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Эксперименты КозыреваProfessor Pulkovo Observatory N. A. Kozyrev worked on the problem of time over a quarter of a century.

Those who did not believe in the reality of his reasoning, Kozyrev demonstrated a simple, but very convincing experience. That's how it was described in his time a well-known journalist and writer albert Valentine: "it is Better once to see, than hundred times to hear" - said Nikolai Aleksandrovich and showed me the amazing simplicity and wit experiment. He took the normal balance and took him to one end of the beam rotating clockwise gyroscope. At the other end - a Cup with a Guirec. So, when the situation came to a standstill at zero, the scientist has included electrovibrators attached to their basis. Everything was designed so that vibration is completely absorbed massive rotor spinning top.

How should respond balanced system? Scales could not move, and physics would give this a rational explanation. Scales could get out of balance, and then physics would find this phenomenon another explanation, no less rational. And what happened?

The arrow trembled, and I disappointment looked at the scientist. Slightly bemused, he took the gyroscope spin it backwards counterclockwise again hung to the rocker. and the arrow went right: gyroscope has become easier.

- None of the known physical phenomena to explain this phenomenon is impossible, " said Nikolai Aleksandrovich.

- How do you explain that?

- Gyroscope on the scales with electrovibrators is a system with causality. In the second case, the direction of rotation of the top contradicts the course of time. The time has exerted pressure on him, there were additional forces. They can be measured..."

And if you can measure - means that these forces are real-but there are. But if so, the time is not just a duration from one event to another, measured in hours. This physical factor, both regional-store properties that allow it to participate actively in all natural processes that ensure sustainable causality phenomena. Kozyrev experimentally found that the passage of time is determined by the linear speed of rotation of reasons regarding the investigation, which is equal to 700 kilometers per second with a plus sign in the left-hand coordinate system.

All this is very difficult for perception. And not only because it is impossible to find analogies from everyday reality, which, although approximately, but would clarify the essence of the phenomenon.

Main "obstacle" towards a knowledge - the inertia of our thinking. That's why all speculative attempts from ancient times to our days to understand the essence of time proved to be useless. Should completely abandon the idea of time, as if existing, independently of us, or at least close to us.

Kozyrev says: time is a necessary part of all processes in the Universe, and hence on the planet. Moreover, the active part. Main "driving force" what is happening, because all processes in nature are either with the release or absorption of time.

Those for whom the above experience was not sufficient, Kozyrev suggested another. Take the most common thermos with hot water. Only in traffic a hole was made, where Kozyrev inserted the thin vinyl chloride tube. And then put a thermos about scales with the gyroscope. The scale showed that the top, rotary against the course of time, and weighs 90 grams lost 4 milligram is a tiny, but very tangible value.

Then Kozyrev the tube was started to add in a thermos of water with a room temperature. It would seem that as it may affect the thermos in the distance, the more so that of any heat exchange with the environment is virtually eliminated? But the situation in the eyes of the astonished skeptic has progressed a one or two counts: so, what kind of influence did take place...

After this cunning Kozyrev everyday voice was offered tea. Poured in a glass the boiling water, threw sugar, stirred him... And then cleaned the thermos and in its place put a glass of tea. The scale, kachnulas was to the middle, again showed a reduction in weight.

And to finally kill the faithless, Kozyrev was put on another Cup of scales exactly the same Cup of tea, but sugar which was not yet time-mean. And this glass always was heavier. Little bit, little bit, but the balance of the scales was broken... Why?

Himself Kozyrev explained this phenomenon. In the second Cup, where sugar is not yet stirred, there is no special processes, in addition to the natural heat dissipation into the environment.

And in a thermos, nothing happened. But it was necessary to pour in a thermos of cold water, and in a glass of tea to lower sugar as the equilibrium of the system was broken. And as long as the system comes back in balance-this, for example, while in a thermos are the same in the whole volume of temperature or until sugar is completely dissolved in tea, the system allocates or, better to say, plumping the time and Oka-shows '' impact on the gyroscope.

This explanation is, of course, many thought (and still think) paradoxical, but nothing else nobody has yet invented. But the facts confirming the correctness Kozyrev, continues to accumulate.

These facts are as follows. If time affects the system with causality, it must change and other physical properties of substances society, not just weight. And so it proved. Subtle experiments confirmed: near a thermos, where it is mixed with hot and cold water, or flask, where there is a dissolution, change the frequency of quartz plates, reduced electric wire-ness and volume of a number of substances.

And the scientist has drawn a conclusion: the allocation of time only occurs when there 'irreversible' processes, i.e. where there is a causal transitions. In other words, where the system is not yet in balance.
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