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Реальны ли путешествия во времени?Whether time travel? This question still has not lost its relevance, still occupies the minds of not only fans of science fiction and only unusual, but also eminent scientists from around the world. Disputes do not cease, but the information, which is usually write on these topics journalists is extremely scarce and more like speculation. Try to fill some gaps and fully support the claim that time travel is not only possible, but actually were and, probably, are constantly! In order not to be unsubstantiated, contact irrefutable facts, which are known to be very stubborn things.

In 1842 a kind of expedition for inspection ancient Egyptian temple Network in Abydos found above the entrance to the tomb at a height of about 10 meters unusual characters, similar to unprecedented machines and apparatus. Then no one could predict that this image... helicopters and submarines! But now this just seemed possessed of rich imagination of modern scientists, who studied the mysterious hieroglyphs in the end of XX century?

The theory that the ancient Egyptians are descendants of the Martians, also has the full right to exist, but would it not be wiser to assume that they just saw the technique of the future, having an amazing time travel? Most likely, the aliens from the future took with him into the car, easily sliding along the endless ribbon of time, someone from the Egyptians. Perhaps not even one, and carried them to a Millennium ahead. Fiction? But do not make hasty conclusions!

Britain of the early middle ages, the middle of the XII century. One day in early autumn, when in the village Pulpit Suffolk County farmers to harvest, they saw a man coming on the field of children - a boy and a girl. In principle, nothing unusual, except that the children were... green! Their hair, skin, clothes - all cast greens. To the credit of the peasants, they were not afraid beaten to death with stones of a sudden under the scorching sun green alien, and quit his job and took the children to the village, to its master to sir Richard Caine. He was also kind and tender to the green children and offered them food and drink, but they all refused. Ancient British chroniclers William Guberskiy and the Abbe Cogshall Ralph (both of them wrote in Latin, and their manuscript is now kept in the British Museum) said: when children are given a pea in the pod, they failed to disclose the pods, but were clearly familiar with the grain and eat them with pleasure. Where did green children obviously terrestrial origin? The girl told the Abbot Ralph, that they with the brother from the land of St. Martin. Seeing unusual luminous device, the children came closer and heard a strange sound, and then suddenly he found himself on the sunshine field. Apparently, the time machine worked at the approach of children in automatic mode, on a pre-laid researchers program, it is not designed for unusual travelers.

Three centuries earlier, on the other side of the English channel, in medieval France, and more specifically, in 840, in the city of Lyon, terrified, electrified mystic horror crowd tore apart the three strangers that come with "diabolical circle". Entry of this has been preserved in the archives of the Church. Unfortunately, there are no descriptions of the device, probably was a time machine, and "the diabolical circle" - non-metaphorical expression of that era. According to the testimony of the monks, in sufficient detail described the event, "from nowhere" strangers were assured that they are the inhabitants of Lyon and only temporarily gone away, to look at the amazing miracles. However, as neither urged the authorities and the clergy, in the city there was not one person who would be able to identify them. And then Lyon was many times less modern, and there were more than thousand inhabitants.

One of the most mysterious and enigmatic historical figures - the great Italian painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, engineer of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci. On the one hand, this is an example of a Christian, who wrote the paintings on biblical subjects, but on the other, a staunch atheist scientist, naturalist, author of a number of critical writings on religion and superstition. By the way, all the works of Leonardo written complex cipher in mirroring! Who is he? It is known that the great Italian had never been ill, In the era of horrific epidemic morrow and epidemics, lack of antibiotics, basic sanitation and average life expectancy is about 40 years, not to mention the wars, Leonardo lived to a ripe old age. About his parents and the place of birth is known very rough and very unreliable: from someone's words or stingy stories of the scientist. Before all appears suddenly 17-year-old boy, for that time, an unusually developed in all respects, including physical form: he freely broke horseshoes, squeezing them in the palm of the left hand! Perfectly knowing weapons and applying in fencing is not known to the contemporaries techniques, Leonardo never fought, never fought fights and not married, although there is no information about his non-traditional sexual orientation. I do not feared if he is by his actions changed the course of human history so that in the distant future, he himself will not find a place in it? And he's actually been years? In early impressions starejshih contemporaries, he looked at 17. but in reality?

According to well-grounded theory, of some Western researchers, Da Vinci man in the distant future, trapped in the past in a time machine and crashed, which was unable to return. Or has not wanted? But then he's not even an Italian, but just decided to become them? Note: in the works of Leonardo has repeatedly appealed to attempts to create a helicopter and a submarine. Was it a mere coincidence of his aspirations with the characters in ancient Egyptian temple Network? But technology Renaissance is still very imperfect and too much is not enough, therefore any attempts inevitably fail. However, inquisitive mind of the scientist persistently and diligently seeks to create a universal loom, breech-loading cannon, machine for free swimming under water man-frog - similar to our aqualung. He wants to make a tank, glider, build impregnable fortress and encrypted draws the picture. Some researchers believe: Leonardo lot poskitatsya on the time line before was in the Renaissance. Perhaps he even went on preaching Christ? No wonder many of his paintings on religious themes strike force unprecedented reliability and pose many riddles, which only now started to draw the attention of researchers of his works.

Da Vinci led an unusual life: slept for 15 minutes every four hours. Great anatomist and physician, he was not treated but themselves, and not left posterity, although he was healthy. About the great Leonardo written and said a lot, but still no one guessed his secret.

Evidence of the possibility of time travel related not only to the bygone days. In the relatively recent past showed various space-time anomalies, long considered simply inexplicable cases. So, in January 1899 in Connecticut (USA) and in January 1905 in various parts of England marked the emergence "savages" with unintelligible speech. In the middle of XX century, in 1950, at times square, new York, in the stream of rapidly moving along the carriageway of the road suddenly appeared strangely dressed man. The driver had no time to slow down and knocked him down, making unknown died on the spot. The police conducted the most thorough investigation and came to mind-blowing, but the clear and indisputable conclusion - lost inexplicably came from... the XIX century! Been precisely established its data and conclusively proved: in 1879, this man went out of the house for a walk and never returned! For many years he was reported missing, as evidenced by archival documents.

Similar phenomena occurred in our country: 27 September 1989 on the outskirts of Voronezh during a walk in the Park in front of the astonished crowd disappeared 16-year old teenager. He returned after about forty minutes, but looked much older. According to the doctors, his age was about 25 years! The guy couldn't explain. Or would not? I do not have there been so kind substitute" man from the future, studying our time?

Here is another famous traveler in time - sir Herbert George wells. After the writer's death, examining his papers, friend and executor wells Mr. Charles Pink stumbled upon previously unknown autobiographical notes fiction author and, after reading them, insisted that sir Herbert in his childhood was in a time machine and saw the future with your own eyes! After years of wells wrote his first novel "Argonauts Chronos"! In the original version it was full of many technical details that seemed editors unnecessary and far-fetched. Reluctantly sir Herbert rewrote the book and called it ime Machine". Can not believe wells and his friend Pink, but in 76 writer's books contains a lot of very interesting information. And quickly came to pass almost 80% of his predictions came combat and medical lasers, nuclear weapons, tape recorders and so on.

Physical genius albert Einstein faced the heterogeneity of the time during the second world war when conducting the famous "Philadelphia experiment". The experiment ended tragically. Einstein immediately destroyed inCE records and stated that experimenting with time and is extremely dangerous! This did not prevent Russian scientists from Moscow aviation Institute, Plant them. Khrunichev, NGOs "Energy" and "salute" in the early 90-ies of XX century, created the first working model of a time machine! The tests were successful, and the device is modified and improved. When experiments with the new model is placed inside the device clock behind four hours, and instruments recorded magnetic fluctuations during the four hours before the start of the experiment! This says a lot, but information about the experiences until now are not disclosed. Americans also are actively engaged in similar research and how our scientists prefer to keep quiet about the results. But in print still leaked some details: in the time machine was launched rabbits, and in the experiment, one of them died. At autopsy, his stomach was completely empty, although the animal has to be fed before sending into the unknown. Then he died before he ate?

Thus, the movement of living beings on the endless ribbon of time is still possible in both sides? And it may be subject to man? Then opens new horizons, which will have unprecedented secrecy and mystery!
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