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«Черный принц»In a fantasy novel "Feety" writer Apetencia is a curious episode. The astronauts in earth orbit investigate the mysterious celestial body, called "the Black Prince". One of them penetrate and takes out a few items that were of extraterrestrial origin.

The mysterious object

The most interesting thing is that "Black Prince" it turns out that there existed in fact. From leaked sources it became known that astronomers in 1955 recorded in earth orbit strange object. Its diameter was about 10 meters, egg-shaped coated graphite, that is almost completely black.

The object can be seen only on the background of stars or the moon. The first artificial Earth satellite was launched only two years, so I did the version about the extraterrestrial origin "Black Prince".

The most mysterious circumstance was the fact that the direction of the object's motion in its orbit was opposite to that of Earth's rotation. Still artificial satellites run in the direction of rotation of the Earth, as it gives a substantial increase in speed run.

Visiting astronauts

In the USA, November 9, 1967 saw the launch of a spacecraft for the survey "the Black Prince". According to the official version flight was unmanned, but actually on the ship there were three astronauts, whose names are still unknown.

November 12 ships were nearby at the distance of 55 meters. Two members of the crew went into open space for examination of the mysterious object. They circled it around with jetpacks. Illuminators no no, but upon closer inspection, the astronauts found the hatch, which they were able to open.

What astronauts saw inside, in secret, but the Land was taken mummy and a few small items. Scientists have identified the mummy - about 10 thousand years. And things were very similar to the product of the ancient Egyptian masters, but they were made at a higher technological level.

To answer the question, what is the "Black Prince" scientists those years failed. And now you simply cannot do it, because the object was mined and in 1970 year blown up on command from the Earth, so he could not get the Soviet cosmonauts.

The mystery of the cosmos

Let's try to understand what this story is fiction or reality? So, the facts. 9 November 1967, the U.S. launched a spaceship "Apollo-4". Conducted testing of the device intended for landing on the moon. About the presence of the crew on the ship official sources are not reported.

However, "Apollo-4" made active maneuvers, increasing and decreasing the height of the orbit. It turns out that he could easily reach the "Black Prince". When man open space jet backpack engines before that Americans have been used.

That "Black Prince" was subsequently blown up in earth orbit, also confirms the version of the presence in it of a man before. It turns out that the visit by the astronauts of this mysterious space object still not fiction? It will remain a mystery of space and space.
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