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Солнечные вспышки могут нокаутировать технологическую цивилизациюAdrian Melot (Adrian Melott), Professor of physics and astronomy from the University of Kansas, and Brian Thomas (Brian Thomas) from Washburn University (both - USA) has offered a new explanation of the mysterious "event of Charles the Great" - named after the simultaneous victory for Carl clashes 774-775 years with the Lombards.

Remind: the phenomenon, open in 2012, was an anomalous increase in the concentration of radioactive carbon-14 in tree-rings of that era. Its discoverers explained splash cosmic rays. "They have concluded that [if it was caused by the sun, that the Sun would have to ascribe a thousand times more powerful radiation than that observed during [the largest in the known history of mankind] geomagnetic storm of 1859, says Adrian Melot. - We just looked carefully through these erroneous calculations and found that the outbreak was just 10-20 times stronger than... in 1859".

Indeed, the assumption of a solar flare, a thousand times more powerful than the strongest of all known, to take impossible. But 10-20-fold deviation looks smarter and better than supernova explosion, is a blessing Eastern astronomers at this moment already recorded supernova, but in 774-775 years had noticed nothing.

How adds Mr. Melot, data space telescope "Kepler" show that sun-like stars are periodic outbreaks of power, far exceeding the standard. Such flash and explains the sharp rise in radioactivity in 774-775 years, believes the scientist. In addition, he notes, an alternative option is close exploded supernova should be excluded for other reasons. To its explosion gave this increase the amount of carbon-14, a supernova had to flare up closer to 100 light-years. However, this phenomenon day was obliged to look brighter than the full moon night, and so for months. It is impossible to imagine how that would go unnoticed. In addition, the remains of such a supernova'd still be visible, which is within 100 light years is not observed.

It is extremely unlikely scientist believes, and gamma-flash from supernovae - event when two opposite points of a supernova explosion pulled tight gamma beams covering huge distances. Yes, they can "get it" to one or another planet for many thousands of light-years, for distributed relatively coherent. But even at such a distance from the Solar system, says Mr. Melot, this happens every 15 to 20 million years, which means that 1 250 years ago the probability phenomenon was incomparably lower than swarvski in the Sun.

By the way, the researcher reasonably believes that the event this is not the last. Things are going according to "Kepler", about once a thousand or two years, so wait. However, the cataclysmic we will survive with much greater losses than the state of the Carolingians and his contemporaries. Then the Terrans could be easily increased incidence of skin cancer (due to the destruction of a significant amount of ozone) and the fall in yields. And here we are... why are there in 1859 worldwide refused even wired (Telegraph) communication. Imagine how this will affect wireless communications?.. The event, in 10-20 times more powerful than the solar flare Charlemagne, would have aroused in steel pipes and metal wires talk the more force than they are longer. The oil and gas pipelines, transformers power industry - all this can easily be damaged. Oh and electricity can disappear - and not two hours, for quickly replace all transformers will not succeed. And it doesn't mention this manner, and suddenly found themselves under high voltage rails and mass death of most electronic devices. In short, successful December!

Report on the study published in the journal Nature.

Based on the materials Phys.Org.
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