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ВОЕННЫЕ ШТУРМУЮТ ЗОДИАКIn the history of astrology can read that even the Assyrians, Alexander the great and Ancient Rome used astrology to predict wars and political events. There is evidence that the great General Hannibal of Carthage has long conquered the Romans not only because of its military genius, but the skillful use of the predictions of certain astrologer, whose name is not known. And such examples that have accumulated over many centuries, it is possible to result much.

It is known that thanks to the forecasts of the legendary John Dee, Elizabeth I of England was able to avoid defeat of his forces, when Spain sent to the shores of Britain huge fleet - the so-called "Invincible Armada" - about 800 ships, 30 thousand seafarers, 60 thousand soldiers.

The astrologer had every king and the Duke in medieval Europe. About Hobbies Hitler astrology't heard, probably, only the lazy. But when in the late 50-ies of XX century in the foreign press there were messages that the Pentagon subsidizes research in the field of astrology in the USSR reacted only peltoniemi. Then no one could assume that in forty years from St. Petersburg to Moscow every three months to come the captain of the first rank, Alexander Buzinov with quarterly astrological forecast for General staff. This forecast is specified, when and where possible terrorist acts, which events should be expected in the political arena and in the life of prominent politicians, in which regions are most likely the occurrence of extraordinary situations of technogenic character.

Now there are people who try to turn astrology into an exact science. This spetslaboratoria of comprehnesive headed by the captain of the first rank Alexander Buzunovym, which is one of the divisions until recently, top secret scientific research Institute of communication Navy (Navy), and the specialists of the Institute of cosmorhythmology (ICHRL), which is headed by physicist Yevgeny Kuznetsov. Heads of the Ministry of defence and the army recognized them as "not for beautiful eyes", but because scientists during the six months indicated the date of the end of hostilities in Chechnya and noted the special role of General Lebed. In addition, the military astrologers accurately predicted the day of death of Dudayev and terrorist acts in Budyonnovsk, Pervomaysky and Kizlyar. Military astrologers have shown their ability and, so to say, in peaceful life. They calculated in advance the date of dismissal of defense Minister Grachev and Secretary of the security Council of General Lebed, and care Berezovsky from the post of Deputy Secretary of the security Council indicated in the time of his appointment to this position.

* * *
Currently working in close cooperation of spetslaboratoria of comprehnesive Alexander Buzinova and the Institute of cosmorhythmology Eugenia Kuznetsova there is a kind of "division of labour". The military took over the forecast of acts of terrorism, hostage-taking, armed conflict - the security forces and personnel issues associated with Armed Forces and preparation of technological forecasts, including vehicle accidents, which will be discussed below.

The Institute of cosmorhythmology engaged in the political-social forecasting, including horoscopes for individual persons But this does not mean, though in them almost by the hour painted, what should and what should not be done different signs of the Zodiac.

Any accident, says Buzinov, certainly there are three components: human, technical means and place. Rhythms of human life are determined by physical factors of his birth - solar activity, lunar and solar-lunar cycle, the motion of Saturn, the angular dependence of Saturn and Pluto, and many other things. The same with technology, engineering constructions. If the pilot negative period, if the aircraft is a critical period and if this time interval over the region adverse physical situation, the probability of an accident is approaching one hundred percent.

* * *
The mechanism of influence of cosmic factors on terrestrial objects is very complex. Thousands of years ago astronomers, astrologers, watching the heavenly bodies, determined the dependence of the position of the various natural phenomena - the tides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as the outbreak of epidemics and variations in the health status of people. Later scientists have proved that the mechanism of influence of the Sun and moon is gravitational, electromagnetic and corpuscular nature. Their radiation, like the beam of a spotlight directly captures the land surface, largely determining the activity of all biological objects, including humans. The planet also have their impact on our lives. Since the dawn of the Solar system, for billions of years, all the cosmic bodies of Galaxies are continuously affect the Earth. All life on our planet to some extent, the product of this influence, which is perfectly adapted to its changes. On the other hand, the biosphere in General and man in particular are very sensitive to any changes in the external environment, which immediately call the corresponding response. Planet of the Solar system while its motion along the Ecliptic create short-time increase or decrease the density of the natural space radiation due to its focus on the Earth's surface. Each planet as if "draws" on her narrow band. Moving between the Moon and the stars, it obscures or covers for a while cosmic radiation sources, causing variations in its intensity. Accordingly, all biological objects caught in the focus of the planet, get at this point higher or lower, compared with the usual dose of radiation.

To predict important events Buzinov and Kuznetsov use astrocartography. Because the laws of motion of planets known in advance, net of events can be calculated for each point in time, both backward and forward. When the group Buzinova asked to specify the coordinates of all classified accidents that occurred in the Navy in previous years, astrocartography not made a single mistake. With the future more difficult: we need to understand what it means, what a line, to any area of life is detrimental effect. Having received one of the first forecasts site in the Baltic sea, Buzinov and his staff thought, "so what?" And in a month at this point drowned ferry "Estonia".

Moreover, in addition to the quarterly common forecasts spetslaboratoria Institute of Navy communications prepared by another activity graphics regional conflicts and semi-annual forecast for Russian regions with high intensity of extreme situations of technogenic character as a map with lots of circles, which is a figure indicating the likelihood of emergency. But these key documents, according to the captain of the first rank Vladimir Voronin, "usually just put on the shelf.

It is difficult to answer why: you do not believe, whether the results have not been encouraging. At least Century Shoigu in his interviews admitted that in the MOE is the service of forecasts, and that the Ministry works with astrologers. But, unfortunately, the probability of their forecasts in the last 5 years is about 4.5%. It would seem that there is a very simple way: verification of astrological predictions. "Results, frankly, disappointing for our colleagues," - such a conclusion is contained in the report regarding unfulfilled predictions, which published the experts "Forum occult Sciences" - the centre of parapsychology, astrology, located in the vicinity of Darmstadt (Germany). Specifically from 803 of the forecasts made in the ten years have got to the point of just 31, or 4%. But their opponents say that such assessments remind calculation of mean temperature through the hospital. Don't simply read all of the forecasts, and to consider who made them. Any of us can say that he predicted. But what is this forecast, if we do not possess the necessary knowledge or abilities?

The main reason of low efficiency cosmorhythmologists alert to prevent accidents and technogenic catastrophes is the inability of the addressees to "read" coming from the military astrologers documents. For this purpose in the same MES no trained analysts. Indeed, in the forecasts indicate the most likely periods and places of crisis events - accident-vehicles, recordable incidents, fires on large objects, earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as important political events, the occurrence of explosive situations in crowded places, terrorist attacks and so on and so on
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