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Мистический череп МинотавраIn the southern part of Bulgaria, located Rhodope mountains, which is rich in forests and minerals. The total length of these mountains, where all the year round reigns mild climate, is about two hundred and forty miles.

In Rhodope people lived since very ancient times.

According to the legends, it is in these places, among the many caves and rocks of the most unusual shapes itself was born Orpheus, and high in the mountains built many monasteries, which later turned into centers of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

Here from time to time, archaeologists can find very interesting artifici. For example, in 2001, one of the tourists, who traveled to the Rhodope mountains, quite accidentally discovered the skull. The skull is very strange creatures, neither man nor animal, rather, a kind of half man, half-bull. The skull, which presumably could belong to a mythical Minotaur, and was baptized: "mysterious skull of the Minotaur.

The very discovery was quite an amazing thing: the impression was that the skull was in ancient times someone neatly cut, leaving for posterity only its front part.

Naturally, the skull was immediately sent for study: were made various analyses, including analyses of DNA, radiocarbon analysis, which allows to determine the age of the finds, etc. But all data were immediately classified...

What made scientists not to disclose the results of their research? And whether or not in the Rhodope mountains was discovered "mysterious skull of the Minotaur", named with the light hand of the Bulgarian Newspapers and magazines.

Today, in the era of the reign of the Internet, it is hardly possible to hide any information. Messages about this strange discovery began to seep through, first, the world wide web, and then in the media.

Assumptions, there were many different. For example, the Bulgarian UFOlogy argued that the skull belongs to a representative of extraterrestrial civilizations. More advanced daredevils suggested that the skull - the remains of a biorobot, who refueled human blood. Famous Bulgarian psychic Kubrat Volumes suggested that found the skull is the result of experiments Atlanteans created 10 or 20 thousand years ago. Atlanta, in his opinion, were able to create some kind of biorobots, obliged to serve man. Biologists argue that the skull is part of a prehistoric animal, which humanity, in particular zoologists, nothing is known.

For example, Dr. Peshev from Sofia University, specialist in comparative anatomy and evolution, I am absolutely confident that our planet has never lived a single animal with such a structure of the skull. And his colleague, Professor Volumes, examining and analyzing the find, concluded that the skull has no analogue among terrestrial vertebrates.

Although data on the age of the skull were not disclosed, however it is easy to assume that if the skull was neatly cut someone, it means that mysterious being murdered by a man. Maybe this man was a legendary king of Athens, Theseus, who was the hunter who killed the Minotaur?

Using your PC, you can recreate the flesh, embodying the skull: the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Turned out horrible hybrid of man and the bull, the present monster.

Although in comparison with the mythology of the monster on the Minotaur not attracted because of its small growth, but it is reasonable to assume that the skull belonged not quite adult. Humanity has no idea how defended and protected this creature: maybe he had telepathic capabilities or he spew venom spitting out it on others, etc?

While the story of the finding of a skull wrapped in some kind of mystical veil. He found his 38-year-old resident of Plovdiv Roman Genchev, who says that once in a dream came to him five white haired men in exactly the same yellow overalls, with a metallic sheen. They said that 21 of the month of may, he had to be in a very specific place, where the Rhodope mountains are on the border of Greece and Bulgaria, and to pick up a subject that should close the ring time". Genchev went to this place with his friend and his wife. And how was he surprised to see in plain view, on a stone this mysterious skull. And next to the skull lay a piece of metal weighing about three hundred grams and having absolutely perfect shape - ellipsoid.

The skull, which form such an unusual size, comparable with the head of the baby weight with a quarter kilogram, which indicates the ease of its bones.

Genchev started consultations with experts who examined the skull using different tests. The General conclusion from all of the scientific research completed at the end of July 2002 unequivocal: terrestrial origin Nakhodka not. This was announced publicly TV Bulgaria in October 2002.

In his interview, Ganchev told reporters that none of the world stars still not able to explain the nature of his discoveries.

This is not surprising: the most characteristic in the skull is the presence of bone cover that covers it from the top. It consists of two equal shares, which are connected with a dome part through the Central main ridge and a rather complex system of processes.

DNA test, which was made in one of the laboratories of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Bulgaria, was not published, so the results of question. However, a more or less serious specialists are quite categorical: the skull of extraterrestrial origin, as evidenced by x-ray and paleontological analysis.

He Genchev the will of fate became very popular. He began to receive numerous lucrative proposals about sale of its findings, and the amounts were offered huge.

This information about the mysterious skull exhausted. Since October 2002 no new details were not disclosed. And so we can only guess, what a strange discovery gave us the story, and maybe not the story...
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