the old beliefs in gods-rescuers.

But it is not only reviving our eyes ancient myth. The modern state of protracted crisis generates a variety of exercises, offering ways out of it. One such way is to appeal to some sort of "Golden century". "Retrotope" occurred in the history of thought is not time - think Confucianism, for which the ideal of political, religious and social life has already been implemented in ancient times, and progress in Confucian directed to return to the "Golden age". And now is the perfect way of life trying to find some ancient civilizations - Sumerian, Egyptian, etc. And some authors go even further and develop the concept, according to which on Earth before man existed one or two civilizations, which was on a much higher level of development than a modern human race. Civilization these - Atlanta and their predecessors the Lemurians.

The idea of these authors is that these civilizations had a disproportionately large amount of knowledge and stood at a higher stage of development than our civilization. But then I happened to turn some man-made disaster, which led to the death of the first Lemurians, and after some time, and Atlanta. A similar story can be read in the books of the writer Barbara Marciniak, which translates to mankind revelation, allegedly given by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations from the Pleiades star cluster. It is obvious that in these myths clearly present didactic element. Contemporary humanity is trying to operate with forces that may if not to destroy the Earth, but at least make it so that she was "without form, and void". The splitting of atoms, the taming of the plasma, nuclear programs of individual member"rogue" permanently scared man. And as a result - didactic the myth of the existence of civilizations that "the game's up" with such indomitable forces, and they were much more advanced than we are, so we are foolish, it is better not to get involved in these atomic energy.

As it turned out, the progress of science and technology does not lead to the death of religious beliefs, but rather, on the contrary, creates new forms.
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