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Апокалипсис 2012. Когда настанет судный день21.12.2012... the Number that received already the definition of magic, fatal, fatal. Where this feeling is coming Apocalypse?

It is universal intuition, a sudden realization that the world is not eternal, and it is on our time, unfortunately, will have the very end of the world?
It would seem, nothing serious. Ancient peoples, stone slabs, somehow breaking calendars - everything is so far away from us. You could just send found in the destroyed city Mayan artifact in the Museum and forget. But for some reason right now, as though in anticipation of the date amplified natural cataclysms - earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic long dormant volcanoes, - increasing the number of technogenic catastrophes, are absolutely incredible things to which we are not ready - ice storms, frozen South sea, unexplainable behavior of birds and fish. What's happening?

The most terrible thing is that the prophecies of all the prophets from the past, starting with John the theologian to Vanga is like talking about the same thing, about our time... All the same. Do finale really close? Is started the countdown? Or maybe we are dealing with an unprecedented mass hysteria that suddenly, someone else will, swept around the world?

We try to understand. In disasters, unexplained phenomena and prophecies. And in the Mayan calendar - which meant the priests of ancient Indian tribe? What I wanted to warn descendants? Why so suddenly broke records, planned for five thousand years?..

And at the same time and try to understand: that we may still have time before the fateful date, until the very last day, when he once destined to come.

January 2012. In Sevastopol, the temperature suddenly reaches the April figures, trees sprout. European cities are enjoying incredibly warm in winter. And barely a week on the Black sea coast suddenly falls ice storm. In shackled severe frosts Europe from anomalous cold killed dozens of people.

February 2012. Contrary to all forecasts, in Eastern Siberia again fix the earthquake. Powerful aftershocks have shaken the region, which has never been considered a seismically dangerous. And on the other side of the Earth, in America, the strongest hurricanes mad in cities of several States. The disaster strikes in densely populated areas. In the world break out of full-scale war. Afghanistan and Iraq are added to the bloody conflicts in Libya and Tunisia. The US threaten retaliation Iran. And North Korea is testing missiles.

March 2012. Astrophysics note the incredible growth of the solar activity, the peak of which is expected in December. Scientists record the rapid approach to Land a huge asteroid. If it will crash into the planet, the force of the explosion will be a hundred times stronger than in Hiroshima.

Incredible events occur one after the other. Thus began the year 2012 is the year in which the Mayan calendar ends.

The mystery of the Mayan calendar

Indian tribe Maya attributed sacred knowledge about the world. The calculation of the Mayan calendar began more than 3 thousand years ago. The last date calendar, recorded by ancient astrologers could not read a very long time. Only in the 70-ies of the last century inscriptions of ancient Indians managed to decipher. This made famous Soviet linguist Yuri Knorozov.

It turned out that stone Mayan calendar ended in 2012. Do the ancient astrologers broke calendar, predicting the end of the world? Millions of people around the world are sure in it. Many of our contemporaries have decided to live 2012 as the last, in full accordance with the chronology of a long-gone civilization.

Today calculate the remaining before the last date time offer hundreds of Internet sites, and on the diaries printed instructions for working with the Mayan calendar. By simple manipulations such a diary allows you to determine what conceals any day according to the ancient Mayan calendar. In these character - characteristics of and recommendations on each day, even on the last.

Description of the end of the world is in all cultures and religions, even in the Book of books. There are prophecies of the Apocalypse, which States that before the end of the world humanity attained by the different disasters and testing. Hence, the danger there. But what kind?

The threat of global climate change

Anomalous summer of 2010. All the Central part of Russia involved in the fire, above cities is impenetrable veil of smog. Searing heat and drought, many took it as fact General climate warming. But after just six months in the same Central Russia freezing rain have cut power lines that bound the car matches broke century-old trees, paralyzed the largest airports in the country. Residents of the capital remember what was happening in Domodedovo, when due to the ice storm has cancelled all flights.

Surprisingly, freezing rain is also a harbinger of global warming. This phenomenon of nature fits in so-called scenario pendulum - when for centuries the current climate throws it in the heat and cold. These climatic swings in recent years rocked harder. We witnessed the floods in Europe in the winter, snowfalls in Africa and Latin America in the summer.

The average annual temperature on the planet in recent years has risen half a degree. Further temperature increase glaciers at the poles may melt. In this case, melt water will cool the Gulf stream, which heats the whole of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Black sea will freeze, and the coast is covered by long crust of ice.

February 2012. Sea beaches of the black sea resort zone remind the shores of the Far North. And fight in Europe frost bound Paris channels. For the first time in 30 years of frozen Danube and lake Geneva. Dozens of people died of cold. Several government declared a state of emergency.

Do so and look consequences of global warming? Can humanity to freeze? The survival of people with consistently low temperatures? Polar Explorer Vladimir Chukov lives in the Far North each year several months in a row. He is sure that the ice age, even if he were to happen to civilization is not fatal. On his experience, he knows that people will build a life even in the ice.

However, if a catastrophic scenario of climate change come true, not all will freeze. In Central Africa and in the Gobi desert, possibly, will blossom gardens. And the population of Europe will have to seek refuge in new territories. "Climate extreme, special climatic situation influence the course of world history, - said the employee of Institute of economic forecasting, Boris Revich. - Drought, severe shortage of drinking water. All this led to the migration of peoples, and to wars for the same sources of drinking water". Then come the new resettlement of peoples, hunger and struggle for resources and all claims arising from this terrible consequences?

The threat of nuclear war

Five years ago, more than 30 people from the village of Nikolskoye, Penza region went into the dungeon together with families and children. General hysteria about the coming end of the world then was growing. According to the calculations of the Penza hermits, the Apocalypse was to happen already in may 2008. In the spring washed with water, the soil began to come down and to fill up the cave. Stocks of food and water over. To breathe under the ground there was nothing. Hermits almost buried myself alive. Two were killed, the last survivor was taken out of the ground in may. The Apocalypse has not come.

"Any literal interpretation of the Apocalypse can lead to erroneous and incorrect interpretations. And in this sense, the hysteria, which now exists, is completely unjustified," warned the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

I saved the Penza hermits asked what they were hiding in a cave and have seen the day of judgment. Literally brainwashed his mentor Peter Kuznetsov sectarians were talking about the end of the world. In the dungeon they wanted to wait out the "big war".

Today the danger of nuclear war is real as never before. If it is, it will be very similar at the end of the world. "On combat duty cost about a thousand warheads on each side. Talking about the fact that they did not aimed for specialists still just talk, " said academician Sergey Kolesnikov. "This is not aimed through 15-30 seconds has focused".

It is considered that possess nuclear weapons, 9 countries: Russia, USA, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. In the so-called nuclear club may enter and Iran. However, his government assures that develops only peaceful atom, no warheads. But atomic scientist Rafail Harutyunyan expressed confidence that if the country with such resources wants to build an atomic bomb, it will do it. The United States does not believe the Iranian authorities are preparing to attack nuclear facilities Ahmadinejad. Political analysts predict that if the Iranian problem will go under a worst-case scenario that the war will start by the end of this year.

There was a precedent: in 2003 the Americans went to war in Iraq. The occasion was alleged that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The war dragged on for seven years, but no signs of nuclear and chemical weapons in Iraq is not found. And if now everything will be different and nuclear weapons in Iran still there? Suddenly there will answer Amerikan aggression symmetrically? On the planet, and so more and more hotspots: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Mali. While India and Pakistan, with hundreds of warheads still in a state of cold war. North Korea even with the change of the leader leaves no plans to destroy the southern and regularly conducts exercises with the launch of ballistic missiles.

In 1947 were created so-called Watch doomsday, in order to show humanity how civilization is close to a catastrophe. In March 2012 scholars translated the arrows at five minutes to midnight. Closer to the judgment day for 2 minutes mankind was only once - in 1953, when the Soviet Union and the US tested their nuclear bombs.

To shelter the population from nuclear threats provided by protective structures of civil defense. They may look like a warehouse or as an underground Parking lot, but this is misleading. Thirty minutes is enough to make such a room in a safe bunker in case of nuclear attack. Nobody knows when the warehouse can be used for its direct purpose. These bunkers were built in Soviet times in all major cities. In the event of war we can find a shelter in the subway. But under the ground can hide only residents of large cities. Worst of all will be to those who live outside the city.

On wealthy citizens, who fear a nuclear attack, a whole industry is working. For example, in one of the firms protective bunker built at a depth of 10 meters. In the bunker can even embed periscope for monitoring the surface. Would be money. Individual right to salvation is very expensive - from several hundred thousand to several million dollars. And those who have no opportunity to build a bunker in case of nuclear war, can hide in caves. For example, in the Article, near Moscow.

In the deserted stone quarries there is a feeling that the world above is no more, there remained only boundless dark corridors and grottoes. Many are building here a kind of underground homes. Instead of electricity, candles and gas burners, instead of beds - beds in the "bedrooms", food - rich packages under the ceiling, and the rats. Water is taken from a strange device called "Vodacom". Here beats underground source, so that even in case of radiation contamination on the surface of the water remains clean.

Speleologists say that here everything quickly get used to the darkness, to the absence of the sun. About that other world remind only signs indicating streets and buildings Yes the old road signs. Maybe someday it will look so life of our civilization - after the catastrophe on the earth's surface. But what will this disaster? There are options. Even the most fantastic version of the death of mankind in 2012 become real as never before.

The threat of large-scale earthquakes

on March 11, 2011 Japan shocked the strongest in the entire history of the earthquake. The quake caused massive tsunami triggered a series of explosions at the nuclear power plant Fukushima. From this moment, scientists do not cease to say: seismic activity on the planet is increasing. Judge for yourself: for the past century in the world were 18 powerful earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7 points, while in the new century element of such forces already made itself felt 15 times, and it is only in the first decade.

Scientists improve forecasting techniques, from space and follow the movement of the earth's crust in earthquake zones. But what if in recent years increasingly shaking is not where it is expected? For example, in Central Russia. It is not difficult to imagine what an earthquake, even in 5 points fraught for the city. Here no building designed to keep the quake. Skyscrapers will begin to emerge as a house of cards. In addition, collapsing of electric poles, city remain without electricity, pumps will not be able to supply water in high-rise buildings, stand metro will disappear cellular communication. On the third day in shortages of drinking water. The so-called Moscow blackout 2005 happened just because of a failure on one of the substation. What will happen if an earthquake will destroy the entire energy complex?

Architect Alexander Remizov created a structure called "the Ark", where people can take refuge from the earthquake. If seismologists warn the tremors at least an hour, in such "ark" can evacuate up to 15 thousand people. The building is absolutely Autonomous and at any time is assembled from ready-made parts. But is this sufficient for salvation? After all another terrible threat of earthquakes is out of control atom. After the Japanese nuclear accident scenario world catastrophe seems predictable: from the aftershocks of the nuclear power station will collapse, discard the radioactive cloud, and the space around them will turn into a nuclear desert. Is it really the Apocalypse - Chernobyl or Fukushima, reinforced dozens of times? How to be saved from the threat of invisible atom?

To protect mankind from the threat of proliferation of nuclear clouds might systems strengthening security at stations or complete rejection of the peaceful atom. In Europe and Japan are already trying to switch to alternative energy sources - wind, sun, and even the ocean waves. In the depths of Russia, too, found a way out. Enthusiasts of natural life in nature strive to do without an external source of electricity. Vlad and Natalia Belyakovy refused hot water from the tap, Central heating and electric stoves. Two years ago, the architect Vlad and teacher Natalia decided to live in harmony with nature - dropped everything and moved away from civilization in the wilderness. Water Vlad made with their own hands. The only problem is still not managed to completely abandon electricity, but still ahead.

These people consciously decided to refuse from the usual life: if the global electric collapse, here, away from civilization, they will have a chance to survive. And what about the others?

The threat from space

Our planet daily bombard thousands of meteorites. Most burns up in the atmosphere before reaching the earth's continents and oceans. And those who fly, cause local damage. Reports of falling rocks from the sky come from very different corners of the Earth. But a few years ago, astronomers have sounded the alarm: the Earth flying giant asteroid. As underlined by the doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences Oleg Malkov, 65 billion years ago precisely because of the impact of a large meteorite on the surface of the Earth died out 90 percent of all existing species, including the dinosaurs.

Approaching the Earth asteroid immediately gave the name dark Egyptian deity, thirsty for death - Apophis. In the Observatory of the Institute of astronomy of the Academy of Sciences track the trajectory of Apophis. But how will behave the asteroid, just to say nobody can. Unpredictability is the main danger. Space object could simply not notice or notice, when it will be very late.

An asteroid with a diameter of 50 metres and think, think, what is the scale of the planet? But, according to some reports, this size was famous Tunguska meteorite, which crashed 100 years ago in Eastern Siberia. The power of the explosion in the area of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska river in tens times the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Taiga on the area of 2 thousand square kilometers were completely burnt. Seismic wave circled the globe. According to eyewitnesses, at the moment of explosion on the evening Parisian boulevards, you could read a newspaper, like a day. Asteroid Apophis, coming to us now, presumably 6 times more Tungus.

Dozens of minds around the world are now working on the problem of Apophis. Someone offers to land on an asteroid interplanetary station and track coordinates, someone to lay the nuclear charge. Meanwhile, in Russia already have a working prototype of a cannon, from which Apophis you can just shoot. The shelling of the asteroid to some it may seem like science fiction, but testing of this plant are held for several years. Otherwise, fear astronomers, Apophis in seconds can erase from the face of the Earth megapolis the size of Moscow. Will start the fires, and the ash cloud will delay the sky. If you fall into the ocean, will raise a giant tsunami, the consequences of which can be similar to the result of a meteorite millions of years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. This will lead to the fact that climate change on the planet, will change the ecosystem, and the main types of earthly beings will be extinct. Even if the survival of humanity, most likely, will be deprived of the usual sources of supply.

Nikolai Dolgorukov ready to endure all possible disasters, especially their consequences. At least, hunger him just not terrible - Dolgorukov is powered by sunlight. Dolgorukov is a follower of the teachings of Solnzev. They believe that people can eat only water and sunlight, only you need to know how this light extract and convert the energy of the body. Dolgorukov says that he is ready for all eventualities and will survive, even if on Earth will begin mass starvation. If only the Sun went out.

Actually the thought of the end of the world did not leave people almost from the very beginning of the history of mankind. If we are mortal, and the world around us sooner or later must die, the question of timing. Today people are ready to go through prophecies and predictions of the past just to find evidence of the destruction of our civilization. We purposely seek confirmation of the end of the world in natural anomalies and bursts of elements and tirelessly preparing for the worst in the hope still survive.

Natural disaster, catastrophe, solar flares, the Mayan writings, so suddenly snapped at random, seemingly date - frightens us all that we can't explain. What we should be afraid, really? Where trouble? And able are we at least delay the Apocalypse?
<br />Solar storm, which managed to fix the astronomers, many immediately was considered to be harbingers of the coming global cataclysm. And recently shaken the planet mass death of birds? Crows, jays and thrushes fell dead in different points of the Earth - from the U.S. state of Tennessee to Taiwan and Sevastopol. Then, too, talking about the end of the world. Such episodes only in recent history, will get more than hundreds. The unprecedented power of the earthquake, the unpredictable tsunami, unexpected somersault weather, the invisible enemy flying from space. Any unexplained phenomenon immediately seen as a bad sign. Which of these threats are real and which are false?

Seismic activity is growing, and this has to be considered. But space monitoring of Earth surface allows to predict an earthquake. And if it is, automation of new nuclear power stations should not fail. Russian nuclear power plants of new generation, such as Volgograd, equipped with multi-stage protection system even beyond the necessary.

Climate change is already happening. We are unable to influence it. Winter will continue to amaze us with flowering gardens and the summer months - a sudden frosts. One consolation: the scientific measurement of temperature dynamics last a little over 100 years, and the alternation of glacial periods and relatively warm interglacial millions. So stock up warm things early. At least, certainly not in 2012, and not in this century.

And what about Apophis? Today around our planet, scientists estimate that there are about 2 million asteroids different size. The track was only 8 thousand. If the dangerous of them Apophis, we do not know. One can say for sure: if Apophis and threatens Earth, not today. The asteroid has three times to pass near Earth. In 2012 the planet or anything. According to Dr. of physical-mathematical Sciences Dmitry vibe, the asteroid will fly up to a distance of approximately 15 million miles to Earth. But even if all efforts of scientists will be futile and the asteroid in ten years you will still rammed Earth, it is unlikely to become a global disaster.

Trouble can come from not waiting. on March 29, 2011 unexpectedly failed Russian satellite "Express-AM". As a result, 15 million people in Siberia and the far East was actually cut off from the world: not worked communication, television. The cause of the accident was named a kind of external influence. At this event almost didn't notice, and yet it is a sign of impending catastrophe.

Communication and navigation today were under attack. We can remain without the Internet, the telephone network, the broadcast. The failure of navigation systems and even leading to numerous accidents and victims. External influence is not that other, as banal rubbish-fragments of rockets, used satellites, lost astronauts tools. The remains of our half-century of space exploration. In the future, according to scientists, the situation will only worsen. "If to us will arrive extraterrestrial civilization, the first thing they will see on the outskirts of the Earth, is a dump", - predicts Dmitry vibe.

We love to talk about the Apocalypse, we like to look grandiose external threat. But think that the only real able, if not to destroy the Earth, mankind? The earthquake? Ice age? The asteroid? Nuclear war? Or the lack of drinking water, the reserves of which are already out? Poisoned land and, as a consequence, global hunger and wars for territory? Air, unsuitable for breathing? All the same rubbish, quietly turning us into inhabitants of the huge dumps?

Ecological catastrophe is just as real as is stretched in time. It means the end of the world this year will have to be postponed. But what about the Mayan calendar? Why he dropped in December, 12th year? This, too, has an explanation. One seemingly obvious version first, no one took into account. While many continue to build Apocalypse scenario, scientists have just compared the mysterious Mayan calendar with normal that we use. Perhaps, the mysterious Mayan Calendar is a calendar that is similar to any of our, just he calculated not for one year, but for several millennia. According to this version, but she wants to believe, the last day,
which will come in December 2012, means only one thing - the next morning calendar starts counting again. To test this hypothesis, we just need to wait until the first day of 2013.

And what about other predictions, prophecies, predictions? As we continue to tell about the fateful number of "2012". Actually none of the prediction of the prophets of the past does not even hint at the year 2012. And any special events that would indicate that the end of the world has to happen right now, either, as we would not want to see them. "Bind any appearance of certain signs to any terms in any case should not be, - believes Metropolitan Hilarion. - The collapse of the world can be more banal than we can imagine". And doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences Oleg Malkov observes: "There is a suspicion that civilizations destroy themselves, without waiting for trouble from space".

Still in our power to rewrite the script: begin seriously to monitor the environment, to stop mindlessly to squander resources, and most importantly - to be tolerant to those who are not similar. Then we will have a chance. But in this case we cannot ignore the possibility of unforeseen disasters. Their probability is vanishingly small, but it exists. Should life on the planet to remain intrigue.
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