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Рерих и мифы Камня ЧинтаманиWife of Nicholas and Helena Roerich is known in the world as followers they have created a new way of understanding the subtle world, they called Agni Yoga or Teaching of Living Ethics. One of the problems that traditionally consider many other mystical doctrine, for Roerich became a prophecy of the future Savior of mankind. This theme is reflected in the paintings of Nicholas Roerich and his younger son Svyatoslav is "the treasure of the World - Chintamani" and "Chintamani".

The treasure of the world-Chintamani. N.K. Roerich

1. Stone of a distant world

All the troubles associated with the legend of the Stone of Chintamani, described in its corresponding article I. I. Murashkina. I will quote from it: "the Legend of the Stone came to the Roerichs in September 1923, it was said: "Keep the Stones in the Ark brought from Rothenburg. The four square with an "M". The phenomenon will be clear, when I say the way the four to the East... the Time has come, the time is fulfilled. Rock destined recorded when the West voluntarily Stone shall come. Approved to wait and understand the Stone path. Claim to understand destined media Stone coming home. The ship is ready!

New Country will go on a meeting with Seven Stars under the sign of the Three Stars that sent the Stone world. Treasure ready, and the enemy will not take the gold covered with a shield!

Wait For The Rock!"

October 6, 1923, in Paris, the Roerichs got the Ark with Stone. This episode in their life described N. K. in the essay "Milestones": "...it Was an indication of what will be a very valuable parcel. Time has passed. Our friends kinda forgot about this circumstance, arrived in Paris. One of the Bank "Beckers Trust" bring a notification of receipt of the package. It turned out that this ordinary was delivered by the most unusual parcel. As you can see, and it happens".

Chintamani is a fragment of the main Stone, which is located in the Himalayas and is the cosmic magnet, possessing tremendous penetrative power of the psychic and spiritual influence on consciousness of people. His most incomprehensible and mysterious property - energetic rhythm. This is the rhythm of the Heart of our Universe, which is in the space of the constellation of Orion.

In the essay "Stone" Nicholas Roerich writes: "On the stone specify the characters that appear, then go back. Stone warns of temporary owner of any significant developments. Stone makes a crack in special cases. Is especially severe or, on the contrary, lose weight. Sometimes the stone begins to glow. The stone is sometimes brought to the new owner suddenly by some strangers. A stone has many qualities, no wonder he stacked up all sorts of stories and songs. Is mentioned in medieval historical and scientific research. On the Himalayas, Tibet and Mongolia constantly have to face all the references about this secret miracle."

The stone is associated with the feminine and marks the era of the Woman - the epoch of the Mother of the World. It is through this stone, trusted E. I. Roerich, consistent rhythm energy of the body by the Heart rhythm of the Universe. The heart of the earth woman, having assimilated the fire of the spiritual Heart rhythms of the Cosmos, joined the earth and the Higher planes. This experience has planetary and space importance and because of its singularity cannot be estimated living generation in due measure.

It was an experience for connection of the Worlds...

From other sources we learn that the Casket was the ark of the meteorite, sent from Orion. In Asia this stone is known as Chintamani, Norbu Rinpoche - the treasure of the World, and in Europe - as the Holy Grail.

It is known that the Stone has the shape of a flattened the fetus or heart elongated shape. The stone itself comes, take it cannot. All the great unifier and founders States owned it.

Kurnovuu - the Great Ruler of Atlantis - was wearing this Stone, which enshrined the crystal of life, on top of all gold jewelry.

King Solomon gave orders to beat the part of the stone and paste in a silver ring, which was never parted. On the stone was inscribed "the Cup of wisdom, flame beamed".

Owned by Stone and Akbar the great unifier of India.

The Emperor of China was built for the treasures of the World Church of the turquoise color of the sky.

The East is full of legends about the Gift of Orion. One of them is the legend of a White Horse "Erdeni Mori", which bears great jewel of Wisdom, the light which dispels darkness: "On the edge of a precipice, from mountain stream in evening fog seem shape of a horse. The rider is not visible. Something unusual sparkles in the saddle. Maybe it is the horse, lost a caravan? Or maybe he threw rider, jumping over the abyss? Maybe this horse, feeble, cast in the way, and now rested, he is looking for the owner? So thinking mind, but the heart remembers more. Heart remembers how the great Shambala, from the Holy mountain heights in the destined hour will come down the lone horse and saddle it instead rider will Shine the treasure of the world: Norbu Rinpoche - Chintamani - Wonderful Stone, the Savior of the World. Is it time? Not whether we horse lonely Treasure of the World?"

Nicholas Roerich wrote, that the symbol of the white horse is held in legends and tales of different Nations. "Long walks, Erdeni Mori, and shines his treasure. At sunrise and sunset fades all, now there passes the great white horse, carrying the treasure".

"Until the peoples know about destined treasure, they will remain on the right path. Their way, though long, and unusual, is inevitable. Just as inevitable as the service improvement. Someone tales. Someone true story. Some will fear no. And someone will deploy page book is brought".

"In the sagas know of the characters on white horses". "I saw a white horse St. Egorov". "Saw white horses Florus and Laurus". "Saw white horses Lithuanian God of Svetovit". "On white horses raced Valkyrie".

"Heard of a horse Gesser Khan, even seen on the rocks of Tibet blows his shoes".

"Knew horse Himavat with fire - burden Chintamani".

"Building the great Wall marked a remarkable story. For protection of the state was put a white horse; and where was this bright messenger, there through all the ridges and was built the Great Wall. Again white. "That white horse in legends belongs to the hero. It is the white horse granted and one to go, bringing great news."

Repeatedly Nicholas Roerich depicted legendary Horse of happiness on his canvases. Two of them are in museums his name: in new York and in Moscow..."

Is in brief the story of the Stone Chintamani.

2. Stars, Race and teachings of mystics

Announced mystics of various epochs and peoples and repeated by the Roerichs prophecy of a Stone of Chintamani would not really noticed - the world is full of all sorts of predictions of the future, if not promote them using literature created in the typographical way, and not the art craft, successfully present in the life of the Roerich family. However, this has not helped to develop at least a part of some ancient cosmogonic doctrine - were of the principles of life that exist in the subtle worlds around the Earth.

The first problem that mystics of old, and after them the Roerichs, should be understood before to announce unusual role Stone Chintamani, connected with the existence of above-ground Races (following commonly accepted terminology) within the manifestations of the energy field of the Earth. The matter is that, according to a widely accepted in the East, Buddhist doctrine, - declares that Race inhabitants of the subtle worlds participate in the life of many planets (and Earth), replacing each other; each Race has its own specific task in the organization of the earthly life for the period of manifestation, - it turns out that Race inhabitants of the subtle worlds somehow confusing participated in organizing the life of the Earth in General, and especially confusing they appear in the annals of the earth of human civilization.

Outwardly, Racial theory of Buddhism looks like attractive: the first Race (choice Spirits of the planet) created the Earth, while she lived exclusively in the subtle world; subsequent developed on Earth certain principles of life and organized on the planet something special, different, even in the physical world of Earth; and will complete the earthly evolution of the Race, which is almost like a Race-the ancestor of the Earth, but only job she opposite - avoid in the Space of chaos after the "atomisation" of the Earth in the subtle energy.

But looks deceive, and if you follow not religious bias, and just a simple logic of the earth's mind, that this doctrine to every literate person must have, as a minimum, bewilderment its fullest unreasonableness.

Start with the fact that many of the founders of the theory of the Races of the Earth has considered himself to the followers of the Buddha's teachings. However, historical records indicate that the Buddha himself left his followers with only Four of the Truth of Being. The rest of the content of the doctrine of the early and especially modern Buddhism took upon themselves the followers of the prophet. In this regard, many historians today - among them, in particular, by the famous Russian historian Lev Gumilev, tried to create a Unified world history, linking it causality with the cosmic cycles, - are natural to the mind of every researcher (but not religious dogma) question: how did it happen that the further away in time from the epoch manifestation in the physical body of the Buddha himself, he created the doctrine grew out of Four of the Universal Truths of Life in the largest and most detailed mystical doctrine?

The explanation of this mystery can be given thinghundred. It is that the followers of the Buddha made a mistake common to all exercises. First, they did not understand the essence and content of the Covenant of the Buddha. If the prophet himself considered it appropriate to leave the Terrans after his ascension only the memory of the Four Truths of Life, then was his Decree. And to argue here that the Buddha something not provided means to question his existence in the physical body as a prophet and the Principle followed in his life, the Buddha.

This implies that the followers of the Buddha, each time introducing a different era additions to the teachings of Buddhism, left from the Path of the Buddha and started samostalnog. But in order to give these mystical studies of authority, every time it was declared that all this happened under the decree of the spirit of the Buddha himself. Check this statement was not possible, as literacy of the population in the East still remains very low. If to speak about the mystical conversance of residents of the East, it is also far from traditionally ascribed to the peoples of Asia knowledge of the subtle worlds.

Another important issue, which have completely ignored the creators of common now in the East of the theory of Aboveground Races, caused by ignorance them one of the most important principles of life subtle worlds, which consists in the following. At the birth of each individual reasonable individual Ego in the Universe this new Life receives individual stellar job. It can be stored in the memory of each star resident. Or become part of the star life of entire Races of the inhabitants of the subtle worlds, in the case when some of the Ego with his job, according to the seniority and experience of life becomes the Guiding Principle of life of the entire Race. In this case, any individual star order to the founder of the Race becomes the star of the order for the entire Race.

Logic execution of each star of the order in the subtle worlds is that each star inhabitant it is necessary not only to personally participate in the creation of conditions for realization of the Conception of Race, but also personally responsible for the fulfillment (or the slowing down of time) all orders, and for degaussing of all effects that occur after use of stellar energy spent executing each of the orders.

Thus, every citizen of the subtle worlds, appearing in this or that area of space of the Cosmos, knows that to lose this region of the Universe he has the right only after the final examination of all consequences arising in this and neighbouring regions of space after using them a subtle energies. This reflects the Principle Star Responsibility for Life. This Principle is akin to equality among all stellar population.

In other words, the One who starts the creation of any new signs of Life in the Universe, shall be individually responsible for the entire period of existence of this Phenomenon and for the cleansing of the Cosmos from any manifestations of chaotic after the Cycle of existence of this Phenomenon. That is, a sort of "star factory" when creating planets - when some people have begun, and others continue someone started it and complete it in the subtle worlds can not be in principle. Seeing life limited in time earthly mind that unknown terms of life, longer than the period of existence of the earth's physical body.

All this proves that the creators of Racial doctrine had no understanding of the essence and content of life Races inhabitants of the subtle worlds and could not see Racial streams of stellar energy, which Race help each other at runtime star orders.

Not less discrepancies in the study of legends about the great gift of a distant star world our Earth in the form of a special Stone Chintamani - and even better to say, honest misunderstanding of the formulated problem generally occurs when considering the content to find in it the understanding of the link of life above ground Races (like around the Earth, and far from it) and others earthly humanity phenomena of everyday life.

3. Star Vagabond Chintamani

First, the authors of the legend of Chintamani (and many generations of mystics, and of different races) no idea about the relationship of the Earth and the Solar system with other star systems.

Briefly the problem is the following. The solar system is, in the physical (visible normal human eye)and in the subtle world, is one of the subsystems (with its clear and well-established rhythm of life) extensive mega-stars known to humanity in the form of galactic formation of the milky way.

Not so long ago - just 1-2 years ago, modern science is the result of careful analysis of biorhythm the life of the Earth has determined that it is the center of the milky way galaxy is a master oscillator for all life on Earth. This means that it is from the center of the milky way come to the Earth vibration, which drives global and less meaningful rhythms of activity for all processes on our planet.

However, the authors of legends about space there is no mention of the role and influence of the milky way on earth time and all that happens on Earth processes. Instead, the authors of cosmogenesis invented a leading role for life on Earth, as the engine of its evolution, from the constellation Orion. This fact immediately indicates that none of those who supported the legend of the Stone of Chintamani, had no ability to see Racial Rays. At that time, as it just be the transfer of all types of energy in the subtle worlds, but not some objects, such as comets or stones.

For Beams Races in Space there are no barriers, either in time or in the form of distances. For many of these Rays is just to create a Racial flows of subtle energies, which happened not just a one-time phenomenon in the subtle worlds, but was renewed (and repeatedly) many worlds, sometimes much higher, than the well-known modern mankind universe.

We go further. In addition to the complete lack of quality subtlest of view, the mystics, who created the legend of Chintamani, no flights in the subtle worlds far worlds. Otherwise, the authors of the false legends never called, no matter the constellation of Orion, or even the names of the stars used by earth scientists. The thing is that for the flight to the far star worlds need to have a stellar RIGHT to fly beyond the Solar system. This right you can get if you know their Race, Rays which were created in his time of life on Earth.

Such Races there are three. Each of these three Races have their own individual Rays communication with distant worlds. And it turns out that in order to fly away and be able to return then back to Earth, the mental body needs time to manage your vibration tuning first on the vibration of Racial Rays, which they kept in touch with his kindred stellar worlds, then the vibration of the same Racial Rays through which the far worlds giving aid to all inhabitants of the subtle worlds within the Solar system. All these vibrations contain their fit in the form of images of the earth's mind (they need to pass information earthly mind) and even characters for writing that each of the Races is committed to develop, being present on our planet.

Studying during mental flights every one of many dialects of once-living on a planet of civilizations earthlings, dedicated to the karma of their Race obliged to live the whole history of their Race and know all of its ties with each of the earth's regions and living on their expanses of people. Knowing that such a person has the right to defend their Racial communication and call the events, things and phenomena in the earth's life or the life of the subtle worlds around the Earth the names he became famous with his personal touch his Racial Beam. Alas, these Racial Rays neither of Orion, nor, for example, Eurasia, nor most of the other names of the stars that are now on hearing from humanity.

Knowing all of these connection of energy within Racial Rays can then not to touch the text of the legend of Chintamani, as she tells the story of an extraordinary role in cosmogenesis a special stone. This statement discloses the full dependence of the authors of the legend of Chintamani from their own earthly mind. Because space processes in the subtle worlds and life in General cannot bind to objects of physical worlds as some evolutionary factors.

The Bible mentions that God created the body of the planet Earth within one Day. Today, in the presence on Earth of a large number of literate people, unlike their ancient predecessors, more than revolutionary Outlook about life in space, you can specify that the process of Creation of the Earth in the subtle world with just one Racial Beam - and Races around the Earth, remember, Three - takes less than 1 second in terms of current earthly time. But Three Beam three Races together in perfect harmony, can accelerate this process is many thousand times. But the problem with the creation of each new planet is to be saved from chaos (and often even indignation) nearby the space around the area of the space, where the planned appearance of a new star of the body.

By analogy with the circles on the water, every time they appear on the surface after the fall of stone, in space when creating a new planets such communities should arise. This is the circumstance just demands of the inhabitants of the subtle worlds experienced touch with its Rays all, what are they only touch in space.

Speaking about the falsity of the legend of Chintamani, can be specified on the role in it of the horse. This fact indicates the typical behavior of the earth's mind living violence over the surrounding world. As you know, a perfect man of the Earth, who, for example, was the Buddha, is not engaged in violence and porcineof his will for any external his consciousness circumstances and rhythms vibrations (as in subtle and in the physical world), which can slow it down a flight to distant worlds. Because each touch of a strange vibration causes complicity in it, and it appears responsible for the very existence of this vibration. The last circumstance is always associated with the period during which those or other vibrations may be present in space.

So the man of the Earth has the obligation to protect their lives every vibration, if it was included in consonance with her to the mentioned this vibration terms could be realized. If these terms are violated, the person who was present, is obliged to shift his earthly path, because he couldn't live his past life so as not to disturb the space surrounding it.

Summing up, it should be said that if a prophet in the future plans will be the Savior of the Earth, he'll have to stay away not only from the horse (the horse has its own life, and he is much shorter than the earthly life of man, so after the physical death of a horse at the prophet, tied his earthly path to the body and mind of a horse, no more rights to continue to progress on the planet in the same physical body, as with the death knight will disappear one of the principles of the earthly life of the prophet; the prophet may not return to their high mission but in other earthly body and in other regions of the planet), but also from many other goods of the earth civilization.

Because many items from earthly goods included in the life of the prophet (for example, the same saddle to the horse from the legend of Chintamani), also have a Racial connection - therefore they can be individual purpose for which every time specified date. And any violation of any of these factors will offset the life of a person who had a good connection with this or that subject.

Thus, beautiful mystic the legend of the Stone Chintamani really has no purpose. It can help is that kids to awaken in them the aspiration to fly to distant stars. But anyone looking for the path that brings it to the secrets of the subtle worlds, and who wants to overcome the line separating the earth's understanding of life from mental insight, you should know about false aspiration earthly minds of the authors, who wrote the legend of Chintamani.

Argun (Argure),
Fire Buda,
The first Prior of the order of St. Malta.
Judan San.
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