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Кошмар на дне ущелья"When we saw what was going on, some of our team members got sick. Part... fragments of bodies were scattered on the ground, hanging on the trees. I can't tell you what I felt at that moment..." (IVF Soliste, climber, member of the group of volunteer rescuers).

may 9, 2012 the Russian experimental aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet 100" went from the airport of Jakarta, the experimental flight. On its Board there were 45 people. Exactly in 21 minutes after the departure of the aircraft disappeared from radar screens...

After 19 hours of searching I realized the worst assumptions: for unclear reasons the plane at high speed crashed into a peak Salak height of 2200 meters. The huge scars on the mountains, left the aircraft body, it was obvious that the pilot at the last moment tried to lift the car up, but he failed. The remains of collapsed at blow to pieces of the plane fell in Podgornoe gorge to a depth of 450 meters. There was black boxes, and body, or rather, the fragments of the bodies of the dead passengers and pilots. In the crash no one survived.

The first arrived to the place of the collapse of the Indonesian Marines, immediately followed our rescuers EMERCOM. The soldiers could not descend into the gorge - they did not have suitable equipment. Down went the professional climbers. What they saw there, will remain in their memory for life...

on may 21 the rescue operation ended. However, the "rescue" it can be called only conditionally: from the gorge were raised remains of all the victims of the disaster, aircraft parts and one of the black boxes. The second and disappeared somewhere in the jungle. Now we have to find out the cause of the accident.

Randomness or "the intrigues of enemies?

Versions, according to which would be a disaster, it is enough. One of them is the error of pilots. During the collapse of the liner over Salaam stood dense fog, and the pilot of the aircraft test pilot Yablontsev asked for permission reduced from three to 1.8 thousand meters in order to get under oncoming storm front, and the local Manager was allowed maneuver. In eight seconds the plane at a speed of over 400 km/h crashed into the Western side of the mountain.

In the liner there was a system of early warning of approaching the earth, but for some reason it did not work. There is an assumption that the pilots themselves disabled it for some reason.

There is a version, meaning "the intrigues of enemies. Base Halim, which flew "Dry", - the place, where U.S. special forces train their Indonesian colleagues various means of combat aircraft. There are interference to radio navigation systems and other electronic war. It is possible that the liner was the victim of such "theories".

Strange grave

But local residents believe that the plane crashed for another reason entirely supernatural. Mount Salak - mystical place, indoneziya try to bypass it by. Some Marines, first went in search of the remains of the plane, say that they heard in the thickets of the jungle strange voices. Just behind somebody talking, and could be - no one. Confidence to them this circumstance was added.

The old men say that on the mountain is a sacred tomb black wizard. People should not even come close to it, but Russians don't believe in all this mysticism, so there has been an accident.

It is difficult to judge which version is closest to the truth. Much will clarify the deciphering of the black boxes. It remains only to add that Sukhoi Superjet 100" is not the first victim of the mountain. Shortly before this accident, three people died in the crash training aircraft at the village Sironar the North-East of the peak Salak. In June 2008 ibid crashed the plane of the Indonesian air forces killed 18 soldiers. A similar accident occurred in April 2004 (the victims were two people), June 2004 (five victims), October 2003 (seven victims) and October 2002 (one person died). Mount Salak regularly collects bloody tribute.
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