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Космическая радиация может поставить крест на будущих космических полетахEven if the interplanetary flights would be a reality, scientists often say that the human body from a purely biological point of view await increasing threats. One of the main dangers experts call hard cosmic radiation. On other planets, for example the same Mars, this radiation is such that it significantly accelerate the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

"Cosmic radiation is a very significant threat for future astronauts. The possibility that cosmic radiation exposure can cause health problems such as cancer, have long been recognized," says Kerry O Banion, doctor of neurology of the Medical center at the University of Rochester. "Our tests also reliably established that hard radiation also provokes accelerating changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease".

According to the scientists, all the space is literally permeated with radiation, while thick earth's atmosphere protects our planet from him. Influence of radiation on himself may be felt and participants short flight to the ISS, although formally they are on the low orbit, where the protective dome gravity still works. Especially active radiation works in those moments when the Sun outbreaks occur with subsequent emission of radiation particles.

Scientists say that already in NASA closely working on various approaches to the protection of human beings from space radiation. For the first time and space Agency start funding "radiation studies" 25 years ago. Now the considerable part of initiatives in this area is connected with the research on the subject of how to protect future marconato from severe radiation on the red planet, where there is no such as atmospheric dome, how on Earth.

Now experts say with a very high probability that the Martian radiation provokes cancer. Even large amounts of radiation is near asteroids. We remind that the mission to the asteroid involving human NASA plans for 2021 and to Mars - not later 2035. Mission to Mars and back with some being there could take about three years.

As told at NASA has now been proven that cosmic radiation provokes, in addition to cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal and endocrine. Now specialists from Rochester revealed one more vector hazards: under study found that high doses of space radiation provoke diseases associated with neurodegeneration, in particular activate the processes that contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Also experts have studied how cosmic radiation affects the Central nervous system.

Specialists on the basis of the experiments found that radioactive particles in space are the structure of the nucleus of atoms of iron, which have phenomenal penetrating ability. It is therefore to be protected from them surprisingly difficult.

On Earth, the researchers conducted a simulation of space radiation in American Brookhaven national laboratory on long island, where special accelerator of elementary particles. During experiments the researchers found, the period during which the disease occurs and is progressing. However, while researchers conducted experiments on laboratory mice, exposing them to radiation doses, comparable to those that would get people during a flight to Mars. After the experiments almost all the mice received irregularities in the cognitive system of the brain. Also, there were some shortcomings in the work of the cardiovascular system. In the brain identified pockets of accumulation of beta-amyloid protein, which is a sure sign of impending Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists say they do not yet know how to overcome cosmic radiation, but they are sure that radiation is the factor that deserves the most serious consideration when planning future missions.
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