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Видение огненного крестаPeople have long observed the sudden appearance in the sky of different signs, images and pictures. All these visions, regardless of religion that prevailed at the time and place of the era, was interpreted as a divine sign. About these mysterious phenomena wrote even in ancient times Roman, Greek and Egyptian chroniclers.

So, one of the most common visions was fiery cross. For the first time his appearance documented in 312 A.D. At that time there was a fierce fight for the title of Roman Emperor between the military commander Konstantin and temporary ruler of Maxentius. The commander and his soldiers the day before the decisive battle saw a huge cross in the sky and considered it an omen of victory.

At night, the captain saw in a dream of Jesus who told him to make his cross emblem. Then Constantine, on which this vision has made the strongest impression, ordered his soldiers to engrave Christian monogram on the boards - Greek letters "ro" and "XI". In the ensuing battle at the river Tiber he won the battle, and, becoming Emperor, became known in history as Constantine the Great. In no small measure contributed to this and the fact that a year later after he defeated in the decisive battle, he issued the edict of Milan. Konstantin cancelled the laws by which the Christians were persecuted, and provided them with civil rights and religious freedom. He even gave them back their property seized during the persecution.

In may, 351, in Holy days of the Trinity in the sky over Golgotha appeared huge glowing cross, his few hours watched all the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The cross was so great that reached the Olive mountain. All the inhabitants of Jerusalem clearly saw it. It was not an imagination, because in that case he would have disappeared. It was visible for several hours, and its light was brighter than the rays of the sun. The people were overcome by joy and awe at the sight of this heavenly signs. All the people gathered in the Church - women and men, young and old, local and foreign, pagans and Christians. All of them unanimously praised the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition, according to historians, one of such signs was Julius Caesar and promised ruler military victory. Tsar Ivan the terrible also witnessed such a spectacle in 1584. This phenomenon he considered a warning about his death. The ruler was not in the same year.

Numerous references to the heavenly sign in the form of fiery cross are also found in medieval Chronicles. They periodically appeared in the sky and much later. The meaning of the heavenly visions sometimes was so obvious that after their appearance stopped border conflicts, civil wars and internal party strife.

So, in the French town of mine, near Poitiers, December 17, 1826 about the parish Church during the service in the sky appeared a huge cross, which saw three thousand parishioners. Parishioners gathered at the ceremony, during which the Abbe Marceau had to consecrate and bless the large roadside cross, which was set at the West door of the Church. At that moment, when the Abbot in his sermon he reached the place where I mentioned the miraculous cross, which appeared in the air before the victory of the commander Constantine in the battle with Maxentius, in the sky above the heads of the people, a large glowing cross. The size of it was about 35 meters. His appearance was not preceded by no sounds, no flash light. Sam Abbot even had no idea about what's going on behind him. He saw the cross, only when another priest pointed it at the sky.

Marceau later wrote that describe the impression that it was an amazing sight made on the minds and souls of all those present, not possible. The only thing that could be said, is that part of the crowd at this moment in fear knelt down, and the others stood with upraised hands to heaven and open mouths. Sam Abbot Marceau sang the song "Glory to Jesus Christ," and all this occurred against the background of arousal and excitement of mind, covering all people without exception.

Then cross gradually began to fade, and it almost was not visible to the moment when Marceau gave the blessing. After nearly a week the Bishop of Poitiers was sent a report describing the mysterious and amazing incident, which was signed by 50 eyewitnesses. After that the Bishop has created a Commission of scholars and clergy and began an investigation. In France the report aroused controversial and loud reaction. Skeptics attacked the clergymen and parishioners, and accused them of levity. However, they themselves could not rationally explain what happened. Some said that for the cross mistook a large kite, however, witnesses unanimously asserted that there was no wind. As a result, on April 18, 1827, Pope Leo XII, weighing all "for" and "against", declared that this vision cannot be attributed to natural phenomena.

In 1915 during the First world war, when Russian soldiers suffered continuous destruction, near Kharkiv reminded about itself George with vision. In front of the station was held a prayer service and a nationwide display of the icons of St. George the victorious, after which the priest with some parting words addressed to soldiers. In the blue sky in this moment there was a cross, which consisted of a white cloud with reflections. This sign was observed by several hundred people.

Scientists, too, have witnessed such heavenly visions. So, for example, KE Tsiolkovsky, who was the founder of cosmonautics. He first met with the phenomenon on the outskirts of the town of Borovsk V year. Scientist have seen in the southern sky, cloud, which had the form of a regular cross. For a split second Tsiolkovsky was distracted, and when I looked that way, the cloud has already acquired the human figure. Konstantin Eduardovich, obeying some strange call, got up and went towards it. Vision, in turn, also moved towards him, but the figure suddenly parted from him, and soon vanished from sight. On the face of the scientist with a completely cloudless sky fell down a couple of large drops of liquid. Seleznov them, a scientist felt something sweet.

The second incident happened in may of 1928. The stories Konstantin Eduardovich, in the evening, when the sun has not yet set, but was hidden by clouds, he went to the balcony and suddenly saw almost the horizon of three letters horizontally located close - RAY. The letters were printed. They were composed of clouds and was at a distance of about 30 miles. While the scientist was watching them, they changed their shape. But what did these letters? Tsiolkovsky in the head immediately come to take them for Latin. Then he read the word of PARADISE, which has already made sense. What is most interesting, under the word cloud was seen something like tombs or slabs. Scientist from this vision came to the conclusion that after death comes the end of all suffering. In fact, these letters and the cross was the clouds. But what forces gave them a form that has a specific meaning? Can the people to understand the signals sent by the Higher Mind?
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