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10 фактов подделки продуктов10 facts about the ingenuity of scientists in the field of food industry.

1. Fake sour cream

Sour cream is perhaps one of the most popular dairy products. The range of supermarkets today smetana different fat content. However, many probably already know that until this cream product in our stores so far. Animal fat in "sour cream" is replaced by vegetable, milk protein, soy and soy are already genetically modified.

To find a real sour cream on the shelves today is very difficult, but possible. To check whether or not smetana or not, it is enough to dissolve a tablespoon of this product in a glass of boiling water. Fake sour cream will precipitate this is completely dissolved.

2. Caviar

This product appeared on the tables over three hundred years ago during the reign of Peter I, which was held in the court of 50 fishermen supplying caviar.

Today, unfortunately, this delicacy is not available to all because of the high rates. Yes, and those who can afford to buy caviar not sure that will pay for natural caviar. Craftsmen learned to do it from algae. How to recognize a fake? Natural eggs correct form, with compression burst and have a bitter taste, liquid eggs should be very little. The shelf life of eggs after the catch only three days. The best eggs must be Packed in cans from July to September, during salmon spawning.

To check, not a fake if you bought, you can throw in a glass of boiling water for a couple of eggs. Natural caviar protein will start spinning, leaving in water white train, however, the egg will remain unharmed. Artificial berry lose shape and gradually dissolve in water.

3. Canned food

Today it is very hard to find canned food, which would correspond to the norms and without causing harm to the human body. Very often, buying canned we find that in cans much more sauce than the product itself, in the structure of the canned large number of preservatives. In addition, often cans wrong block, which causes oxidation of the tin within the banks.

Themselves preservatives't too harmful, if not their synthetic relatives. Since olden times to prolong a period of storage of products used such preservatives as: salt, honey, wine. wine vinegar and alcohol, ether oils. Then created a synthetic preservatives that can stop education in products harmful and beneficial bacteria. However, the same synthetic preservatives can cause indigestion, changes in blood pressure and even cancer.

4. Crab sticks

Few people today will be surprised, saying that crabs have nothing to crab sticks. However, hardly anyone knows that and fish in the composition of crab sticks are not. The inscription on the packaging of this product say in the composition of crab sticks is a starch, dyes, preservatives and surimi (fish meat).

In the very same fish meat of the fish no more than 10%. Unfortunately, experts have not found that the same is part of the 90% of meat.

So eat crab sticks is not recommended.

5. Shrimp

By purchasing this delicacy, we pay for water. After the catch shrimp glazed with ice, that they did not break. The amount of ice producers are not indicated, because of the norms on him does not exist. On the package you can also see information on the caliber of shrimp (number of shrimp per kilogram). However, this information is important only for raw shrimp.

Today shrimp plant in the coastal zone. Grown artificially shrimps contain antibiotics, added to the water to prevent disease in crustaceans. The most commonly used chloramphenicol, which is pretty hard excreted from the body. The excess of antibiotics cause allergies, dysbacteriosis, kills flora of the body.

Unfortunately, to detect the presence of antibiotics in shrimp impossible "by eye". So give preference Atlantic shrimp," caught in the seas, they antibiotic much less.

6. Smoked fish

To get this product use liquid smoke is one of the strongest carcinogens, banned in many countries. According to manufacturers, the main component of liquid smoke - exhaust from the usual smoke. However, the recipe of its production of hiding it.

To get smoked fish today it is enough to have 2 tablespoons salt, and 50 grams. liquid smoke. Fish dip into a solution and stored in the refrigerator for two days. And that's all. Modern technology of fish Smoking does not provide for thermal processing, killing botulism, cholera, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and various worms. Scary?

To distinguish fish, smoked on new technologies, to peer into the section: fish correct smoked on a cut has a yellowish shade, and in the area of the stomach is going fat same color. Painted fish in section has the color of herring.

It is also very important when buying smoked fish asked the date of Smoking, improper storage, the probability of growth of pathogenic bacteria increases.

7. Honey, soy sauce and spices

Most of us, without even thinking, buy Chinese honey. Chinese honey, pollen are filtered. So the resulting product is called honey impossible.

Due to the fact that the production of this soy sauce is quite a laborious process, on the shelves of the stores we see fake soy sauce. Imitation of soy sauce is ready in only three days, and is stored for a very long time.

"The king of spices", he saffron has long been the object of fakes. Natural Spezia very expensive, per kilogram of saffron should pay about 20 thousand dollars. That is why each package that the spice saffron only ten percent if not less. The rest is crushed plant.

8. Homemade steak

By using the substance "transglutaminase" enterprising sellers glue the pieces of meat, giving it an intricate shape. Due to this "cold glue" of scraps of meat, fit for dog food, entrepreneurs create externally tempting and appetizing pieces of meat. Ordinary buyer will be very difficult to distinguish glued meat from a single piece.

9. Painted salmon

The true colour of the fish of the salmon family (trout, salmon), which lies on the shelves of our shops, pale grey. Now this fish is grown on farms, feed artificial feeds. To give the fish a beautiful pink color, along with food for her give special coloring matter. Tablets for salmon even produce different shades. About 95% of Atlantic salmon today is grown on farms, virtually all of which he painted.

10. Fake olive oil

Today fake olive oil is one of the most profitable activities in Italy. The income from such business is comparable only with the income from drug trafficking. For us it means that most of the olive oil, selling or heavily diluted, or even imitation of it.

Oil, which we find on the shelves of our supermarkets, as high-quality olive, is actually a mixture of cheap vegetable oils Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Spain. The benefits of such an "olive oil" zero. We are so used to the taste of fake olive oil that this is hardly visible.
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