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Пророчества Василия Немчина:Следующим правителем России станет мудрец и эзотерик, владеющий тайными знаниямиAbout the future of Russia there are many prophecies. One of the most detailed and unusual belongs to the Russian astrologer and visionary Vasily Nemcina.

Anticipating his words about what awaits us in the coming years, it makes sense to mention those of his predictions, which belonged to the recent past. Describing the last century in his manuscript, Vasily Nemchin says:

"In the first 15-th year to be a great war". 1915 - the height of the first world war. "When the years are three times 15, will be great joy in Russia". 1945 - the year of victory in the great Patriotic war. All his predictions built on a 15-year cycles. He says, about the time the "four times 15", describing the great desecration of the sky". It (heaven) "will be ploughed, and the wicked dare to argue with themselves angels of heaven, for which they will be Kara great". "Four 15 is a 1960-th year. It almost coincides with the year of the first manned flight into space. "5 times in 15", that is, in 1975, he says, would be "the world is great throughout Europe and Asia." Indeed, in 1975 was signed the Helsinki agreement.

About "Tirana" Vasily Nemchin writes that he "gets out of the earth, as the unholy grave spirit " and "double-buried." Stalin really was buried twice - once in the mausoleum, and the other in the ground. But, says the prophet, even when he is buried, his spirit will "excite and stirring" people, but" his spirit will store three old men associated with the forces of darkness, and on the last one will be the seal of the Antichrist, that is," will be embodied three six.

The events of 1990, the prophet was considered crucial. In his words, a "time of flight of the devils." And, really, it all began in 1989, and the collapse of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991. 1990-th and in fact was the culminating point.

Then Vasily Nemchin writes that "the last", seventh 15 years, when "the devils will rule Russia, but under other banners". It is the seventh 15th anniversary, will be, in the opinion of the prophet, for Russia the most terrible, especially the first 3 years of nightmare." As in the 3rd and 7th 15th anniversary, he says, WILL be a DECISIVE BATTLE WITH SATAN ON the territory of RUS, Rus, in his opinion, will be on the eve of total collapse and destruction, and under the guise of restoration of the ancient greatness will be destroyed then the last thing.

However, all who will be eager to power, "hopelessly divided on the bear's head and feet", which will be embodied "the spirit of the ancestors Russia".

In the predictions nemcina about the recent past is the mention of "the second Titan" (apparently is Boris Yeltsin), which he predicted a very strange and unexpected departure. "HE will LEAVE SO THAT NO one WOULD be expected to resign, leaving many of the unsolved mysteries".

In addition, it is written that he will leave the labyrinth and hopeless will be looking descendants, who will hope to solve the mystery". The second "Titan" Russian seer compares with someone else, "same with him"who rules Russia in the time of troubles and indicates that "one was small, and the other was great. Here we are speaking about Boris Godunov, which was indeed very small. But if about Boris Godunov he says sure, that he die from poison, something about modern us titanium, just as he categorically said that this "will go through the labyrinth". What a strange symbolic image! And it will happen "after three years of abomination and desolation, unbelief and searches", after the time when a dog's children shall tear Russia".

The next ruler of Russia will become a sage and esoteric holding secret knowledge

Seventh 15 years it is hard trying satanic forces to regain full priority. He tells and about some "long-nosed", which "will hate all" and who will be able "to rally great power", "the Man sitting at two tables, writes the seer will seduce another five such as he, on the 4-th step of the stairs they fall disgracefully". "Buffet" in this case is "the throne", we are talking about someone who combines two posts, two of the "throne". There is mention about some kind of "chrome", "avicenum", which will cling to power, 5-th year after 1991, according to Vasily nemcina, will be sharply critical. "Many people berutsya in the old city to welcome the new man WILL be of GREAT JOY, WHICH will END in SORROW".

Then he writes about the "crocodile eats people", no, the monsters coming out of cans, tubes and retorts. These monsters will replace people." He writes that "SOULLESS MONKEYS take POSSESSION of MANY CITIES... the Sea will come out of its banks and stained with blood. It will be on the boundary of centuries". But near 2005, says Nemchin, will be "of great joy - the return of the crown", and then "the adoption under the crown" only "big tree", which will be three "escape". By time this roughly matches the restoration of the monarchy in francs - "Frasnian dynasty again will return." This also corresponds to the words of Nostardamus about the return of the Bourbons. Ragno Nero also writes about the restoration of many monarchies in Europe. Vasily Nemchin says that first Frasnian the king to return to his position, and then Russian, and they will be bound by any ties. Election of the Russian Tsar is nationwide and held in three cities.

About rulers of Russia Nemchin also writes that from the troubled Kingdom shall 10 Kings. And after them will rule that person, different from all the former rulers. They will be wise and esoteric holding secret knowledge, he is terminally ill, but himself completely heal - "the Great Potter”.

He will make public the concept of the New State, based solely on a completely independent economy based solely on self principles. "The great Potter” will come to the top authorities of Russia when he personally come together two fives.

When "the Great Potter” will merge 15 leaders who will create a New Great Power. The government of Russia will be recreated in the new boundaries.


I. Ten kings" before "the Great Potter":

1. Ulyanov (Lenin) - 1918 - 1923
2. Stalin I. Century - 1924 to 1953
3. Khrushchev, N. C. - 1953 - 1964
4. Brezhnev LI - 1964 - 1983
5. Andropov Yu - 1983 - 1984
6. K. Chernenko - 1984 - 1985
7. Gorbachev MS - 1985 - 1991
8. BORIS Yeltsin. - 1991 - 1999
9. Putin V.V. - 2000 - 2008
10. Medvedev. D.A. - 2008 - 20?? ,

II. People owning a fundamentally new knowledge and technologies.

III. People who survived, as they say after the wound is not compatible with life.

IV. This man in 2011 or 2012 will become 55 years old.

Predictors of different epochs and religions agree on one thing, HE goes. It is not a coincidence, it is worth considering. After a year of elections. And this year we will have the opportunity to see and hear. And 2012 to make a choice, in what RUSSIA we want to live.

Looking ahead, Vasily Nemchin says many severe trials. Tells about numerous oskvernenii heaven, about the "conquest of the red planet". In the middle of the 15th anniversary of "the terrible death threatens all humanity. He sees some kind of event that "will shake all in the middle of the 15th anniversary". And yet, according to the prophet, mankind will be saved, will survive and will only grow stronger from such shocks. But in the South will be fought war with three different parties", it will intervene, " black", United terrible leader who "eats human flesh".

The war will last 6 years and will end "triumphant March of the Frankish Emperor and two Northern leaders." At the same time RUSSIA will UNITE WITH the OTHER TWO "BRANCHES", once SEPARATED FROM IT. Will merge 15 leaders who will create a new state.

Vasily nemcina there is an interesting prediction concerning the Far East, which will be a completely separate state, especially the "island-fish". Apparently, we are talking about Sakhalin, which will be a new race of people. "Powerful people-tigers will generate power", there is "white unite with yellow". The rest of the territory will remain linked with Russia but "volcanic United Kuchma"; there the "Golden tyrant" will lead the country to a great well-being. By the way, this "Golden leader" will fight with Sakhalin Republic. But this will come in more remote times, when the sea shall come from the coast, ENGLAND WILL be FLOODED, AND CRIMEA will BECOME an ISLAND.

In "Prometey mountains" (in the Caucasus) Nemchin anticipates "15 years of the war". But what says the prophet on scientific-technical progress: he says he will be "floating city", and people from the moon will be talking with people from the Earth, and we see that over the Moon the sky is the same as above the Ground. And people to fly will be", "like the angels in heaven", not sitting down for this "iron balls" or "iron boats". AND THEN WILL COME ON EARTH PEACE AND PROSPERITY.

But before that we expect great things. He writes about some "reasonable speaking plants" and that after the XXI century most terrible ordeal for the people "will emerge from the depths of the sea." It will be" alien to the human mind". Maybe we are talking about some terrible mutations among marine animals, which in the end will generate the " monsters" wlasciwosci ships and struggling with the land".
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