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Нибиру 2012According to the texts of the ancient Sumerians, in the Solar system there is another planet. Her name Nubira, and she more Land in three-four times. Nubira has a very elongated orbit, resulting in one revolution around the Sun makes for 3600 years.

Recently, studying the flight path of American spacecrafts pioneer 10 and pioneer 11 employee's jet propulsion laboratory at the National aeronautic and space Agency (NASA) in Pasadena John Anderson came to the conclusion that, apparently, there is a tenth planet "X" (we'll call her - 12th planet Nibiru 2012).

The 12th planet is already visible to the human eye, though, to see her, to know the position of the stars. Now the 12th planet has a brightness of about +2.0 magnitude and has the same size as the star visible to the naked eye. It does not Shine with the intensity of most of the stars, and emits a sad scattered light is steady. Although the size of the 12th planet, 4 times bigger than the Earth, and, therefore, greater than that of Mars or Pluto, she now are at a much greater distance and thus its visibility is not comparable with the visibility of Mars or Pluto.

About the accuracy of the prediction approximation of the planet will be better defined in the last year by the reaction of the Earth. This is a question that cannot be predicted accurately, because there are too many variables that influence this process, in its approach, but the core of the Earth is already reacting, and this is reflected by the increase in the temperature of the oceans worldwide. Next characteristic that must be noted is the increase in volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes throughout the world...

Ironically, extant drawings, and recordings of astronomers Sumerian civilization unequivocally assert that, according to ancient legend, the Solar system consisted of 12 celestial bodies, including the Sun, moon and 10 planets. Exactly 10 and not 9, now known.

With an interval of 3 600 years she flies around its orbit near the Earth, causing floods, earthquakes and other disasters that every time they change the course of civilization.

- Nubira is as if the Ghost of the ancient predictions, " says researcher of this planet Muscovite Julia Sumyk. - About it and wrote the Maya priests and ancient Sumerians, and stargazers Egyptian pharaohs. But for the modern astronomers Nubira was opening, she began to study only recently...

While scientists, equipped with the latest technology, collect information about the unknown guest, Nubira inexorably moving towards the Earth.

The American scholar and writer Alan Alford asserts that there are 300 thousand years on the planet Nibiru there is a highly developed civilization. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon, too, says: "Aliens exist".

- I believe that outside of our planet there is a life, and I ask the government to declassify all collected in connection with this information, " he said in an interview with the journalist of "Life".

Scientists suggest that the influence of "planet of the devil" will be unkind: 14 February 2013, when the Earth will be held between Nibiru and the Sun, possible global cataclysm. Magnetic poles move, and the tilt of the planet will be changed. A strong earthquake and a powerful tsunami will bring trouble many continents, and especially America. But after July 1, 2014 Nibiru will move away from the Earth in its orbit.

Planet Nibiru powerful telescopes recorded for the first time in 1983. Then American scientists Thomas van Flandern and Richard Harrington said that the planet has a strongly elongated elliptical orbit. Its mass is about 2 to 5 Earth masses, distance from the Sun about 14 billion kilometers.


It turned out that about this mystical space object was known thousands of years ago. In ancient legends planet, carrying Earth trouble, described as the "second Sun" - "glow", "brilliant", "with a shining crown. Our ancestors believed Nibiru "ship, where live the Gods". The parameters of motion of the planet Nibiru is so striking that many astronomers tend to consider it artificially created and managed giant space ship.

- The earth is experiencing the end of the epoch "fifth Sun", explains Yulia Sumyk. - According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the "fifth Sun" dates back to the year 2012. On astrological cards Maya, "the first Sun" lasted 4008 years, and has been destroyed by earthquakes. "Second Sun" lasted 4010 years, and has been destroyed by hurricanes. "The third Sun" lasted 4081 year and fallen under the fiery rain pouring from craters of huge volcanoes. "The fourth Sun" lasted 5 026 years, and then was a flood. Now we live in the eve of the fifth epoch of creation, or the fifth Sun", also known as "Sansevieria". Maya believed that after 5126 year cycle will happen a certain movement of the Earth which will entail the change of civilization.

In defense of this legend Maya are not only observation of the heavens, but much more "mundane" evidence is found by archaeologists items.

The Sumerians have not only written texts, confirming the existence of Nibiru, but also numerous images of a disc with two large wings. This symbol - winged disc was revered the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians and many other peoples for thousands of years. Ancient sages believed that it is from such a device 450 000 years ago on the Earth first arrived residents Nubira.

Ancient of Nubira

According to the texts of the ancient Sumerians, in the Solar system there is another planet. Her name Nubira, and she more Land in three-four times. Nubira has a very elongated orbit, resulting in one revolution around the Sun makes for 3600 years. Settling into the far point of the orbit, it is three times farther from the Sun than Pluto in its aphelion. Nubira appears near the Sun one time almost four thousand years. The appearance of such a large mass of the terrestrial planets is a significant gravitational perturbations.

Orbita Nubira

On Nibiru, according to American scholar Alan Elford, there are 300 thousand years old, there is a highly developed technological civilization. 272 183 years have passed since then, as aliens from another planet, using its approach to the Sun, landed for the first time in our Land. Most likely, they are interested in the earth's mineral resources.

In 1976, he published a book of Zechariah Sitchin "12th planet", gave rise to many disputes. The main source quoted in the book "12th planet" Bible verse is the original Hebrew text of the old Testament. Zecharia Sitchin has made an attempt to compare the verses quoted in his book, existing translation and the original text, as well as parallel texts of Sumerian and Akkadian myths and legends, with the aim to come to the most loyal to their interpretation.

The days of creation

Unfortunately, no longer extant no Sumerian myth of creation, and Zechariah Sitchin is based on a later Akkadian myth "Enuma Elish". But the course of events, presented in "Enuma Elish", according to the researchers, not fully correspond to the traditional concept of the Sumerians, despite the fact that most metalogenic stories in it borrowed from the Sumerian beliefs.

The content of the epos, of course, with large reductions can be presented in a way. In the beginning there was only water and was in chaos. From this terrible chaos had their first gods. Over the centuries some of them decided to establish order in the world. It has caused indignation of God to Par and his wife Tiamat, terrible goddess of chaos. The rebels were United under the leadership of the wise God EA and killed the Sec. Tiamat, depicted in the form of a dragon, he decided to avenge the death of her husband. Then the gods of the order under the leadership of Marduk in a bloody battle killed Tiamat, and its giant body was cut into two parts, one of which became the ground, and the other sky. And the blood of the Art mixed with clay, and from this mixture appeared the first man.

How do I read "Enuma Elish" Sitchin?

A wandering planet Marduk (in the Akkadian version - Madre, in the modern world often say Nibiru 2012) was in the Solar system. The fact that the trajectory of its movement ran past the first Neptune, and then Uranium, indicates that she was moving clockwise in the direction opposite to the direction of motion of the rest of the planets around the Sun. The overall effect of attraction of all the other planets drew Marduk in the heart of the newly-formed the Solar system, leading to a collision with the planet Tiamat on the orbiting between Mars and Jupiter (the later Greek version - Chaise).

Satellites Marduk crashed into the planet Tiamat and broke it. The upper part of the liquid Tiamat - its "top" - has been captured in large satellite Marduk and crossed the orbit, forming a system the earth-the Moon. The final act of creation was finished at the time of the secondary return of Marduk in place of the heavenly battle. This time Marduk merged with the remaining part of Tiamat, becoming Nubira - planet of the crossing, and scattered fragments gathered in the asteroid belt or steel, of a comet.

Modern astrophysics data

The data tell us about the ancient catastrophe, so earthly creation" could wear cosmic global destruction:

Try to understand. According to the worldview of the Sumerians, God-planet Nubira was destined to return to the place of the cosmic battle of the disaster, where she crossed the path of Tiamat. Speaking scientific language, the perihelion orbit Nubira must lie in the region of the asteroid belt that dresidual far to provide significant electromagnetic and gravitational effect on the Earth. Anyway, Mars and Venus are closer, and nothing terrible happens.

But why we do not observe Nubira now? Zechariah Sitchin's opinion, due to the fact that its orbit has considerable eccentricity and inclination to the Ecliptic plane. And is Nubira now quite far, having a long period of circulation. Today we know that the Sumerians was associated with Nubira Supreme God Anu, Velika its SAR - "Supreme ruler". But at the same time SAR means a complete cycle, and the number 3600 - although, in some places indicate another meaning of this number: 2160. Sitchin came to the conclusion that the duration of the movement of Nibiru in the orbit of 3600 earth years.

On Nubira was civilization - the gods of the Sumerians

The Sumerians called their gods by Anunnaki. These were high beings 3,5-5 meters height. How not to recall the biblical giants-children of the God of the Nephilim! Surprisingly, Anunnaki were not immortal, although their life cycle was about 360 thousand earthly years. Generally, the relationship between the gods were quite human. At the head stood the Supreme ruler - EN, and ruled all his children - Anunnaki.

According to the version of Sitchin, about 450 thousand years ago there was a problem with the air" Nibiru (Nibiru 2012), and it took a lot of gold. It must be said, this, apparently, was about technology use gold to maintain vital function space on the planet Nubira. In this sense, the Earth just immensely lucky! In all times gold on it just fell from the sky! Because it is dissolved in cosmic dust, which annually falls on the Earth in the amount of several hundreds tons. Historically Geophysics of the Earth and holds infiltree gold in the real planetary script, the purpose of which became interested scientists have only recently. It seems that Golden harness the planet is not random at all.

By this time Anunnaki was able to take a short space flights, and 400 thousand years ago, when the orbit Nubira and Earth once again approached, Anunnaki came to Earth. The main goal was to gold mining. (Here the date taken from the king lists, call time mythical Board of gods.)

The first project expedition was headed by "the God of wisdom and the sea" Enki. But when a few thousand years on the Earth profit new expedition, General management passed to the "God of air" Enlil and Enki remained the sea and Africa (Totenwelt - "the world of the dead") - or, at the views of Sitchin, African mines and sea transport. (Stop! But it is in Africa was subsequently legendary mines Jewish king Solomon! - VS)

Every 3600 years, when we are close Nibiru, gold went to their home planet. Transshipment base was established in the lower reaches of the Euphrates (modern Iraq). However, after 100-150 thousand years gods of gold miners did, and he created man.

In the Rift valley in Ethiopia, where, according to Sitchin, was extracted gold and was created by the people, the gold - and rudodobiv, not worse Mesopotamia. But in the course of history gods among themselves managed to war, and Zechariah Sitchin believes that al-Hadid, we see traces of a nuclear strike, although according to the existing information, the crater of Weber - it's just a trace of a meteorite.

About 13 thousand years ago the need for further extraction of gold fell, and it was decided to destroy mankind. Very close passage Nubira was to cause the change of the rotation axis of the Earth, accompanied by a giant tidal wave. And the gods decided not to save people. However, mankind has survived.

As already mentioned, the planet Nubira every 3600 years is approaching the Earth.

This convergence is not for our mother without a trace. According to A. Elford, 10983 BC, when Nubira was between Venus and Earth at a distance of just 12 million kilometers on Earth began deluge. The gravity of the giant planets in the atmosphere were raised huge mass of water, which then collapsed on the Ground. The earth civilization and most plant and animal world ceased to exist.

The aliens knew in advance about the inevitability of the flood and advance took measures to preserve the most valuable - remember described in the Bible, Noah's ark. However, people were taken in as much as on Earth of them bred without number, and they were not always respectful of "gods".

In concept Elford, many gods of old - Enlil (Supreme God), He (God's wisdom), PTA (skilled demiurge-engineer), Nanna (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte), Marduk and others were aliens from a planet Nubira. They really existed, ruled the earth's cities and kingdoms, and often bitterly fought with each other.

From the second half of the XV century BC begin Grand migration, the emergence of new cultures and countries. Guests (and maybe the owners?) from the planet Nibiru has been on our Land about 1300 years.

Okolo BC Nubira was again near the Sun. It was then for some unknown reasons, the alien has left the Earth completely.

Many thoughtful readers, it may be legitimate question - what kind of tales and who invented it? The answer is simple: in the storerooms and archives of many museums of the world (especially British) kept the great variety of cuneiform tablets, ancient manuscripts, papyri, and other artifacts. Some of them are decrypted, and from them that the extracted data. However, the vast majority of manuscripts remain a mystery.

After the flood duration of human life has sharply decreased. Didn't go after the flood experiment gods in a new direction? There was a strong climate change. But the theory of a tidal wave from gravitational interaction with Nibiru, consistent with traces of tectonic activity, does not explain all the cataclysm that period, namely the uneven climate change. Explains everything meteorite hypothesis, and the calculation shows that in order to obtain the observed 12,000 years ago effect was enough of a meteorite the size of about 50 km. Although the fall of the meteorite could also be "God's Providence, and in fact just held engineering calculation:

I would like to add that one of the ancient Sumerian cities of Nippur, city of Enlil, the reality was sumarski NIBRU. KI, meaning "Place of Nibiru on Earth." The Sumerians called the place of location of the city - DUR. 'AN. KI - "Sky Connection to the Earth." The purpose of Nippur was revealed by reference in the Sumerian inscriptions "high columns reaching to the sky", and also pictographic the name of the God Enlil - "Ruler of orders", - this icon shows the tower (perhaps radar or other connecting worlds installation).


So what actually prompted Sitchin on the identification of the ancient gods "mythical" Universe with the Solar system? It Akkadian cylindrical seal of the III Millennium BC, which is now exhibited in the State Museum in Berlin. This print depicts eleven circles, arranged around a big circle with six rays is clearly representing the Sun.

If you start consideration of the areas with the right upper sector and move counterclockwise can be found in figure undeniable similarity with the scheme of the Solar system, as the size and position of planets. With the exception of Pluto, which is depicted in his original position as a moon of Saturn, this ancient figure shows the planet in the form in which they existed after the Nibiru collision with Tiamat. But between Mars and Jupiter is a large circle, about three times more Land, which does not correspond to any known planets. Can't be just a coincidence that "Enuma Elish" very accurately describes the position of this planet or "God".

No doubt that during the formation of the Solar system, some of the planet experienced a strong shock. Suffice it to say that modern "supine position of Uranium, the axis of rotation of which is inclined to the Ecliptic at 980, apparently, is the result of a collision with a large enough body. Abnormal rotation of Venus, and the orbit of Pluto, too, can only be explained by the hypothesis of the " external" interface. Opening a satellite of Pluto - Charon enabled accurately determine the mass of Pluto, and found that it is much smaller than expected. This allowed mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, check deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

In this regard, two astronomers from the naval Observatory in Washington has revived the idea of planet X. But these two astronomer Robert Harrington and Tom van Flandern went further - with the aid of mathematical models they showed that planet X had pushed Pluto and Charon from their former positions of the satellites of Neptune. They also suggested that the invading the planet was 3-4 times more Land, and that, probably, she was captured in orbit rotation around the Sun, and this orbit must have high eccentricity, highly inclined to the plane of rotation around the Sun, and its period of rotation around the Sun is very high. As if the researchers used for its report excerpts from "Enuma Elish"!
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