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Июнь 2012. Любовь к незаезженной женской дорогеThe female energy is extremely powerful, and without the presence of us wouldn't be here. However, until now the power of the feminine on Earth caused fear and suppressed in the soul and mentality. The female is feelings and invisible. The power of women in education, creativity, intuition, of love and of life, based on the heart. In recent years, all these qualities are more evident in men and women around the world and evaluation of their significance has changed significantly.

This month's cover of the volcano female is ready to roll. June 5 - day, as I write this forecast, this is the day of the transit of Venus. For the first time in 8 years. Depressed women will be poured out on us and through us throughout June, and the result of this will be electrifiable and destructive equally, depending on your relationship with male and female energies of his life.

The experience of this will be expressed in the following:

the expression of his truth (irrespective of reaction or disagree with your words)
cleaning of anger (suppressed in yourself, or received from others)
understanding of magic, the beauty and power of stay in the body, the sensation of life in every moment
Sorrow on the last moments of his life, relationships and favorite (emotional cleansing and renewal)
the celebration of the losses need to "structuring" of his human experience.

The irony of the imbalance of the sexes and the suppression of women that our world was created last several thousand years that every man born of a woman. The war of the sexes seems almost ridiculous where many men throughout history have been denied equality of the woman is the source of his own birth. It is an act of disconnecting and fear of inequality. And they are both rooted in the unconscious and shadow. However, ways of suppression and subjugation of women, which was used in our society, not funny.

Now the wave came back, and this month sees the rise of women in all her glory and fury. This will have a profound impact on the experience of male and female energy in all of us. This impact will be felt in varying degrees. From very fine to very large, depending on your personal balance and scale. Reading the following paragraphs, you can apply these energy analogy to yourself and those around you, but you do not need to consider this in light "sexual" facilities, as it may mislead you. Remember that there are many men are deeply rooted in the female energy, and women, existing, mostly men. But at the social level of the male energy led us very, very long time.

"Old" male energy is now losing its leading position on the Earth. That is why many men (and women, led his men's side) now confused and lost direction in the society managed male energy and approaching the inevitable collapse.

So, if you try to force "old patterns" of his life to work, using the male energy (external search "success", achievements, social status, wealth and materialism), you will most likely receive now suffering and disappointment. Because these paths are really old. Male shadow energy is contained also in competition with others, or in comparison to others. The comparison is, without doubt, an illusion, because we can't be anyone but ourselves, and we are all interconnected. But the inside of the wound, the management of this illusion comes from the fear of survival, creating, thus, the need to address other for that survival.

Therefore, you must realize that when someone in your environment with boy makes his way through this "power struggle" in himself, he unconsciously burns these fragments. And so will it be in the whole month of June.

If any of these thoughts and feelings rise within you, ask yourself, maybe you also burn inside their male shadow fragments, as part of the process of self-discovery. If you suddenly will open it in yourself - don't be afraid, just deliberately attract some of the female energy and it will help you to restore balance.

This can be done taking care of yourself, ceasing to strive for achievements, letting go of control and stopping the attempts to remove emotional discomfort through activities and organizations. Stop. Just sit with this discomfort for a few minutes and let it be and go through you.

In June, in our world comes great grace and heart energy, which will enable the implementation of rapid and profound emotional movements, if you are ready to let them go. Conversely, if you resist and hold ' story" your pain and suffering, things will be chronically same for you as long as you don't start sooner "feel" of your way, than "thinking" about it.

So let increase of women's become your new path. Start a time to slow down, stop and more to perceive what is happening around you. Even now, reading this, stop, look out the window at the trees, people, or a picture on the wall. Just take the time to practice it and to return to the SENSE of the world around you, instead of focus on it the focus of their attention. It's in action, feeling, feeling, perception.

More and more accepting their feelings, and simply allowing it to be every moment, you burn old male leadership.

The metaphor of motion in the male energy is the driving on asphalt road. You feel it is convenient while driving, but not so good when forced to stop. We have already settled in their world asphalt road. So it is time to come to the fore female driver, regardless of whether you are man or woman. This way of driving foresees the output of the ordinary and find what's left and right of you, i.e., wide meadows, which is nezaezzhennaya women's road. This unprecedented you space, fertile soil for internally planting the seeds of new life.

The growth of the female energy will be fine and abundant support this month heart and social growth. Creating, building society, and any action based on the heart, will proceed much easier, and you will find that quickly communicate and find common language with those who is also in this thread. Energy, shared with others, is multiplied within you. So stay open looking into the eyes of those who are ready and open to meet your opinion of his heart. Be present. Let love radiate through your eyes as often as I dare. Give and receive.

Give thanks for the female energy that you have experienced on Earth, because this way you celebrate that attract. You can thank my parents for their care about you, that is the manifestation of the female energy. You can thank the Earth, which includes us and gives us everything we need. And also thank her feminine, every day lead you through life, cares about you, who loves you and supporting your life on Earth.

Finally, love Divine masculine within ourselves. Do not reject any wounded part of his male energy, or any men's wounds, wherever it is. Always possible cure all our sides, while rejecting any of them simply creates a new wound. Compassion and openness are vital energy for healing. That is why, as the master of his Own Energy, you are so important to learn to be at its center. For, in this case, the ill behavior of other people not affect you so and does not involve in its orbit. And you have the opportunity quiet and compassionately to see their processes, and to offer the world a positive and based on heart action.

The divine Male and Female in each of us up in order to create a more sincere way of life in unity with his planet and each other. At only need to call this process and allow it.

The life of the soul is infinite.

The life of man is instant.

Enjoy every moment of it, knowing that what goes in each of them passes. Just as the mother, in the birth of the child knows that one day he will rise.
A message from Zechariah.

Before your people and the planet will go to the next level of life and evolution on Earth should be a high balance. The importance of 2012 is often said, but we tell you that the immediate future of the Earth and its people will determine the period 2012-2015, and that in many ways your perception 2012 began in 2008-PM

Unlike the last several thousand years, it offers many of the possibility of abrupt awakening to cosmic mysteries of life energy, which so far has been largely hidden from the masses.

Many of you have realized this increasing intensity ("acceleration") at the points jumps in 2001, 2003 and 2007, which has accelerated the evolution of linear time and physical matter, and therefore the experience of human existence.

In their human bodies you rather physically "follow" for this curve planetary evolution than lead it. As a soul, you are aware of all the aspects of what is happening, and very meet" to your process.

Thus, instead of prebyvate in "accelerating", you can see yourself in the "what is happening". You will move through this time with greater ease and grace, if you try to work equally and with your body, and consciousness. Do everything you can to better balance your body and mind. As with the increase of geomagnetic intensity that you are now experiencing, this balance is harder to achieve, your physical vessel will require extra diligence and new approaches.

Many of you want to know what lay ahead and afraid about this. But ask yourself: "What is this fear?". Why fear "forthcoming" strong enough to worry focus on it and forget "real"? In fact, you are afraid "now". Thus, log in contact with him and will podrujit this fear with your body so that once again be open to all and ready for anything. Gather all your part, still living in the old history of physical survival. You more, and have always been more than the physical. And if you deny this part of you, you deny the truth of what is happening at this stage of 2012. The resistance that emotionally feel inside your body, can lead only to fight and to continue suffering. Readiness to live one's inner life and letting external to form themselves in accordance with this, provide a most enlightening moments.

The balance of the female is a balance of power. All the fulness of the power of the man was suppressed and rejected all that a long time that there is this imbalance. Even in those who have already developed their feminine (vision, feelings and creativity) will now be released feminine. This is associated with a shift occurring in the individual consciousness, and then in politics and culture around the world. Because politics and culture also "follow" curve for planetary evolution, although in politics is much slower and just the strongest resistance. Politics is an excellent indicator of the human resistance to change. It shows you the places where "weight" the most severe. In most countries of the world is still dominated by the "old" masculine energy, so be aware this is what you focus when the policy disappoint you.

Therefore, when your own history", your life, politics and even 2012 start to press and limit you, remember that to be free from the restrictive definitions of the history of his mind, means to be free from internal strife of his body and related emotions. Thus, you release yourself again for the whole width of the universal matrix.

And remember, you are not alone, that the Earth has its own being, and that this is a very big universe.
Affirmations June:

I opened the Female energy in me and invite balance your energy field.
I opened the Female energy out of me, and with new eyes I see and feel its ubiquitous presence.
I openly welcome the heart of the world your heart.
I am in love for all and the world.

Lee. (translation: Jan Lysakov)
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