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666 и 999: "кто имеет ум, тот сочти число"Satanic symbol 666 comes from the Bible. In the revelation of John the main 13,item 18 says, "Here wisdom. Who has mind, that count the numbers of the beast, for this number human; number his six hundred sixty six".

Commentators do not have the same interpretation as to who is meant in this puzzle. But almost all agree that the so-called "Gematria" may be the mechanism by which you can try to solve the riddle.

Gematria is an ancient method by which relate numeric and literal values for understanding the hidden meanings of the word. Gematria is based on the fact that as a classical Greek and Hebrew had no special numeric notation, but instead used in symbolic value of the letter.

Following this principle, the first letter of the alphabet is correlated with the numeric value of "one", the second letter - with the numerical value "two" and so on. In this regard, every word in both languages can be read as a group of numbers. If you count the amount that we get a number that is according to the word. In the case of the names we get the so-called "the number of a man".

These numbers were used in those cases when direct nomination (the name) was not a convenient or imagined threat.

Found in the city of Pompeii, the inscription is a compelling example. The inscription reads (translated from Greek): "I love that, the number of which is 545". In this way beloved may know that this inscription was addressed to her, but for other people it remained hidden in particular who exactly of the numerous Greek girls had specifically in mind.

The assumption is made that in relation to the biblical human numbers in the revelation of 13.18 should do likewise. The author, probably, did not want the name of the opened strangers, so he hid it. At the same time, Christian brothers name that stood behind the figures that opened easily.

But already in the second century Saint Irenaeus admitted that he does not know what the man meant by this number. He suggested three solutions, none of which, in light of today's research, is not fully satisfactory. In the course of history was offered numerous more or less satisfactory solution.

Historians to the rescue

Among other mentioned Pope, John Knox, Martin Luther and Napoleon, which granted the number of the beast 666. During the Second world war, someone brought forth the idea that if we are starting with the letter "a" and taking it for "100" read digital value, in this case, "6" will match the number of "101" and so on, then the total amount of the name of Hitler, too, will amount to 666. But of all these solutions is one seems the most likely: if we record the name Caesar Nero (the Greek form of the name) in Hebrew letters, the numeric value of this word will amount to 666.

Moreover, this assumption is well proved by the fact that one of the most reputable biblical manuscripts under the designation"C" (it Ephraim, fifth century) network instead of the number 666 the number 616, because this number corresponds to the Latin form of the name of Nero. In this case, both versions correspond to the numeric value of his name, and because the beast in the text is to describe one of the most cruel persecutors of the Church. In this case, however, is not so important to decide which unravel this riddle is correct.

Itself Gematria later developed in numerous focused on figures and numbers kinds of magic. Already the ancient Greek temples were built in accordance with some gematri?eskie relations. Later re-used are varied, but built on gematri?eskie principles ideas. For example, it was calculated not only words with the same amount was used for philosophical conclusions, but the message of the spirit were given to comparison with digital values of their names and checked keyword of their messages.

Paranoia around code

In recent years, some fundamentalist and charismatic groups are trying to ascertain the approaching threatening the rule of the Antichrist by the fact that all products now feature a bar code. They are in fact the bar code detects the number 666 and bring him and the relationship with the quoted text of the revelation of John. Each group of lines in the code should instead some figures. Two thin lines correspond to the number 6. As if by chance all the code is divided into three double lines, which are very similar to the two thin lines corresponding to six.

Thus, all the code is broken into three sections. From this so religious groups concludes that three dual-line label scanner, in fact, are the number of the beast, and the use of the bar code is not random, and embodies the implementation of what is said in the passage from Revelation, saying that no one could buy or sell unless he has the number of the beast.

Of course, one would immediately this statement to be rejected as religious fanaticism. But let's try to whether this interpretation serious grounds?

For that, we would have to go back the way Greeks and Jews wrote the numbers and figures. Greeks and Jews used the decimal system, but they used it otherwise than we, because neither those, nor others have no value "nothing". Although it was a decimal system, it no position now zero. Therefore, to operate the decimal system, they needed more characters than we are today in a system where there are nine characters to numbers plus zero.

For numbers to our 999 they took twenty seven different characters, namely, nine characters for simple numbers from 1 to 9, nine for tens - from 10 to 100 and another nine - hundred - from 100 to 900. Because they didn't have the scratch, they couldn like us to record the same characters tens and hundreds, and to increase their value by adding zero and thereby change the position of the character within the numbers.

This means that they could not use the same symbol, for example, to refer to the three, thirty and three hundred. Based on this, when writing of the number 666 is absolutely impossible the triple repetition of sixes, but they had to use different letters, the first of which meant six hundred, the second-sixty, and the third six.

On this basis we come to the conclusion that any speculation based on three times six is correlated with modern, today's writing and has nothing to do with the actual biblical number.

Author: Novotny
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and mystic" №6, 2012
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