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Рассвет над кратером ТихоAmerican scientists from NASA showed us a photo of the Central peak in the lunar crater Tycho.

Would you like to see the sunrise somewhere far away from the Earth? For example, on the moon? Enjoy it interesting landscapes, including craters of different sizes? Unfortunately, until we can do that only through photographs, but even such a journey to the moon leads many to dream about the real journey to our natural satellite.

Photo taken by cameras lunar orbital probe LRO, demonstrates the Central peak is known lunar crater Tycho. This is one of the most interesting of impact craters on the moon, named after the Danish astronomer and alchemist the middle of the XVI century Tycho Brahe.

The above picture was taken in high resolution 1.5 meters per pixel.

The age of this crater is estimated at 108 million years, that is, it is still very young in comparison with the age of the moon, which is estimated at 4.5 billion years. The crater is located in the southern part of the natural satellite of the Earth.

The external surface of the crater has a high albedo and surrounded by a system of "rays"that reach 1500 kilometers in length. Individual rays can occur even when the Softly lit only by the light of the Earth. The surface of the moon around Quietly littered with craters of various forms and sizes. Some of them are secondary, that is, they appeared as a result of formation of the main crater.

The top of the Central peak in the crater Tycho up to 2 kilometers.
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