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Галактический сдвиг и прецессионный цикл (в книге Сэл Рейчел)"There are still three other cycle that should be aware of. The first cycle is the most important of all, he's even stronger than the precessional cycle. We call it the galactic shift. It is discussed in more detail in the next Chapter. Two other relatively weaker compared with the first and will be discussed here.

This is the passage through the Solar system, comets Ananusak that occurs every 10.500 years, and the orbit of the planetoid Nibiru, passing through the Solar system. Approximately every 3,600 years planetoid finds himself at the shortest distance from the Earth. It seems that not a comet or planetoid never affect the Earth directly. The tail of the comet hits the Earth's atmosphere once every eight or nine passes. The gravitational field of Nibiru significantly affect the Earth once in every twelve passages. In addition, when every 3,600 years planetoid comes close to the Earth, creatures with essential and star plans Nibiru often communicate with the Earth as recorded in the records of ancient civilizations.

In the coming years both events. Ananusak (name insignificant, you can read about this comet under a slightly different name) will make the next pass through the Solar system around 2017, and Nibiru (also known as "planet X” and "Chernobyl”) will come to Earth in 2030.

The first of the major cycles discussed in these messages recorded in the Mayan Calendar and other places. This precession alignment December 21, 2012. However, as will be discussed in detail later, there is much greater cycle, affecting not only on our planet, but on the entire Solar system.

In your world spread a lot of knowledge concerning the alignment of the Earth's axis. It is commonly known as the precession of the alignment occurring every 25.920 years. These periodic cycles occur when the Earth tilts its axis at a certain angle relative to the number of quasars, located near the center of the galaxy and emitting rays of what you call "scalar energy”, in the Earth's poles. Such outbreaks energy is distributed along the lines of Leah and the system of magnetic vortices grid of the Earth. This process is described in detail in the first book.

The purpose of the transmission of additional information is to go into further details regarding the relationship between the precession of alignment and far greater and more meaningful alignment which is not very well known to your researchers, Galactic shift. In this shift involves the whole Solar system, including your Sun and especially the giant gaseous outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).

Let out of quasars energy is aligned with the Earth's poles during the period of the precession of the alignment, scheduled for 20-22 December 2012. It is relatively small compared with the energy emanating from the Central Sun and the black hole. This is what we called Galactic shift. Galactic shift began around 1950 and will be completed approximately by the year 2100. Therefore, it will increase the intensity simultaneously with precision alignment. This large cycle (galactic shift) is performed twice during each of the Galactic Cycle. Galactic Cycle lasts approximately 216 million years, then it is carried out correction of the distortions in the continuum of space-time and interactions of dark matter and dark energy.

Now your scientists calculate the duration of one Galactic Cycle approximately 227-Yu million earth years. This is the approximate time that you want your Solar system to make one revolution around the Central Sun of your galaxy. After corrections have been made above and distortion of velocity differences between one spiral arm of the galaxy and others, we find that the real period of time Galactic Cycle in terrestrial years is approximately 216 million years.

There are flashes of energy emanating from a parallel universe in all directions from the black hole at the center of the galaxy. These flashes are concentrated in two areas, about 180 degrees from each other and do not depend on the rotation of the neighboring stars. In other words, the stars rotating around the center of the galaxy, pass through the emission twice during each of the Galactic Cycle. Arm of the galaxy in which Earth and the Solar system passes through these bands energy every 108 million earth years.

Unlike the precession of the alignment of the Solar system requires more than three earth days to get through the strip of energy, known as galactic shift. Band outbreaks relatively non-polarized electromagnetic energy has been called by many names, including "photon belt” and "electromagnetic zero zone”. Although it is believed that usually pass through a so-called non-polarized electromagnetic field energy will last about three earth days, it is not. Three days will last only precessional alignment, and during these three days the impact of unpolarized ispuskaniya from the galactic center is extremely strong, much stronger than during the remainder of the cycle. Moreover, smaller outbreaks of quasars, which are aligned with the axis of the Earth, is not the same thing, that the energy emanating from the center of the galaxy during Galactic shift. However, in the course of three days in December 2012, these two sources of energy will be largely the same.

The effect of the "double strike”, similar to what your meteorologists called "perfect storm”, will lead to huge changes in your Land.

Because your language is quite limited, and we try to explain in terms of non-professionals, avoiding excessive abundance of scientific terminology, let me Express the above explanation is a bit different.

Every 25.920 years pole your Land bend to align to a group of stars in the constellation of Sagittarius, which emit outbreak of the so-called "scalar electromagnetic energy, that is relatively non-polarized energy. Then this energy is distributed along the lines of Leah or lines of the same electromagnetic force that surround and permeate the Earth. Next, the energy "derived” from lines of Leah in the surrounding regions of the Earth, and, in the end, all the Earth is soaked with some scalar energy. The whole process is known as the precession of the alignment.

Every time when the Earth passes through precession alignment, its position relative to the Central Sun of the galaxy is changing. As they say in one of our previous messages, in the period of one Galactic Cycle there are about 9,000 different provisions of the Earth relative to the Central Sun. (This value is derived by dividing 227 million years 25.920 years. Actually, the time frame distorted, and in one of the Galactic Cycle of about 216 million years. Consequently, the number of precessional alignments that takes place in one of the Galactic Cycle, slightly less than 9,000.)

The saving grace for the Earth that the peak of the Galactic shift occurs AFTER peak precessional alignment. That's why we expect a moderate catastrophic events instead of strong cataclysms. And this is one reason why we believe that the changes of the Earth will experience at least a quarter of all mankind.

Gaseous structure of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune makes these planets are particularly sensitive to changes in the electromagnetic field of the Sun. Scientists observe changes in the atmospheres of these planets and not able to explain what's happening. Perhaps those who have highly sensitive equipment, saw the connection between solar flares and these changes, but the results are still controversial."

From the book Sal Rachel - messages of the Founders (book 2)

From this source should confirm the existence of the planetoid's, however, the date of convergence - 2030 is different from the date of Zeta

It turns out that the described precessional cycle can be associated with the motion of the Solar system relative to the galactic equator?

The core of the galaxy from the point of view of physics of the cosmos

The known data about the movement of the Solar system in the galaxy:
Motion around the center of the Galaxy
apex: l = 90o, b = 0o, linear speed ~ 230 km/s, the angular velocity 0.0053"/year,
a period of about 250 million years
The movement of relatively bright stars (up to 6m) - standard motion of the Sun
apex:? = 271o , m = +30o, speed 19.4 km/s = 0.0112 AU/day ~ 4.15 AU/year
Motion relative to nearby stars - the main movement of the Sun
apex:? = 265o , m = +21o, the speed of 15.5 km/from about 3.27 AU/year
Movement about the interstellar gas
apex:? = 258o , m = -17o, speed 22-25 km/s
Motion relative to the background of the CMB 2.73 K
apex: l = 264.7o +- 0.8o, b = 48.2o+-0o.5, speed 369 +- 11 km/s

The Mayan Calendar.
The Mayan calendar, despite its antiquity, is surprisingly accurate. According to contemporary accounts, the length of the solar year is 365,2422 day, while Maya on the tops of their pyramids has calculated its length in 365,2420 day. The difference is only two desyatitysyachnyj!

The Maya believed that everything that happens in the world as it is prescribed "heaven" and subordinated to the great "cosmic dance".<br />
For the ancient Maya Galaxy the milky Way seemed great Cosmic Mother who gave birth to life. The Central bulge seemed to them the Cosmic Womb. Inside the Central bulge there is something that looks like a dark corridor, known as "the dark gap". Maya called it by different names, most often used the term "movement in childbirth".

According to the Mayan calendar the modern era began on 12 August 3114 BC and should be completed on December 23, 2012 ad, Around it there is great debate and discussion. What means this cycle and its completion?

What are these cycles?
It is known that:

Long count of the Maya.
The smallest unit in a Long account is CIN (day). Larger units:
• 1 WinAll = 20 days;
• 1 Tun = 18 ainalov = 360 days (about 1 year);
• 1 Katun = 20 tuna = 7200 days (19 265 days);
• 1 Baktun = 20 katuny = 144 000 days (394 year 190 days; 400 tuna);
• 1 Picton = 20 baklunov = 2 880 000 days (7890 years 150 days; 8,000 tuna);
• 1 kalabun = 20 Pikunov = 57 600 000 days (156 164 year 140 days; 160 000 tuna);
• 1 cancelbtn = 20 kalabanov = 1 152 000 000 days (3 156 164 years 140 days; 3 200 000 tuna);
• 1 Lawton = 20 cancelbtn = 23 040 000 000 days (63 123 287 years and 245 days; 64 000 000 tuna).

Keane, Thun and the Katun take values from 0 to 19. Fnal accepts values from 0 to 17.
the total cycle of the long account is 13 baklunov = 1872000 days (which is 5125 years and 4 months). The beginning of an era marked not, and Thus, this date -, as well as all other dates long account, repeated 1 time in 5125 years. However, we know that Maya is not limited to time of existence of the Universe 5125 years (as many are thirteen "chetyrehsot"). Record on the stele from the settlement Koba (Yucatan) indicates that between the beginning of the current world age and certain "beginning" has passed period, the duration of which is expressed in days, in our terms, tridtsatiletnej number.

It is known, that the current cycle of the long account, or the Era Fifth Sun, began, 4 achau, 8 Kumhu. It happened: on August 11, 3114 B.C. when the correlation 584283, or August 13, 3114 B.C. when the correlation 584285. Thus, the current cycle will end in December 2012. December 20, 2012 (correlation 584283) or December 22, 2012 (correlation 584285) on the Mayan calendar will be the date, 3 Kavak, 2 K ANC in, and the next day, on December 21, 2012 (correlation 584283) or on December 23, 2012 (correlation 584285), will start a new Era,, 4 achau, 3 K ANC in.
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