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Пророчества Серафима СаровскогоIt is significant that the miraculous revival of the seven youths of Ephesus is remembered by the Church on October 22/November 4, simultaneously with the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. It is also interesting that on the Bogoliubsk icon of the Mother of God between the virgin and the upcoming (Prince Andrew and the Moscow Hierarchs) - shows the Seven youths of Ephesus in the cave. Holy Nobleborn GreatPrince Andrei Bogolyubsky associated with the appearance of the icon, was considered, as is known, the first Russian Tsar. In his memorial day in 1918 in Yekaterinburg ascended Golgotha, the Family of Nicholas P. Image youths of Ephesus on the Bogoliubsk icon, therefore, is associated with prophecies about the end times, and therefore that which was spoken of the last Orthodox Tsar.

N.A. Motovilov, a rich landowner, healed by the Holy Seraphim from an incurable disease of the legs, and remained till the end of his days in the service of the Elder November 8, 1867 wrote: "the time Will come when all the words of pridruzeni of the Lord spoken by the Great Elder Seraphim about the fate of the Fourth draw in the universe of the Mother of God, it will come true. For the promise of the Lord shall rise for some time, and arise from the tomb of the Great Starets Seraphim and go on foot from the Sarov Hermitage in the village of Diveyevo - and the host of Top Names, Grand, Royal, Imperial and Russian and foreign countless people, assuring all his resurrection in the immutability and all the people at the end of the ages of the General resurrection, because, finally, there is the eternal again until the time of the sleep of death will rest, and then, after this secondary Priests Father Seraphim assumption, the village of Diveevo, made the Home of the world, enlightened than all, not only Russian, but and all cities in the world - for the light of faith in Christ through the resurrection from the dead the Great elder Seraphim will be approved by the whole universe. Then how eagerly all will appeal to all Orthodox sources for uznania about the beginning and the course of this diva history, this 4th lot of the universal Mother of God, the new world Athonite the Female Giveaway Mountains; this places the salvation of the whole world in the time of Antichrist".

In conclusion, let me remind you the words of Hieromonk Nectarius of Optina: "to Find all the great meaning. All events that occur around us and to us have special meaning. Anything without a reason not is:"

To believe or not to believe the prophecies is a personal matter. When they will come true and whether we heard - we do not know. Who will survive - you will see:

The prophecy of Ivan Bell

"When we Cathedral, then Moscow Ivan the Great bell himself will come to us!", said Seraphim of Sarov, - "He himself will come to us through the air..." "It to us will pass, and everything will be surprised. And how will strike-he is in Sarov thousand bell destruct!.. Then all of a miracle that will".

"When it hangs, Yes the first one will hit him, and he will segudet , then we will Wake up! Oh! what will be the joy! Among the summer will sing Easter! And people, people, from all sides, from all sides!"

"That will zahodit that you are awake, and the whole universe will hear and be surprised".

The prophecy of the Resurrection

"I, wretched Seraphim, from the Lord God supposed to live well over a hundred years. But since by that time the bishops of the Russian so-nechestivec that the wickedness of his will surpass the Greek bishops in the time of Theodosius Nashego, so even the most important dogma of the faith of Christ Is the Resurrection of Christ and the General Resurrection to believe will not, therefore, the Lord God before the time me, wretched Seraphim, from sowing privremena life to take, and then on the approval of the dogma of the resurrection, to raise me, and my resurrection will be like the resurrection of the seven deadly youths in the cave Oblonsky in the time of Theodosius Nashego.[2] after my resurrection I go from Sarov to Diveyev where preach world repentance. And this great miracle will gather in Diveyevo people from all over the world and there, preaching repentance, I will open four relics himself between them fifth lie. But then will come the end of everything"...

"Is not the miracle that never came for 100 yards to my hut, and then wonder, that my death will be like death youths of Ephesus, 300 years sleeping in the cave. As they arose to confirm the Universal Resurrection, and I'll stand before the last end and lay in Diveevo. Diveyevo will be called not through the village of Diveevo, and the world Diva":

"Then Diveyev will be a wonder of the world, for from it shall bring forth the Lord God is the Light of Salvation not only for Russia but for the whole world in the time of Antichrist"

The prophecy of the last Orthodox Tsar

Come to us the King and his whole family! Diveyevo-Lavra is, Vertyanovo - a city, and Arzamas - province! Will all come to us , be shut for a holiday-we will be; will be money to give, only take; the fences will be throwing, and we no longer have, many will then !"

"What the Tsar's just the trouble we visit, all Diveyev-the - miracle will be the world! Village there is already won, and the city. And the whole earth, and all around our will, and people all around us serve will be!"

"In the last time will you have an abundance of everything, but then it will be the end of all".

"But this joy will be for the shortest time: what next will be such tribulation, which from the beginning of the world was not!"

"Then life will be short. Angels hardly will have time to take souls!"

"At the end of the world, the whole earth will burn , and nothing will remain. Only three churches around the world, from around the world will be taken as a whole, intact, to the sky: one in Kiev Lavra, the other (I don't remember), and the third is your, Kazanskaya":

"Who in Diveyevo I live, not what he wanted to go anywhere, neither in Jerusalem nor in Kiev, walk through the groove with cherockee, read hundred and fifty of bogorodyts, there and Jerusalem and Kiev!"

"When the age-over, first, will be the Antichrist with churches crosses remove Yes monasteries ruin, and all the monasteries will ruin! And your will fit, fit, and the groove-and will be from earth to heaven, he can't you raise it; never let the groove, so off and go!"

"When the Antichrist comes, he is on the ground everywhere access will, but as you reach the place, where It (the virgin) Pure piles were never going to walk out, and abode in the sky will":

"Will come the Antichrist, and he (Kazan Cathedral) all on the air and will rise and will not be able to take it. Worthy, who will ascend into it, remain in it, while others, although rise, but will fall to the ground. And will not be able to get you the Antichrist; still like to Kiev came robbers, and the Church rose into the air; to get something they could not. Now the Cathedral and your groove to podnimetsya also up to the sky and protect you and nothing you can do Antichrist!"

": 's all over and over. And monasteries destroyed, and the wretch Seraphim in Diveyevo to the day of the coming of Christ will be made a Bloodless sacrifice !"
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