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На Марсе сравнительно безопасный уровень радиацииCuriosity Rover showed that the radiation level on the red planet is about the same as in low-earth orbit, where the brave guys and girls months hang out on the International space station. But a visit to Mars is of no less dangerous, because to fly'll have a long time (and I would like to return).

Unlike earth, the red planet is no magnetosphere protects from solar and galactic radiation. However, there is a thin atmosphere, and what-any, but the protection it provides. "This is the first in the history of the measurement of the radiation situation on another planet, except Land, said at a press briefing, one of the operators Curiosity don Hassler. - Astronauts can live in this environment".

Meteorological station Rover recorded data on the so-called thermal tide. The sun heats the atmosphere of the planet addressed to him on the side, causing it to expand and the pressure drops. But on the other side there is the cold, and there is an atmosphere is lowered and contracts.

As Mars rotates, the bulge of heated air travels with day party from East to West. Curiosity has witnessed this effect, registering the change of air pressure during the day. At the same time, he "noticed" on a daily dips in the level of charged particles, which coincided with the growth of the atmospheric pressure (i.e. with the seal of the atmosphere). Comes out of the Martian atmosphere still performs the function of protective shield.

Scientists are not ready to estimate the daily dose of irradiation of people on Mars. But overall, it is clear that it will be below the level registered spaceship with Curiosity on Board during interplanetary cruise. So this will be the main problem is that after three years of traveling back and forth cosmonauts will receive seven times more radiation than the inhabitants of the ISS at the same time.

Total exposure increases the risk of developing various cancers, so space Agency establish limits to stay in space. Find out the exact Martian dose needed to understand how to protect astronauts during the flight to the Red planet.

In addition, there is the solar flare and Curiosity remains to be seen to what extent are powerless against them Mars.

Of course, a database or a colony on the red planet in any case it is better to build underground to the surface were only robots. But the man with his brains, hands and eyes still far superior to any of the robot and will have time to do before Breakfast as much as the mechanism for the week. So to figure out how to protect the astronaut, it is nevertheless necessary.

Prepared according to NewScientist.
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