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Феномен дежа вюDeja vu is one of those strange and usually rare moments when this is perceived as the past. It is difficult to explain the phenomenon. Some people search the echoes of memories in my dreams, which can be similar to reality. Others believe that such is the case when the details of the past appear at the moment of Deja vu. Both concepts are impossible to prove or disprove, or even (until recently) to study.

The belief that it is something like past lives, more concerning the faith. The theory of communication with dreams is less applicable to the faith - only a small number of people able to remember past lives, but almost all remember some of my dreams. Many can remember most of my dreams. The theory of reincarnation, which is most consistent with modern brain science (algorithmic reincarnation) predicts that no memories that go from one life to the next. What does the move is a set of signals that reflect the state of consciousness. Memories don't need to go forward (from archism to confess can not yet explain translation).

Memories is a certain state. We can be one state of consciousness (as, for example, when we drink)that we can't remember when you are in another. States of consciousness provide a much clearer answer for someone when choosing how they will behave further, if you'll remember past behavior and compare it with real possibilities.

But there is a fly in the MAZ with dreams (from archism:probably something like ). Both: dreams and deja vu occurring in Abnormal States of consciousness. Most of the changed consciousness is fertile ground for chatter. This means that when someone is experiencing deja vu, it is easier to create a false memory than worthless. In fact, in the continuation of deja vu, consciousness receives an unusual direct access to long term memory and brain processes that enable us to recover them.

I'm not going to write here that deja vu does not come from dreams or past lives or how it happens. But we want to understand: what is this deja vu and how we can respond to him when it happens. If we explain this in light of past lives or dreams, then we will give explanations, which are not able to prove. Or proven to be false. This will be largely reduced to faith.

There are some people who usually have prophetic dreams, but most cases of deja vu occurs with individuals, without any feelings associated with sleep. In General, prophetic dreams are interpreted differently. The existence of this, felt as a repetition of something from the past, not the same thing now confirming the prediction of the past. I talked with a few professional psychologists about this and one said that he will be able to distinguish between two features, but it will take some time to explore differences. I asked him, what are these differences, and he replied . In fact, it is not enough to understand the differences, but for us it is enough to know that this may be one of them.

How is Deja Vu.

The scientific explanation is that something must happen to the process memory (from archism: actually, it's understandable). I will try to simplify it as much as possible here. The idea is that there are parts of the brain that specialize in the past, the present and the future. In General, the frontal part is responsible for the future, temporal past, and the main, intermediate for the present. When all these parts perform their usual work in the normal state of consciousness, a feeling that something should happen, you may receive only when we think about the future, worried about him, warning him or action plans. The feeling that something of the past must happen now, will occur only when our memory will be caused by various ways.

The kind of structure that destroys our consciousness when we called the amygdala. This is what defines our emotional perception. When you walk down the street and see a car coming at you, you immediately freeze in terror and leap out of the way. This horror is the amygdala in the work. Present. Here and now. The amygdala also recognizes the expression of what is happening on the faces of people. When we talk with someone, we can read his expression and to change the subject, as soon as we realize the danger. Words can often seem dangerous at one of their pronunciation. . . .

Such phrases as these, the right time and the appropriate response. The amygdala is specialized on how to provide it. For example, one function is involved in the maintenance of their own feelings, repetitive 40 times per second. By itself, each case can generate new emotional responses, but only if circumstances change. Every 25 milliseconds. In fact, the duration of neurological concepts so short that we are not worried so much to remember.

Short memory stores information for a few minutes. This is mainly based on the hippocampus (from archism: actually it means a sea horse: but, perhaps, gipotalamus?) We know this because of a problem with the hypothalamus often lead to some problems short term memory. It helps us navigate in time. It was a small number of people who have lost all functions of the hypothalamus. After losing them, they could not remember what was happening. Special people that can talk, and at the same time highly developed socially. We are connected with each other by words. We communicate. For communication, the person should remember what he says. We also have to think about it long enough to answer. We must remember that just made, not to do it again.

A joke I heard bustling about home: Happiness finds your glasses before you forget what they are for you.

There are also long-term memory, located on the surface of the brain, along the temporal part. The place was called the crust of the hypothalamus, and it is very closely connected with the hypothalamus.

In fact, it is fair to say that the past, present and future integrates with no clear boundaries. In normal times, we experience something in the present, compared with similar last and decide how we will respond. The time frame can be very short as a few seconds. Although, from time to time, may be too many links between short - and long-term memory. When this happens, then now may be perceived as the past.

If the perception of this are bridged by parts of the brain, the process of memories under the control of the past, and if the perception will be perceived as memories, then people will feel that they are revived at the moment, stashed in long-term memory.

There is another phenomenon worth mentioning. The so-called game vu (from archism: FR. Jamais vu means ). This is the opposite of deja vu. Instead of feeling that things seem at all strange. In this case, on the contrary, the link between long-term memory and perceptions of the present is very small. When people are in that condition, they do not feel that somehow associated with the past. They can talk with someone you know well, and unexpectedly it appears to be quite strange. Their knowledge of this man, and how he is connected to them, simply disappear. The room in which they spend a lot of time, and all around suddenly may seem brand new. Details they had seen thousands of times, suddenly become unfamiliar.

Game vu is not as common as deja vu, but it may just be coercion.

Than I can answer Deja vu?

It depends on whether you are enjoying it or not. Some people get scared when this happens, others come in a state of mild euphoria.

As with any other altered States of consciousness, many people who enjoy Deja vu and think about spiritual concepts, and those that don't think so, think about it from a psychological perspective. I talked to people who often have experienced deja vu, and found it intimidating. In deja vu as such there is nothing frightening, but it is possible that the activity will be performed with hippocampus on adjacent structures - the amygdala, which is a highly emotional structure. If it actually happens, the emotions will be unpleasant, more like scary.

If your deja vu appeared together with fear, then you may want to get some help, depending on how strong feelings. One of the best places where you can start getting rid of deja vu - epileptology (from archism: as far as I know, in Russia it could be a psychologist, if he is a specialist), especially if you think you might go mad. Why would actually not? Deja vu by the symptoms are very close to temporarily-equity epilepsy, and more often misdiagnose than true, it usually is defined as schizophrenia, but it happens and how disorientation of bipole, and some others:

Often psychologists incorrectly describe temporarily-equity epilepsy, which is not included in the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. This is a standard guide for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Because this type of epilepsy is not stated in the manual, its pathology is not covered, and psychologists simply do not have information when dealing with temporarily-equity epilepsy. It has a much wider range of symptoms than other abnormalities. While the majority of attacks of this type (called, in Generalm, partial attack) begins in the amygdala, they can spread to other structures, and there are many. One of the nearby structures will bring to the attacks smell and then someone will have increased sense of smell. Second, will create distortions in spatial perception. Third, can enter patient overactive sweat glands. Fourth, can cause a person to constantly speak or write. The fifth is to make a person prone to short, but intense bursts of anger. And sixth able to change the sexual orientation of a person. The list goes on. Also available in a variety of personality changes, which can occur. Proper diagnosis may be difficult, with so many possible combinations.

When deja vu is perceived painlessly, to respond can be different. There is no need to diagnosis, even if it is positive-emotional type temporarily-equity epilepsy. Like not even a deviation, as such, but people still feel that it somehow calls to answer, and spiritual feelings in this case will be most appropriate.

For deja vu, which is perceived as something spiritual, I can offer meditation. Way to emphasize the existence of the present here and now. Deja vu is an alternative perception of the present moment. Two of the most famous Buddhist practice Zen and Vipassana. I'm not saying that people who is deja vu, largely may become Buddhists, no, only that it is very appropriate practice for those who often feels a sense of deja vu. Much nicer when one is able to stop their brain processes, and just live in reality. Deja vu - a phenomenon that is very difficult to describe with words. When it happens, people can still talk, but a phenomenon that is about to happen, requires attention to the sensation of the past.

Most typically that of a man who is deja vu, will give more attention to the feeling that ! If someone wants to use this phenomenon to increase their spiritual potential, he can try three things:

1) When deja vu happens, it is necessary to pay more attention to what is happening now. Carefully follow your feelings and look at that are perceived very friendly. If it is possible to obtain pure perception of these , it is possible to return some time later. Especially during meditation. This practice, for those who have a deja vu happens often enough to gain an advantage over him, you can knock the months of time required for deeper meditation (from archism: frankly, I do not quite understand the meaning)

2) People should try to disconnect from feelings of the past and try to see the present through the same feeling.

3) during meditation, the person should pretend, what deja vu is happening right now. With practice, familiar feeling should appear, and then we have to shift attention from on . When this happens, the practice of meditation will take on new depth.
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