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Съел врага и стал сильнееWe used to messages that the world's last cannibals peacefully live out their days in the wilds of Brazil, on the Pacific Islands or in New Guinea. Many people think that it is these areas on Earth and always limited the spread of cannibalism, but it is not so...

Ate enemy and became stronger

According to the latest archeological data, in ancient times cannibals dwelt almost everywhere, even on the modern territories of the USA, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria and France. The only justification for our ancestors-cannibalistic can serve only what the cannibalism they were engaged basically not because of the famine, and by their primitive mystical representations about the world.

Most likely, scientists are very few would know about cannibalism and its causes, if you have not survived up to the mid-twentieth century, the areas where the researchers were able to communicate with the real cannibals. "Journey to the stone age" called his book brave Danish writer and traveler Arne Falk-Rennes, which in 50-60-ies has made several trips to New Guinea.

Danish traveler had to experience a lot of risky adventures. Sometimes happened to him and quite funny cases. So, to talk to the tribe of Ismatov, whose members consider themselves to be the only real people on Earth, Arne had to go quite original ceremony yeu - crawl between her legs women of the tribe... Only after this it was thought that he more or less closer to the status of a true man and men of the tribe with him may talk.

Unfortunately, women Ermatov were chunky and stunted, and the entire path between their feet to the male of the house, the main ceremonial center of the tribe, ran along the solid miry clay and filth... To honor researcher he adequately cope with befell him a test.

What was in the man's house of Ismatov where children and women the entrance was strictly forbidden? Falk-Rennes failed to see in the man's house the exotics, which was observed in the beginning of the twentieth century, another traveler - Frank Gerli, still civilization has left its imprint on the tribe. Now asmati not flaunt their terrible relics.

In the 20 years of Frank Gerli still on the approach to the village saw a small group of skulls, impaled on stakes. "These are pretty scary looking relics were tastefully removed dense rows of palm leaves, the edge of which had been bent in the form of a snail shells, so leaves continuously rustled, even with a mild breeze. The skulls were decorated with extremely long noses, resembling large trunks and beaks. Hollow eyes were smeared with clay, and the pupils are made of small red beans. "Cheeks" were smeared with blush. In the distance was created eerie feeling of a number of Mervyn persons scalasca teeth".

In the men's house, the researcher noticed on the sides of the first premise is a small dwelling, each of which had its own stand with skulls and images of spirits of ancestors, these small premises belonged to the warriors of the tribe. In the biggest room of the house was along the walls of a huge cage with skulls and giant masks "Kiva-ku-ku".

Gerli found out that the skull belonged killed and eaten by enemies. Depending on the number of captured in battles skulls were determined the position and rank of a soldier in the tribe, respectively, and a place in the man's house he played according to his dignity and rank. "Needless to say, writes Frank Gerli, that human point of view it is difficult to imagine anything more disgusting and repulsive than these trophies hunters for the skulls".

"When Almaty separated from victims their heads, they tried to cut off the neck as low as possible

Their cannibalistic tendencies savages explained quite simply. First, they said, the more enemies will be killed and eaten by someone in this life, the less they will be in the hereafter. It is evident that a certain belief in the life hereafter.

Secondly, it was believed that eating enemy warriors acquire certain of its quality. If the enemy was a valiant warrior, the better, cannibals passed some of his strength and courage.

Thirdly, the head of the enemy was simply necessary for the initiation ceremony boy to man, without her presence he could not marry.

Fourth, some of the tribes there was a custom to eat the corpse sentenced to death compatriots that their evil spirit could not harm alive. Ate and the bodies of deceased elderly people, this was considered a manifestation of sympathy for the late... Cannibals believed that thus they inherit the best qualities of their dead relatives.

Many researchers believe that the faith of cannibals in the transmission of the tribe of power consumed by them person is the mystery of disappearance in the jungles of New Guinea in 1961, Michael Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller, the Governor of the state of new York. He led an ethnographic expedition and very generously rewarded warriors Ismatov for kushi - painted a human skull, and other relics of their tribe. This brought Michael among savages glory very powerful man. It is believed that Almaty could not resist the temptation to decorate the head of the powerful white your man's house, hoping to purchase a portion of his power.

Similar to the tribes of New Guinea mystical performances, leading to the consumption of human flesh, was common among the cannibals and in other parts of the world. So, some tribes in the wilds of the Amazon boiled down the bodies of dead relatives to ugrevidnaya mass, then it was ground into powder that is mixed into a drink who drank. It was thought that all of the best qualities of the deceased were passed tribe. In Venezuela the Indians of corpses made magical beverage that local wizards used for the treatment of patients. In Borneo gayaki ate the hearts of his enemies, to become more brave and courageous. The tribe of mamulov in Nigeria in the early twentieth century there was cannibalism. Some African medicine men were preparing their magic potions out of human flesh.

The medicine of skulls...

Condemning cannibalism among the savage tribes, one should not forget that even in the middle ages in Europe, a human skull was considered an important part in many medicinal magical means. So, in England were very popular elixir "the Spirit of a human skull". It was made out of skulls executed criminals... Pharmacists even concluded a special agreement for the supply of the necessary raw materials to the executioners... it is Interesting that even the English king Charles II believed in the effectiveness of this elixir and applied at diseases of spirituous extract bone chips skull.

Medieval sorcerers believed in the man's skull concentrated all his power, so I used it as a necessary component for their drugs. Even in the XIX century in Ireland many earn their living by digging graves and selling skull witch doctors. Special demand was old skull with a scab on the surface. Chips with such skulls were sold everywhere and were in great demand, because the people considered their best remedy for many diseases.

How then do not think a special love for human skulls in wild tribes of cannibals! Most likely, and the medieval mages Europe, and among consumers of their "miracle" potion of skulls in the genetic memory still had memories of distant cannibalistic the past.

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