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Известный физик утверждает, что установка HAARP способна управлять временемA brilliant physicist issued revolutionary work, referencing 30 scientific works, indicating that HAARP has incredible power, and what does not suspect the majority of researchers of high-frequency radiation. Dr. franc Di Aquino claims about the ability of a fully functional network HAARP, activated everywhere, not only to influence weather and geophysical event, but also to influence the space, gravity... and even directly on time! Now the network of installations has many new features and one of them almost ready for operation at the edge of the world: in the desert and alien to the Antarctic. Will the owners HAARP masters of time?

The most dangerous of living?

The ruling faction of the three largest States in the world - the USA, the Russian Federation and the PRC can be involved in order to eliminate human, in their opinion, the most dangerous in the world. No, he's not a horrible terrorist international scale, not even a mad scientist with a new virus that can destroy humanity.

Perhaps the most dangerous man in the world can be called the Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran Di Aquino.

Di Aquino did not invent the "death rays" and not got the codes to launch nuclear missiles. What he made potentially even more dangerous, he was let out of the bottle high-tech gene, owns one of the greatest mysteries - the real purpose of the HAARP installation.

HAARP (Program studies of the Aurora high-frequency effects; approx. mixednews.ru)Set its plants across the world, from one pole to another. Soon will start the Antarctic setting.

Di Aquino in the scientific paper indicates that low, but extremely powerful radiation induced heating of the ionosphere can cause earthquakes, typhoons and droughts. And unlike the wizard of Oz, wizards HAARP have real opportunities.

Academic work of this physics with quotations from three dozen other scientific works specifies and other incredible features network settings.

HAARP can affect gravity

Most researchers HAARP in his time was suspected in her ability to cause earthquakes and initiate hurricanes. Confirming these suspicions, the labour Di Aquino indicates greater.

The use of high-frequency radiation can change and even control the behavior of gravitational fields - so he says.

According to Di Aquino can be shifted or even to transport heavy objects using gravity of the screens." Also the installation of a capable and more.

Technology frequency exposure and generate "shell gravitational screens. Generating possible thanks to the design of semiconductor high polarizability, sandwiched between two plates of metal foil with layers of insulation between them. Shell gravitational screens, you can generate a thickness of only one millimeter".

Theoretical calculations Di Aquino experimentally confirmed by experiments another physicist named Dimitriou Stavros from TEI-Athens, Greek Department of Electrical engineering. Stavros successfully demonstrates how the electromagnetic field interacting with gravity.

And yet, the most amazing Di Aquino says functioning in full force HAARP is able to bend time.

Time dilation effect, described by the special theory of relativity of albert Einstein. Space-time is distorted when the speed of movement of a body with mass approaching the speed of light.

HAARP can manage space and time

Working Di Augustine points to the possibility that region, formed the ultralow-frequency field is able to move the body mass during different to the outside observer. It is created and it should work.

In the example of the ocean and following through him vessel. He explains: "...the vessel is made of steel. When it is subjected to a uniform low-frequency electromagnetic field, with a certain frequency and intensity of vessel will move in time. It is important to note that the field except that must be homogeneous, had constantly to affect the vessel during the move to the new time period. If the inhomogeneity of the field in different parts of the ship will move at different times during future. Besides the fact that the above-mentioned field must follow together with the vessel, structure elements, generating field, must be inside the vehicle. People inside the vessel will move in different periods of time, because the conductivity and the density of their bodies will be different".

Worthy of mention is almost full similarity of this scenario is similar to that described by the witness of the Philadelphia experiment Carl Allenda. This event, the experiment of the U.S. Navy under the name "project rainbow" in the early 40-ies of the last century is now often described as the fiction that did not take place in reality.

However, believing in the story insist that one of the participants of this incident on the USS Eldridge, was famous inventor Nikola Tesla, the genius, who studied the electromagnetic interaction. The aim was to achieve the ship invisible, but all ended tragically and different parts of the ship were scattered in different areas of space and time.

Some have a strong suspicion of the involvement of Tesla to many functions HAARP, updated and improved in line with the latest scientific achievements of the XXI century.

What will use HAARP? For climate wars? As of the trigger geophysical processes? Manipulation of gravity and time? Some even believe that this technology is able to influence and lead to madness.

The most dangerous man in the world, Dr. Fran Di Aquino, argues that for all of the above.
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